Blogger: A word which we cannot describe to anyone.

A word which just got integrated in the society in the last decade.

A word which is much more than a word.

Where parents are putting their best to motivate their children to become a doctor, an engineer, an MBA guy or just like anything, other side a new breed is getting integrated in the society.

A breed which is coming forward with a big vision to make this world a better place by helping everyone on the internet.

A breed where people with strong multi-tasking skills are going to change this world.

A breed which is known as a blogger.

When I started blogging journey back in 2011 I wasn't aware what it was.

It was such a frightening thing to me which scared me at it's best.

I spent sleepless nights to understand this concept and read as many blogs as I could.

Quitting my job was one of the toughest decisions for me, as I didn't know what I was going to do after quitting.

But one thing was clear that I am going to do much bigger thing than this.

After stumbling internet for around one month I was found a word called blogging.

This was field where no one was around me to teach the right things and tell me what to do. I started this as a hobby.

But as I started reading more blogs I found what it was.

Finally I made it after 7 months.

My parents tried their best to convince me to do a job, my friends yelled at me because of my wrong decision.

But my confidence was always with me to make them prove wrong.

In this article I am going to put my best to explain why I am in love with blogging and why this is the profession people are going to adopt 10 years down the line.

Note: All the points are based on my personal feeling and life incidences so pardon me if this article is going to make you feel bad.

So let's understand what it is and why I am proud to be a blogger.

#1. Best Profession in the World

According to one study, only 13 percent people in this world love their job (source). 63% are not engaged with their jobs because they feel unmotivated or less secure.

While the remaining 24 percent are “actively disengaged,” or truly unhappy and unproductive.

Life is becoming faster every single day and things like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Tablets are becoming integral part of life. Such gadgets have been integrated in our life and we all want to have them.

Let's do a little calculation:

An average engineer's monthly income in around 30,000 a month.

Which is a good income if you are working at your native place. But what if you are living in a city far from your home?

An average cost to live in a good city is somewhere around 10,000 a month (depends on city to city).

Which means you are saving around 20,000 a month, which comes as 240,000 a year.

You might be buying new cloths, shoes, paying other rents and other miscellaneous products which costs extra money.

So at the end of a year you are going to save near to nothing.

PS: I am telling this based on my personal experience as I worked as a VLSI verification engineer for 6 months in Delhi, India and another 6 months as a VLSI trainer in Noida, UP, India, and I didn't save even a penny.

Blogger on the other hand is a profession which is going to push you hard enough to work for yourself, and you'll love working for late nights as well.

This is your own business where no one is going to put any restriction or give you any orders.

This is a profession which you can do from any part of the world if you have net connectivity.

#2. Connections

Blogging opens many doors for you in this small world.

Yeah, the world is small when you are on the internet. πŸ™‚

In our normal job life we interact with our team members, boss, few clients and only handful of connected people.

We define our boundaries and we love to play with our life inside those boundaries only.

Connections are the biggest moving force in this world.

Read the biography of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Narendra Modi or any big businessman in this world.

Somewhere you'll find that those people couldn't reach where they are today without good connections.

I consider this as one of the biggest moving force.

This reminded me a great quote:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
― Jim Rohn

In short – people make you.

Blogging is an industry where you can hangout with big players, you can talk to them, chat with them, ask for the suggestions and expand your business.

I have interviewed millionaires like Neil Patel, Zac Johnson, Yaro Starak, Syed Balkhi, Luke Kling and many others.

In normal life they might haven't even replied my emails but here I got the chance to interview them.

Blogging is a sharing business.

You cannot grow if you aren't sharing in blogging.

So in this business we make connections with the industry leaders and learn directly from them rather than hiding everything like in traditional business.

#3. Freedom

Time and money freedom are the biggest freedoms in this world.

Sadly job doesn't give both of them.

When I was in job, I was spending more than 14 hours in a day in my company.

They had the fix time to come in the office (10:00 AM) but the time to go home was unpredictable. For few days I even went back at 1:00 AM.

This one constraint forced me to think what I was doing with my life.

I couldn't spend my whole life obeying the orders and constraining myself to the never-ending working hours.

So one day I made my mind and submitted my resignation letter.

Note: I made my first dollar from blogging after 7 months. But those 7 months rewarded me a big turning phase of my life.

