Advanced Link Building Guide


Note: I am going to share only 3 link building techniques today because all these tips fall under premium category.

Advanced link building is the topic everyone discussing these days and people are too much interested to know more hidden link building techniques.

As I keep doing various hangouts, so people were requesting everytime to do a link building hangout. A hangout where they can learn more about advance backlink building techniques and rank their websites higher in search engines.

Check my YouTube channel here.

I have already done an in-depth hangout which you can check below to learn more about advanced link building.

In this post I wrote down all the techniques which I discussed in the hangout so that you can open it anytime and access the tools.


This is one of the latest link building techniques where we scan the website and find all broken links on any website. We notify the owner either by sending one personal mail or by sending him message on social media sites and get one broken link replaced with our own link.

Download this Chrome Extension – Check My Links

This extension will scan the website and let you find all the broken links.

The best way to find such links is – finding resource or round-up articles on any blog, because in such posts you will find many links pointing to other websites.

Keyword footprints

intitle:keyword inurl:resourcesintitle:keyword inurl:resourceintitle:"useful links"
intitle:"useful resources"
intitle:"useful sites"
intitle:"useful websites"
intitle:"recommended links"
intitle:"recommended resources"
intitle:"recommended sites"
intitle:"recommended websites"
intitle:"suggested links"
intitle:"suggested resources"
intitle:"suggested sites"
intitle:"suggested websites"
intitle:"more links"
intitle:"more resources"
intitle:"more sites"
intitle:"more websites"
intitle:"favorite links"
intitle:"favorite resources"
intitle:"favorite sites"
intitle:"favorite websites"
intitle:"related links"
intitle:"related resources"
intitle:"related sites"
intitle:"related websites"
inurl:"useful links"
inurl:"useful resources"
inurl:"useful sites"
inurl:"useful websites"
inurl:"recommended links"
inurl:"recommended resources"
inurl:"recommended sites"
inurl:"recommended websites"
inurl:"suggested links"
inurl:"suggested resources"
inurl:"suggested sites"
inurl:"suggested websites"
inurl:"more links"
inurl:"more resources"
inurl:"more sites"
inurl:"more websites"
inurl:"favorite links"
inurl:"favorite resources"
inurl:"favorite sites"
inurl:"favorite websites"
inurl:"related links"
inurl:"related resources"
inurl:"related sites"
inurl:"related websites"intitle:keyword inurl:roundupintitle:keyword inurl:round-up

Once you have found target websites, you can contact the owner of these blogs and tell them about the broken links on their websites.

Pitching Mail

Hello [owner name],My name is Kulwant Nagi. While searching for the [keyword] on Google search I came across your website. I found that you have delivered awesome stuff with your article.While going through links in the article I found that following links are dead.Link 1Link 2Link 3So I am sending this mail just to inform you about these links.As Google is very strict against broken links on any website so please fix them as soon as possible.Also, It would be awesome if you can replaced Link 1 with as I am also talking about the same topic in my blog post.Looking forward to hear positive reply from you.Thanks,Kulwant Nagi

You can find the sites for donation and get high PR backlinks.

Using this method you can get links in very cheap price from the authority websites. 🙂 These are the genuine charity website which really needs money to run the organization or to handle the cost to run the website.

By doing some extensive search on Google you can find some donation/charity pages where you can deposit the money (as low as $20 and as high as $500).

Once you will pay the money they will make your link live in 24-78 hours on their website and you can get very high PR dofollow backlinks very easily.

Search the terms like:

DonationDonorDonorsSponsorsDonateDonate to usOur sponsorsOur ContributorsContributors Page

With these footprints you can find the sites which are having donate option. Although you will not be able to find too many sites because there are not specific footprints to find such websites.

The footprints provided above are more than enough if you want to dig for the backlinks.


If you want to rank for any keyword as soon as possible, this is the method for you.

You can search for expired domains on various websites and use them for various purposes.

Here are few ways to utilize expired domains:

  1. Buy good expired domains names and flip them.
  2. Build a website around them and flip them.
  3. Make your own private blog network and get high PR backlinks.
  4. Do 301 redirect to your website which you want to rank.
  5. Exchange links with people using those expired domains.

And there are other too many possibilities to use expired domains.

But here our concern is to use them for 301 redirect, or private blog network.

Final words.

Although all the 3 techniques which I discussed above are premium link building techniques and people are charging thousands of dollars to teach such methods.

At Blogging Cage I am putting my best to help more and more newbies so that they can learn these advance techniques at fee of cost and start making few bucks.

I done my duty to share 3 awesome techniques to build high PR backlinks… now it's your turn to share this guide with your friends to help them learn these techniques.

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