5 Ingredients of Successful Blogging

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Everyone wants to become successful in blogging.

People are putting too much of their time in blogging to take it to next level. Some people say, “blogging is a business” and some are not agree with this statement.

In short word – Blogging is the way to get time and money freedom.

Reaching at a level in blogging need time and too much of hard work. Successful blogging need too much guidelines to follow and too much things to carry out.

These are the Ingredients of Successful Blogging

1. Attend Meetings/Seminars


Attending a meeting will always give you new experiences. Meetings are the best place to meet like-minded people and exchange the ideas. This is true that only those people attend the meetings who are too much interested to gain more knowledge. So here you will find enthusiastic people and you can get the ideas from them.

One Example –

Let us suppose that you have one dollar and your friend also have one dollar.

If you both will exchange the dollar, still you will be having one dollar in hand.

But what if you both have ideas in mind?

In this case if you will share; you both will have two ideas.


So attending such meeting will always give you some unique ideas which you can implement on your business/blog and can get other benefits.

2. Read Motivational Books/See Motivational Videos


I am fond of reading books and in my free time I read books or see motivational videos only.

Books are true sources to get inspiration and learn something new.

Scientifically this has been proved that there are two types of energies around us – Positive and Negative.

If you will think positive than positive will happen to you and reverse is also true. You must surround yourself with the things which motivate you and expel you do something big.

If you will keep worrying that people are not coming on my blog, I am not getting traffic, people are not commenting on my blog and all. Such things invite negative energy and you will not get traffic if you are not putting efforts to drive more traffic.

So decide a day which will be devoted to read the books only. So will see that after reading a book positive energy will start flowing around you which will lead more productivity in you.

Decide time to see motivational videos. How people got success in the things which were impossible for them and even world was saying you cannot do it.

3. Your blog is your business so invest on it


Either you confess it or not but your blog is your business.

The biggest lie I have ever heard from bloggers is – I am not blogging for money.

But for me I am 100% sure that I am blogging for money and my blog is my business.

Have you ever seen any business in the world which became successful without any investment? Every business needs money to invest. So why are you not investing your money on your blog?

Business expend only when you put money in it.

So to expand your blogging business you will have to spend money. Find the tools which are best for your business and which can help you to boost your business.

4. Helping Mode


Blogging is all about helping.

Either we are teaching them to run any software or to set up their first blog. People are visiting you blog because you are helping them to do the things.

We must be always in helping mode.

You can join internet marketing forums and be active in Facebook groups. This activity will give you more loyal readers and you will be able to increase traffic.

5. Don't Write Too Much Controversial


If you are thinking that by writing controversial articles you will grab attention then you are wrong.

Controversy will always lead you in disaster.

I agree that in first few weeks you will be able to grab attention of people but you cannot survive for long time. Because the fact is people will start hating your blog and they will not visit your articles in future.

I have some blogs in my list who write too much controversial.

Always write articles which add value and have positive tone. By using positive tone you will be able to attract more readers and at the end they will love your article.

Final Word!!

I have found few of these methods to enjoy successful blogging and I am following all these in my blogging career. Start implementing the things and you will get the results soon.

Your Turn!!

Let me know your views about this article and share some other methods which can help us  to enjoy great blogging.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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14 thoughts on “5 Ingredients of Successful Blogging”

  1. Hahahaha Great thought Kulwant. I agree with your statement. Whatever we say, if we run a blog we would definitely dream returns either in terms of money or from reader’s feedbacks. Being true, I’m blogging for money and always to be. Also as you said, meetings and events would eventually improve our experiences and ideas. Well put, keep this up.

  2. Really one of the best articles I have read recently. I like all the points mentioned here especially the firs one, ‘Attending seminar’. And I love the example about ‘Sharing Ideas.’. Great post, Kulwanth!

    • You made my day Achari. I love attending seminars and going to attend one this Sunday also. 🙂

      I would love to see you again on my blog. Thanks for appreciation.

  3. I agree that in most blogging niches related to online marketing, blogging, SE) and social media it’s not a good idea to be controversial. However, if you are in a subjective niche such as politics then it can be a very good move. Everyone disagrees passionately about politics after all, so even if you try not to be controversial you will still annoy some people!

    That’s why in that niche you shouldn’t hold back with your opinions. If you write critical and provocative content that’s also thoughtful then you will attract a like-minded and loyal audience sooner or later for sure.

    • Good to see you here Matt.

      I agree that in politics controversy is one of the must have things. 😉
      Because one nation cannot make progress if opposition parties are not pointing out the mistakes of current party.

      But in blogging, too much controversy will through your readers away from your blog because people don’t love to read too negative things.

  4. Well put Kulwant. I’m so happy to be a loyal reader of BloggingCage now. You are delivering great valuable information to your readers. Congrats for that. 🙂
    It’s art what you have just did , especially on the part – 4. Helping Mode.
    Thanks a lot bro! 🙂

    • Thanks for becoming my loving reader Amal.

      It was my pleasure to have you on my blog and have great guest post from you. You are going on right path, just keep putting your best.

  5. Really an awesome stuffs to get more publicizing with various ideas. Really these are the things which can increase the loyal visitor tremendously with this efforts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I must say this is really an encouraging article for anyone frustrated with blogging. I liked the example of sharing coins!

  7. Thanks for sharing this info. Helped me a lot…..but with the point of ‘Reading motivational books’…..I don’t really find such books nowadays…its hard to help myself when i am disappointed and i cannot easily post good articles on my site.

  8. Well written post,
    These 5 effective ingredtions will surely help me to Get Success in blogging Career
    Thanks for the post!
    keep it up!!!!

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