Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2015: Learning and Highlights

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How would you feel when you are a part of the first ever event of any big company?

For me, this was beyond the explanation experience.

Affiliate World Asia Conference happened for the first time in Bangkok (organized by Stack That Money).

Such an enormous learning it was. Listening to experts like Charles Ngo, Loz Green, Ryan Holiday, Gerard Adams, Apoorv Soni and many others was a great experience for me.

This was my second visit to Thailand, so this was a chance for me to explore the country and visit many new places which I missed in the last visit.

The event was organized by Stack That Money team having following awesome sponsors.

and after party was sponsored by MundoMedia.

This event attracted 1500+ affiliate marketers from all across the globe, so the conference hall was fully packed.

Great exhibitors displaying their services/products and enthusiastic representatives to solve all your queries.

This was a 3 days conference invited experts from all fields. So this was an awesome platform for people from all fields to build more connection and learn something new.

Learning from the conference

  • Doesn't matter how big or small your business is, keep looking new ways to expand it.
  • Mobile is the boom. Start looking for the ways to bring more business from mobile.
  • If you are not tracking your campaigns, you are losing big part of your income.
  • There is no term called “HOT” when you find the products to promote. It's all your own call to pick the product and promote it.
  • Never put all the eggs in a single basket. Build more businesses around you.
  • Don't be emotional while promoting anything.
  • Finding people might be a hard task, but it's most crucial part to grow your business.
  • Don't treat your employees as ‘just employees' respect them to build big business.
  • The Market is big. Just plunge into it and make big MONEY. 😉

My Hotel Room

I decided to go for one of the best hotels (President Park) in Sukhumvit Soi 24. This hotel was just 15 minutes taxi drive from the conference hall, so this was the perfect choice for me.

We reached hotel around 10:00 PM.

Staff was so friendly that they greeted us with the great smile and helped us to process everything smoothly.

Kulwant_Nagi_6192 Kulwant_Nagi_6193

Affiliate World Asia Pics

Meeting Charles Ngo was like a dream coming true to me. I don't know how many times I stopped him roaming around to ask questions and shake hands.

Every time we met, he greeted with the awesome smile.

Such a great human being with such a calm nature.

Met another good friend of mine Ricky Ahuja after the session to discuss some business ideas. As he is running his own affiliate network, so we found some good products which I am going to promote very soon.

Kulwant_Nagi_6221 Kulwant_Nagi_6238 Kulwant_Nagi_6246 Kulwant_Nagi_6252 Kulwant_Nagi_6257 Kulwant_Nagi_6259 Kulwant_Nagi_6300 Kulwant_Nagi_6304 Kulwant_Nagi_6335 Kulwant_Nagi_6342 Kulwant_Nagi_6355

After Party Pics

This party was organized was MundoMedia.

This was the most crazy party I have ever been. Loud music, big affiliate marketers, awesome crowd and such a great place to enjoy beer with the affiliate marketing experts.

Kulwant_Nagi_6428 Kulwant_Nagi_6432 Kulwant_Nagi_6433 Kulwant_Nagi_6437 Kulwant_Nagi_6447

And some fun pics from Pattaya

After attending 3 days session in Bangkok, we headed over to Pattaya for next 3 days.

I can say that these were the best ever 3 days I ever spent outside my home. Awesome bars, beaches and great places to visit.

You can guess from the pics, how much I would have enjoyed this trip.

Kulwant_Nagi_6506 Kulwant_Nagi_6515 Kulwant_Nagi_6671 Kulwant_Nagi_6680 Kulwant_Nagi_6681

Final Words

This was not only an affiliate conference to learn awesome things from the world class experts but also a self-motivation as well to see people making hell lots of money.

Here I realized that how big we are and how we can make millions of dollars just with the right mindset and proper business planning.

I will be putting more efforts after this conference and going to achieve my $50,000 a month goal very soon.


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26 thoughts on “Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2015: Learning and Highlights”

  1. Whenever I demotivated or feel hopeless I always read yout interview on different differnt blogs. Its always remind me that dont loose hope.

  2. Hey bro, please include that inspirational video too that you recorded in this journey.

    I loved that video…


  3. Brilliant learnings Kulwant! You’ve come a really long way.. and I’m genuinely proud of you from the bottom of my heart buddy! You will achieve that $50k/month sooner than you can imagine… Go for it!!!

    • I am always grateful to have such an awesome supporter with me. Thanks for being with me in this journey. 🙂

  4. Hi Kulwant,
    This is inspiring after I read another “American Female Property Guru” saying the days of making money from affiliate marketing are over. Now I know they are not over. Thanks for informing us.

  5. Hi Kulwant Nagi,

    Its seems You had lot of fun with other Bloggers. This kind of experience of blogger is what motivates newbies.Can’t forget your thought “Doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, keep looking new ways to expand it.” Best of Luck for your new goal #50k $ .At last I want to know your first goal you had set in begining of your journey.

    • Yeah Ravinder, meeting with such a great experts always gives an extra boost in business and productivity. I had the goal to make $100 a month when I just started. 🙂

  6. Kulwant you rocked again, thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with us and giving some sort of direction to our Indian Bloggers as well.
    & yes you will earn more then $50000 this soon… Best of luck buddy.

  7. Awesome Kulwant Bro, You are one of my mentors, I love your every post and Love reading blogging cage, This post is so much motivational.Every blogger wants to achieve their ultimate goal and you are more committed for doing it.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog post.

  8. Hi Kulwant, looks like you really enjoyed your trip to Thailand. I want to know if you are also going to Affiliate conference in Berlin (in July)?

    I am planning, let me know.

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