A Free Keyword Research Guide For Newbies

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It is said that, “Content is King.

Then what are the keywords?

If there is importance of ‘content‘ then there must be some for ‘keywords‘ also.

We will have to say, “Keywords are Queen.

They support each other, and with proper tuning of both of them, you can write EPIC content. The content which will be loved not only by your awesome readers but search engines also.

Doing keyword research is a art as well as science.

“Art is bringing about of a desired result through the application of skill.”

“Science may be described as a systematized body of knowledge based on proper findings and exact principles and is capable of verification.”

So while doing great keyword research you will have to develop your skills to get desired results and will have to study the nature of your visitors.

Note: This is a long article, so either free your mind from all the distractions or bookmark it for further reading.

I have selected a keyword which has good number of local as well as global searches, so during the process we will come to know about the easiness or difficulty to rank this keyword.

First Step: Let's start Keyword Research

The very first step we will do is open Google Keyword Planner Tool, so that we can find the potential of keywords.

Here I am selecting my main keyword as “acana dog food



Step 1: Click on search for new keyword and ad group on left-hand side.

Step 2: Write down your main keyword.

Step 3: Select the country where you want to rank your keyword.

Step 4: Click on keyword filter option and decide average monthly searches.

Step 5: Click on get ideas.

Note: The competition showing here is for advertisers (Means if you want to use AdWords for your keyword which has high competition then you will have to pay more to get high position for this keyword).

Here our keyword “acana dog food” have 12,100 searches, which is a good to go keyword.

Second Step: Let's see our competitors

Now we will search same keyword on Google and see how many people are there on first page with this EXACT Keyword.

Less the number of people on first page with exact keyword, easy for us to rank with that keyword.


Here we will analyze that which are the search results having our keyword in title as well as in description. Because if they are already ranking with this keyword then we will have to check each and everything of that blog to outrank them.

Third Step: Spy you competitors

Step 1: Check Domain authority and page authority of your competitors

Here I will use OpenSiteExplorer to check this.

Note: I am picking first exact match search query from Google.


You can see that our competitor have very good domain authority as well as authority of this page is also very high.

This page alone has Total 99 backlinks from 14 different domains.

Step 2: See age of domain

For checking domain age I use DomainTools website.

Note: Age of domain is a very big ranking factor. To compete aged domain with good DA and PA is very tough.


This domain was created 07-07-2008 (around 5 years back).

Step 3: Check PageRank of our competitor.

This website itself is a PR 4 site and the link we are going to compete is PR 2.

I am using PRChecker here for checking PR.


We will do all these steps for each of our competitor and see DA, PA, Backlinks, PageRank, and age of all.

How to Proceed?

For ranking any keyword you will have to make one blueprint and one file which will contain all information about your competitors.

You can make one excel file and make column for Website, DA, PA, PageRank, Age etc for all of them and then analyze it thoroughly.

How was I doing?

This is the exact procedure to rank any keyword which I am following or I can say I was following. Doing all this research takes too much time and we actually don't know anything about our competitors until we do full research.

How can we do this in easy way?

Here is good news for you?

I am using one tool to do all these things for me with just single click and I am saving tons of my time during keyword research.

Note: If you don't want to use any tool then no problem. Because that tool is also doing same things, but because it is automated so you can save your time.

Here is screenshot of the tool (Click on image to enlarge)


You can see that this tool is giving me information about my 10 COMPETITORS and I am able see everything (DA, PA, PR, Age etc.) at single place.

Which tool am I using?

I am using LongTailPro (my affiliate link) which is helping to check the easiness or difficulty to rank any keyword in just 2 minutes. And with this tool I am able to check my top 10 competitors and spy them.

Here is full screenshot (Click on image to enlarge)


This tool costs $97 for lifetime updates but I have requested them to provide some discount for my readers.

You can buy this tool in just $77 with my affiliate link and you will get world-class tool in your hand. This will fasten the process to do keyword research and you will be able to find tons of potential keywords in a single day.

Buy LongTailPro in $77 (my affiliate link)

Final Words.

This was the complete keyword research guide which I followed to rank my keywords.

If you have any doubt then ask me in comment section, and I will be here to solve your queries.

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  1. Great keyword research guide. After Google pulled Adword tool, using keyword planner was bit difficult for newbies.

    This guide will surely come handy to them. I’m gonna share this guide with few of my friends who have stepped into blogging. Thanks for sharing this guide!

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    Great guide for keyword research. This guide is really beneficial for newbie blogger and cover almost everything. Longtailpro is also great tool for this. I recommend it… 🙂

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    You have focused on the main stuff which is lacked behind by many beginners. All bloggers try to write good content. As you explained ‘content is king’. I fully agree with this because quality of content for a blog matters a lot. Content is not the only thing to care about. Bloggers should concentrate about keywords according to which Pots get indexed. If any blogger is using most frequent used and high searched keywords for his/her post then it will get indexed on the basis of keyword priority. You have provided an effective guide. Thanks for that.

    • Hello Ravi.

      I always try to write what I know at my best. 🙂

      Blogging is a platform which has just one mission, which is to help as many people as you can.. So I decided to write on this topic as I have seen people not covering basic things about keyword research.

      Ravi, there is no relation with keyword and indexing. Google index all keywords.. The thing which matters is – your keyword research. If you have done it in the right way then you can rank anything. 🙂

      Thanks for joining hands here.

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    • Yathav, this article was just for keyword research. I will try to write article on how to outrank competitors..

      PS: I added product at end because this can make your research easier. 🙂

  15. Thanks for this information. Getting keyword that easy to rank depend on the tool and not every body can avoid such tool but is there any alternative to get keyword that easy to rank on Google without using long tail pro or market samuari?

    • Anthony, unfortunately there is no free tool to check the keyword competitiveness.. I reply on Long Tail Pro only.

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    One of the best article I had ever read Kulwant Nagi.
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    • Thanks Anshul. Hope you have read all articles in this category. Just check the footer of this post to read other articles.

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    i wanted to ask that if a keyword has keyword competitiveness 29 in longtailpro and monthly searches 40 thousand and cpc $1.2.should i start a niche blog on that keyword.

    • Go with it and crush it..

      Tip: Find atleast 5 related keywords to get better results.

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    I am one of the health blogger, getting fruitful number of visitors through social media marketing. I am a newbie to tech blogging.

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    • Happy to hear that you are already doing blogging.

      and thanks for showing your love for my blog.

      There is nothing called low competition.. Internet is expanding and competition too..

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    How well explained the seo strategies. I am always read your path to blogging to get inspired. I am expecting more useful seo and inspirational post from you.


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