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Here is the course outline.

  • #1: Affiliate Marketing mindset: You need to debunk a few myths that live inside your head in order to successfully establish an Affiliate Marketing business. 99% of what you were taught has no existence in reality.
  • #2: How to set up a perfect affiliate marketing blog: Setting up an affiliate marketing blog itself is a science, that's why many of the newbies fails to see their first sale. We will teach you how to setup a perfect affiliate marketing blog which brings sales.
  • #3: How to convince people to buy: There are tons of blogs out there which are doing affiliate marketing just like you. So how to convince them to buy with your affiliate blog when there are already many.
  • #4: Doing market research: We are going to teach you how to do market research to find winning products and see what other affiliate marketers are doing.
  • #5: How to write content: You'll learn how to follow a proven formula to write epic content on your blog.
  • #6. Keyword research: Many of the newbie bloggers are doing keyword research wrong. Here we are going to teach you exact steps to find winning keywords for your niche sites.
  • #7: How to outsource articles, videos and everything you need: Transform your blogging profession from a ‘dead-end daily job’ to laptop freedom & lifestyle entrepreneurship. I’ll train you to literally own your business & time, by outsourcing everything (articles, videos & everything).
  • #8: Email Marketing: You will learn how the big affiliates use email marketing to make affiliate commissions. How to build it, how to grow it, how to manage it and how to send emails. Everything is taught inside the course.
  • #9: MUCH MORE…