AdVault Review: A Native Ads Spy Tool To Unleash The Money Making Ads

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The 21st century way to reach your customers?


Customized, well-researched, on target ads! Now, you can't just guess all the data that comes into play when targeting your audience, right?

Now, you can't just guess all the data that comes into play when targeting your audience, right?

There are two primary ways to create the most killer ad copy out there! First, spend thousands of dollars on A/B tests, different pages, ad sets and stuff before finally figuring out the magical formula.

Or, you can have someone lay out their already “researched and working' formula for you on a platter, right? But well, that's just a myth! No one's going to do that, right?

What if you can hire agent 007 to spy on their ad-copies? Their targets? Their images? Their audience? Practically, everything about their ads? Seems too good to be true? Well, nope, you don't need to hire him, but there's something else that does the exact same job for you!

Well, I just stumbled upon this kick-ass tool, and that's what got me writing this review! Well, nope! I'm not asking you to buy it, don't! Go through this piece, and then if by the end of this article, you aren't absolutely in love with Advault, then don't spend a penny on it.

If you don't know what Native ads are (That's what this product is based upon!), even then this is something you shouldn't miss! Well to give you a better insight, let me start from the basics:-


What are Native Ads and Why You Should Use Them:-

It's the 21st century, and if you're into the Internet Marketing field, and don't know what Native ads are, you're still somewhere in 2002!

What are the types of ads you know about?  Banners? Footer Ads? Or something else like that, right?

Here are the examples of native ads.


Well, Native ads are the new, modern, more “camouflaged” version of the same. In short, it's the kind of advertising where your ad matches with the platform and it's content, so it doesn't exactly look like an “ad” and instead looks like another legit link/source of information, hence getting you a better engagement.

And because it matches the content/ platform, it's not like you're misleading the audience either, because it's something related. So yeah that was the simplest definition of native ads that I could give you.

Now here comes the “why” of native ads:-

  • The purchase intent with native ads increases to about 53% compared to other banner ads or any other type.
  • As many as 32% people say that they would happily share a native ad with their relatives and friends. The reason?Well, it's not an ad at all! Yeah it is, but it also solved a related problem of the buyers/audience, hence it's natural for it to get recommended.
  • The CTR increases to around 8% more compared to other ad formats.

So native ads? They're the future, right? And I'm sure you already know banner ads have been dead for a long time now!

All the Billion Dollar Companies are already using Native Ads:-


See the results above are ads, there's no doubt to that, but they are totally related to the user's search query, right? They might be ads but are actually solving the problem of the users, aren't they?

Advault AdSpy Tool:-

I'm honest with reviews, so yeah I'll accept I'm trying to “sell” this product to you. There's no secret to it. But hey,  you don't have to buy it because I say so, you'll buy it because the tool speaks for itself.

Nope don't take my words for anything, let me just take you on a round of what this tool is capable of, and then you'd get the idea all by yourselves.

An Overview:- If you ask me to explain to you all the super-powers of Advault in one image, here it is.


It's like a “search engine” of ad platforms! Just much deeper. It brings to you, a list of 10+ ad networks!


The number of ads on those networks, the latest ads,  and the best part? A complete ad-copy! Well yeah, you get a detailed insight of the images, links where the ad is redirecting, time the ad has been seen and everything else.


Advanced Search:-

There's this pretty advanced option you get with Advault! It let's you target a lot of things, in short you can narrow down your needs or target audience, and then check what kind of ads are working for those countries/places.

It lets you filter ads by:-

  • Specific Dates.
  • Native Ad Networks.
  • Countries and language.
  • Minimum times seen and ad duration in days.
  • Filter by “redirects only” (which shows you affiliate offers being promoted through native ads!)
  • And even User Agents! (Meaning ads which are targeting either only PC’s or Mobile Devices or iOS)


Image -Science:-

What's the primary weapon you can embed with your ads? The “Images” ofcourse! People read the tagline, the description and everything else later. The first impression, comes from the images.

Now I personally spent a lot of time experimenting with the right kind of images to use, without any success! With AdVault, you get a direct access to the “exact” image your competitor, or maybe just any other person/company has been using.

Your angle here is that, those companies have probably already spent couple hundred bucks before arriving at the current image color, fonts or size.

So what Advault offers you is a detailed preview of the image being used by the advertiser! It does have a default “advault” watermark, but that doesn’t change the Image-science of the image, and the original image can be downloaded by clicking the “Download image” icon. There’s your answer right there.


New Advertising Leads:-

They have a Network plan too, it might not exactly be pocket-friendly, but it's value for money! The prime attraction for this plan is that it gives you direct contact details of over 26,000 advertisers! 

You can contact all those people manually via the lead finger option that they have. Contacting advertisers directly? The potential of that totally depends on your creativity and smart work, right? So make use of what they're offering.


They've an attraction point over their pricing thing too! You can try them out for as low as $1 (It's literally “FREE”, because you get extremely actionable data even with this plan, so it's like 200x times ROI!) 

Exclusive 9 days trial for BloggingCage readers.


Additionally, their Pro and Network plans also get you Free Ad Credits worth $2500! (Worry not, even these plans have the $1 trial plans!, although you might not get the credits on the trial plan!)

So all of that free ride for $1? I'd say totally worth it!


Final Words:-

So Advault is giving you direct access to what your competitors are doing, or what kind of products are trending, what their landing pages look like, which URL they're using and a LOT MORE! (Yeah they've got advanced stats too!)

That's like you're getting direct access to all the research work of your competitors, if that doesn't call for hitting their free $1 Trial button, I don't know what would.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd say I won't miss trying them out for anything! After all, what would it cost me?

$1? I'm totally in!

Click here to activate $1 Trial for 9 Days

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