AdFox Review: SPY Facebook Ads to Get Winning Ad Copy

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If you’re on this page, and you’re here from a search engine, I guess you already know what Adfox is, or if you’re here from Social media or any other kind of source, then let me take the liberty of describing this Adfox Review.

Adfox, as the name suggests is an ad – Fox (spy, kind of tool, that lets you spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads. ) And….

Why is that ad data relevant to you?  Well, Facebook’s major source of income is their ads, and they’re making Billions of dollars displaying, and getting ads clicked. So, someone must be clicking the ads right?

You’d be surprised if I told you the names of people who’re literally making millions, yes not companies but individuals, making millions, without a permanent blog, just by the use of Facebook ads, and the right marketing strategies.

Of course, it’s a huge market, with a huge list of options, so there are lot’s of chances of you making a mistake, and in order to know who to target, where to target, when to target and how to target without a mistake, you need to know how those who’ve succeeded in it, did it, right?

And there’s no better tool to let you get a sneak-peek into your competitor’s Facebook ad strategy than Adfox. It not only gets you detailed insights but also ways and strategies to reduce your CPC and increase your CTR, now how many tools have the power to do that?

As complicated as it sounds, “Spying into your competition’s Facebook Ads”, trust me it’s a lot, a lot easy as compared to that.

Okay so let’s get started with the looks and feel of it, the below screenshot is how your Dashboard looks like, upon signing up.


The reason I include the screenshot of the dashboard here is, to illustrate it to you, how super optimized their user experience is. You can see the left bar options, your ad details, and recent keyword searches, so in short if you passed your 5th Grade in a single go, you’ll definitely understand AdFox.

The Dashboard is your cockpit, from where you can pretty much manage anything. How many things does anything cover? Let me get you a sneak-peek, both into the dashboard and the true potential of Adfox.

Features being covered:-

  • Basic Ad Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Analytical Potential.
  • Ad monitor.
  • Alerts
  • Post Browser

So let’s get down to business…

Basic Ad Search:-

As the name suggests, it’s the option from where you can start a basic search of your competitor’s ads. ( I know, you might be confused a bit right now, let me simplify this for you ).

What do you need in order to search for an ad?

Well, only the keyword, yes! ( Shocked? Don’t be, I said it’s no rocket science, right? )

All you need to do is, key in the keyword for which you are ad-hunting, to see how other’s in the same product optimized, customized and made a bang with their ads.

For eg, If I search for HostGator, I get a long list of ads, which are targeting that particular keyword.


Now, all I need to do is, click on any ad into which I want to look into, and you’ll be amazed at the details that AdFox gets me.


So see, I’m getting the Title, Description, landing page and that’s not all. There’s a special “AdScoop” section too, which gets me a basic idea about the ad Engagement, and a number of times the ad has been seen, and the CTR rate!


And all of this was just from the BasicSearch function.

Advanced Search:-

Advanced search can pretty much do everything that the basic search can do, and it just doesn’t stop there. The advanced search has couple “advanced” features ( of course ), and here’s what they look like:-


Well, it has a lot of “specific targeting” capabilities, for e.g.,. you can target the Age / location / gender and even “marital status” of your audience. Isn’t that something, too specific? And most probably exactly what you need.

Analytical Power:-

Well, here’s what a sample ad search looks like from Adfox,


Now, this is the treasure I’ve been talking about all along; you get access to almost everything that ad was targeting.

  • The Age Group.
  • Gender which was being targeted.
  • Title keywords.
  • Description.
  • Landing Page etc.

So in short, you now know what kind of marketing plan other guys are promoting the same product as you were using, right? It’s like getting access to someone’s private blog network and scrapping all the link juice off of it.

You are doing a research, and are piling up data of a list of companies, so it’s not possible for you to remember everything at a single glance, I get that. Well, AdFox took special care of that, it lets you save any ad data, directly to your hard disk. So you can look into the data, or compare, analyse or do whatever with it when you’ve completed your research


All you have to do is, click on the little save button there, and it gets downloaded in the very common .doc file format, so technically you can access the data anywhere, even your smartphone.

Ad Monitor:-

Well, it’s what actually gets you a real-time data of your competitor’s ads.

It’s not totally real-time, but it lets you know of changes, spikes, downfalls or just about anything that happens with any add that you’re monitoring. All you’ve to do is click on the little “monitor ad” button on any ad you want to be monitored, and it starts getting monitored.



These are a bit “advanced” level of monitoring, they let you know when there’s a new competitor in the market, of if you want to see someone do it, before actually doing it yourself.

For eg. if you want to start an ad for “Canvas Shoes”, you just put this word in the ad monitor, and when someone starts a campaign with that keyword, you’d be made aware of the ad from the Adfox magic fairies.

All you’ve to do is, click on the AdAlert button, and enter your keyword, and you’re all set. ( How the hell can it be so simple? Well, that’s just another reason I’m in love with Adfox, they’ve simplified almost everything that exists to launch  a successful  Facebook ad campaign ).


It’s helpful primarily in two ways, First when you’re promoting something, and you want a better insight into other’s campaigns of the same product, or second if you want to promote something, but not sure what, where or who you should be targeting and waiting to steal someone’s secrets.

Post Browser

I saved the best for the last, this is the tool that lets you analyse any site, or keyword, in real time, on Facebook.

For eg. most of the times you’d know who your competition is, in those cases this is yet another tool you can use, this tool has 2 basic options, the Keyword, and the Site options.


You just key in the Keyword you’re looking for, or the exact site if you know it, and Adfox will take you on a ride in another tab, on to Facebook, where you can get real-time live examples of ads targeting that keyword, or any ads that the “site” you entered is running.


With the right strategies and tactics, the potential is just immeasurable isn’t it?

Final Words

So well, what are you waiting for? If you’re serious about your marketing career, or your product launch, or just promotion, can you even try to name me a better tool than this?

AdFox technically has everything you might need, before jumping into the huge sea of online Marketing. I don’t see a reason, why won’t you choose AdFox if you’re seriously serious about your thing on the internet, because the internet is just an ocean of datas, and the winner is the one who has the best ship to sail on it, and as I’m seeing it, for ad spying, Adfox is indeed the best ship.

I gave you a glimpse of its potential, right? Why don’t you go out and try it for yourselves? Trust me, there’s a lot more than I could cover in this review to Adfox, it all depends upon your creativity, strategies and intellect what you achieve with it.

If you already are an AdFox user, I’d love to hear from you, or if there’s something more you’d like to add to this review, you’re most welcome.

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