Now blogging is everything for me (I am writing this article from the Mumbai Airport). πŸ™‚

I am travelling, enjoying, meeting more people and writing my articles when I love.

If you are a blogger who just started, struggling, or thinking to start a blog, keep in mind that you are going to enjoy same freedom in the near future if you are putting efforts delicately.

Blogging profession gives you freedom to work from any part of the world, freedom to make much more money and freedom to enjoy your life.

#4. Clear Vision

Ask any working person what is his vision for the next 5 years.

Either he/she will not be able to answer this question or they will have the vision to have higher position in the same job.


But in blogging ask a person where he/she is seeing himself/herself in the next 5 years. I bet that answers are going to amaze you.

Because blogging have no boundaries.

Literally no boundaries.

I know people from India hitting $100,000 in a months, People from Malaysia hitting $10,000 every single day and people from USA hitting $50,000 a day.

Yes. these are the figures.

Not convinced?

Read monthly incomes reports of Pat Flynn, Chris Guthrie and Entrepreneuronfire.

Whooping $100,000 a month.

I bet you can never ever think about such big figures when you are in job.

Blogging gives you vision to achieve such big goals and more clarity to work toward such big incomes.

#5. Multi Tasking Skills

We are:

  1. Designers
  2. Writers
  3. Marketers
  4. Programmers
  5. Social Media Experts
  6. Publishers
  7. Networkers
  8. Speakers
  9. Authors
  10. Game Changers

and much more..

We have some special skills which makes us far better than any profession in the world.

When I started in 2011, I didn't know anything about the CSS, HTML or php coding. For me blogging was a giant task as I am a lover of perfection.

I want everything neat and clean to deliver the best.

So I learnt HTML, CSS coding and designed this theme on Blogging Cage myself.. Yeah.. I did.. πŸ˜‰

I was damn bad at writing English because my schooling is from government schools where I completed 12th standard in Hindi only.

So with time I improved my English, my writing skills and overcame this obstacle.

Blogging is all about marketing and delivering your stuff to people who are actually looking for it. In 21st century making a product has become damn easy but marketing it in the right way is still the game you'll have to learn.

I followed some of the best marketing experts and improved my skills.

In short – this is profession where you do task of 10 people as a single army man.

#6. Personal Branding

Blogging opens an unmeasurable benefit for you – your personal branding.

In blogging you establish yourself as a brand and help people with you experiments. Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, Zac Johnson and Robin Sharma are true example of personal branding.

They have established themselves as a brand.

They are delivering lectures all over the world and people are ready to pay them huge sum just to learn the priceless techniques.

Being a blogger we develop our own brand as an SEO experts, designer, writer, blogging, marketer or a social media experts which you can encash with different methods.

#7. Entrepreneurship

This is the one top most thing I love about blogging.

You develop roots of entrepreneurship in you. Although one guy wrote a great article about Fakepreneurs, but your vision in blogging makes far better than those people.

This is a platform where you are your own boss, your own employee and your own caretaker.

No one is going to yell at you and ask why you haven't completed the given task.

It's a field where you have to take the full control on what you are doing and improve yourself daily to deliver the best.

#8. Better Lifestyle

Blogging gives you better lifestyle.

We call it internet lifestyle.

I say it better lifestyle because I have full freedom to do anything I want, visit any part of the world without worrying about my tasks, meet more people, interact with great leaders, deliver lectures about internet marketing and many more.

We have far better lifestyle than any other profession.

Ryan Biddulph has explained his internet lifestyle through his blog with a clear and crisp message saying, “If I can do it, there is no reason you cannot.”

Yaro Starak on the other hand is a great example of internet lifestyle. He has a great tagline for his blog saying, “Live the Laptop Lifestyle.

Final Verdict

If you are a blogger or thinking to start a blog then you must feel proud after reading this article. As a blogger we have some qualities better than any other profession in the world.

We are always looking forward to learn the things which can enhance our knowledge.

Your Turn

Share this article with your best buddies, with your family, friends and well-wishers.

Specially share with those people who say you are in wrong profession and wasting your time on the internet doing nothing.

Show them what blogging is and how this is the NEXT BIG THING in upcoming years.

Share with your bloggers buddies who are feeling demotivated in blogging just because they are still not making any money.

And finally share it with people who say you cannot make it.

Let's spread the voice as a blogger and see how this world responds.

Have a good day my blogger buddies. πŸ™‚

Keep writing… Keep Blogging…