8 Things Which Are Stopping You to Continue Blogging Journey

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Blogging have become a passion all across the globe.

People are choosing this platform to express their feeling and to showcase their work.

This platform attracting people from various niches, either they are doctor, lawyer, scientist, sports person, media person, dancer or any other niche. Because this gives you online exposure and identity.

But this is also true that many people start blogging journey by seeing their friends only. They are blogging just for the sake of writing.

In your blogging journey you might have experienced when you have felt that its enough now. I tried to figure out why people left blogging and which were the things behind this decision.

Here are top Enemies of your Blogging Journey

1- You are not finding blog post idea

Getting article ideas in mind is the first and most important thing in blogging. Until and unless you will have any idea in mind, you cannot write anything. So you might have failed in collecting ideas and reading other blogs to get inspiration to write as well.

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2- Younger Bloggers are doing better than you

There might be a possibility that you are feeling shame in front of your blogging community. You might have felt that people who are much younger than you are performing very well. There might be some blogs which were started after a long time when your blog was started and they are performing better than you.

3- Google is not loving your blog

I have seen people who write for Google only. They keep doing experiments to find highest paying word and sniffing them in post. They target Google only and don't care about genuine readers.

Google keep rolling updates so there might be chance that you blog has been hit by any of the update. This can be the biggest reason because all your effort are in vain now.

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4- You don't have time to Write

You are so much equipped with your daily activities that you don't have time to write. I have personally seen this issue in many blogger and they keep selling their blog by putting the reason I don't have time to write on my blog.

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5- There is DROP In Traffic

This can be biggest disappointing reason why you are quitting blogging. People keep checking their Analytics or Stat Counter traffic status, and when they saw big drop in traffic they feel like everything is ruined. For them traffic is the only criteria which should be there for any blog.

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6- You Have Fewer Comments

Getting less comments may the reason for your disinterest. You might be analyzing various other blogs and seeing that too much people are commenting on post and you are getting 5-6 comments only.

I was in such dilemma few days back but after discussing with other fellow blogger I came to the point the comments doesn't matter much.

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7- There Is A Blip In Your Earnings

Many people blog for money only and for them a decent money per month is must. Drop in your earning might be the reason because this is the only thing which motivate many bloggers to continue blogging.

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8- You have been caught in controversy

Getting caught in controversy might be good for many people but a little wrong move can make you feel embarrassed. You should always be ready in helping others and try to get out of the controversy. In your blogging journey you will see many other bloggers who will try to lower down your reputation and some of them got succeeded also.

So staying calm and cool can help you to get rid if this situation.

You must be agree with my points I mentioned here and I would like to hear from you also that what do you think.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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30 thoughts on “8 Things Which Are Stopping You to Continue Blogging Journey”

  1. I think basically two factors are main for this leaving —
    Google gives few or a few traffic to his/her blog
    Less or very less earning which doesn’t cover maintenance.

  2. Biggest reason I think is not earning. And getting into some other works.
    Also it demands more work & patience which is tough. And all can`t survive.

  3. Hi Kulwant Awesome Post,
    I agree with your now a days young bloggers are really very talented, really working very well from many pro bloggers..
    If a person caught in controversy, then what should be the next step for him?

    • Thanks Nishant…

      Being caught in the negative controversy can be the worst thing in blogging because this can ruin your blogging career and people will start hating your blog also. So, if by chance you get caught then try to clarify the things and put positive points.

  4. Thanks for the Info brother… yes its true it will destroy bloggers career
    I don’t want to face these thinks 🙂

  5. I have run into 7 of these 8 issues and they have almost stopped me dead in my tracks. I have continued to push forward and continue my blog. The key to it is to not allow any of the outside things stop you. I have seen losses of traffic and became very frustrated but it is natural to see this. There are some good days and some bad. Ups and downs. The funny thing is soon after I would hit record lows in traffic, it would usually shoot through the roof soon there after.

    Just have to keep moving forward.

    • I am happy that you are still containing blogging after seeing so much downs. Keep doing good work and soon you will see the result.

      All the very best.

  6. Yes, from my point of view Google is not loving your blog is the main reason to leave blogging . I hate this thing too much. All blogs are dependent on traffic and only traffic.

  7. Well written brother.. you’ve pretty much covered all that there is.. Consistency is the key to blogging success. No doubts!

  8. Interesting points you have made here.
    I especially agree with Point Number three ! Take the example of “making money online”-this keyword is sure to get you millions of hits-so, most people keep writing the same stuff about it. Majority of the tips written on this topic are already present elsewhere-there is no real value to the reader. Same is true about blog writing tips. People only write for google nowadays and that is not long term sustenance.
    thanks for sharing.

    • Yes Dipa you are right people keep writing same stuff again and again. Specially in India people don’t show the creativity and uniqueness in the article.

      It seems that you visited my blog first time, so warm welcome from Blogging Cage.

  9. Blogging is a passion and like all passions, there are obstacles, there are ups and downs. But when you go down, you just have to rekindle the flame inside you and think of achieving your goals. Thank you for sharing this one. Great article!

    • If you want success then you will have to see many up downs in blogging as simple as we see in Jobs also.

  10. Thanks I will keep visiting for sure! Keep up the good work! A question-How do you go about finding topics to blog about? Do you use any alert tools etc to tell you the top current topics? If so, could you recommend some of them to your readers?

    • Dipa, I keep reading big blogs and old posts by them. After reading them very carefully and getting inspiration from them I write them again in my language by adding some more interesting points. Sometime I get inspiration after watching movies and sometime from newspapers also.

      Read this post : https://www.bloggingcage.com/must-read-blogs-some-blogs-which-i-read-daily/

  11. Kulwant Nagi you are right, There are more than 8 ways which stops blogging in the every blogger life. I know 80% where failed in blogging only techy ones survive.

  12. Read the following article – 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly copyblogger.com/grammar-goofs/

  13. I think sudden increase in traffic is the main reason. Although I don’t visit analytics very often but the decreasing traffic of my blog made me worried but then I realized traffic comes with good content. Thanx to you for that.

  14. Blogging is an art and need to perform with passion & dedication. Bloggers will certainly be facing the obstacles which you’ve listed here in the initial stage of blogging. But once got practiced to do an enhanced blogging, then no one could stop you to earn money with your blog.

    Nice post 🙂

    • Yeah Nirmala, blogging is nothing more than a mind-set. Once you make your mind to do something big in this field, no one can stop you.

      Thanks for being here and sharing your thoughts.

  15. As you said, staying calm and relaxed can get you out of such situations. One just need to clear ones mind and keep working! All those issues get sorted out once you start working on them!

  16. For me, internet connection is the main problem. May be it is quite different problem from those what you have mentioned here but it is really a great problem for me.

    • Sudip, I don’t know when Indian government will understand this issue. Internet connection in my area is also very poor.

  17. I have seen many bloggers stop blogging due to several reasons, I had stopped blogging due to lack to time. Maintaining a blog along with your studies is a very tough task. It takes high level of motivation and planning to run a blog along with a day job/studies.

    • Yeah Imran, it’s a tiring process and it needs time. But once you start loving blogging, no one can stop you.

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