5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting A Niche Blog

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Are you worried because of not getting success like other people?

Are you still struggling to make your first dollar online? while people out there are making hell lots of money…

You must be thinking that what are the missing things, which other bloggers have learnt.

People out there are making successful blogs one after another and we are still trying different methods.

But don't worry because these things are very common for all newbies and we learn the things with little steps only.

If you want to start a niche blog then here are the things which you can ask from yourself.

Are you passionate?

This is the very first questions, you must ask from yourself.

Are you seriously passionate to make money online or doing it just by seeing other people's success and income?

Passion and your knowledge is the key to get success online.

I have seen that most of the newbie start blogging by seeing others and most common niche to enter in blogging is tech niche.

You can run a simple blog by writing very basic articles, but for running niche blogs you will have to hone your writing skills. So, find your passion and look into it more deeply to find such small niche.

Let's take example

Suppose you are a music lover and just keep listening songs all the day. In simple words I can say is, “You are PASSIONATE about music.”

So you just found your passion.

Now what?

Next task is to figure out which types of songs you listen more. Here I am supposing that you enjoy POP SONGS much more than other songs. By doing this we have narrowed down your interest and now we know that this is a specific category.

Now what?

Now our task is to find the singer, whose songs do you enjoy the most?

Here we have narrowed down your interest (micro-niche) and our task is done.

Now you know that you love to listen that particular singer's POP songs more than others, this means you have figured out your hidden passion and interest.

Now building micro niche blog around that interest is much easier for you.

It's time to celebrate. 🙂

This was just an example. In this way you can break down your interest in various small parts.

Do you know who are your readers?

photo credit: maureen_sill

Your site will get success only when more readers will visit your blog.

For around 7-8 months in my starting days of blogging, I was not aware about my readers.

I was just writing, writing and writing. I didn't know for whom I am writing.

I was just writing.

And the results were – I was not getting that much traffic and interaction on my blog.

Then one day I decided that I will write for newbies only, and things became too much easy for me. More people started talking about it and I got much more readers.

So deciding your audience and then build blog for them is the key.

Do you know how to attract people on your site?

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Attracting people on your niche site need too much research and patience.

Every third blogger is struggling to get traffic on their blog with various methods and only few of them are getting desired results.

Why this is so?

Because they don't know accurate approach to interact with readers.

Note: I will suggest that don't think about building niche blog if you are not aware about traffic driving methods.

So decide the ways to drive traffic on your blog, either this is paid or free sources but you must have clear idea that how you are going to use them and how much traffic you want to make money from that site.

Do know how to do proper keyword research?

One of the must have skill to get success in niche blogging.

I will strongly recommend to learn keyword research before starting any niche blog. Because without proper keyword research and number of search for that keyword, your efforts will be in total wrong direction.

For all type of niche sites I am using Long Tail Pro which is a very handy tool with awesome features.

In next article I will write guide about proper keyword research so that you can build niche sites very easily.

Do you know monetization model for your blog?

photo credit: velo_city

We must be aware about the monetization method before building any niche blog. Because there are some niche which work best for Amazon, some are best for AdSense and others for CPA.

Different niches make money from different monetization methods.

So you must be completely aware, how you are going to monetize your niche site.

Final Words

Share your awesome thoughts and feedback so that I can make this niche journey more valuable and deliver more quality content in future.

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8 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting A Niche Blog”

  1. Awesome Article. it’s Really Motivational and helpful Article for any Blogger. I will Share this Post on my Facebook profile.Thank you for Sharing with us.

  2. Hi Kulwant 🙂
    Once again buddy thanks for sharing this informative guide with us. I always follow this rule 😛
    find a profitable niche, target your audience, work on it and then monetize that niche site with different methods.

  3. Hello Kuwant,

    I think the first step before starting a niche site “how much we know” about the topic and become familiar with it.


    • Vicky, it’s same as discovering the passion. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thought.

  4. You are right. Passion is every thing and if one want to earn from niche blog then knowledge of SEO is important. I have also planned to start my first niche blog which will be on science niche and i have already did keyword research. Should I go for micro niche or main topic.

    • Yes Hamza. Passion is very important to succeed in blogging. If your keyword has less competition then I will suggest to go for micro niche blog.

  5. Well keywords tools are really awesome resources for finding trending niche and also we could develop lot of information regarding it.

    Thanks for sharing awesome tips!

  6. This is a very comprehensive article. One important thing is that we should be well vast and be willing to learn more in any chosen niche. There are sometimes you may run out of what to write on but one good way to overcome this is by asking your readers what they will like to know more about.

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