5 Important Components That Make Your Blog Comfortable To Read

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You've probably experienced it before.

You find a good blog in which you like the content so much. But, there is one drawback of that blog.

It doesn't have a good design.

Thus, despite the quality of the content, you can’t read it comfortably. In fact, you feel annoyed with the design so much that you just copy the text and paste it on your own word processing program so that you can read the content later, without having to deal with the awfulness of the blog design.

If you have a blog, it is very important for you to keep your blog easy and comfortable to read. Using a good blog design is imperative if you want to make people stay on your blog for long.

Here are 5 important components :

1. The Pleasantness Of Your Design

First, what makes your blog comfortable to read is your blog template. What is the template that you use for your blog? Make sure that the template has a nice look and feel, with good color combination in its design. There are thousands of templates that you can find for your blog, either free or paid, but what you need to take note when choosing a good template for your blog is that it needs to be pleasant to look.

You can feel it when you see it. If the template is good looking and generally beautiful and elegant, it will make comfortable to read.

2. Simplicity And Order

Another thing that you need to take a look at your blog design is the simplicity and the layout order of your blog. There are lots of blog templates that offer easy plug and play ads that will help you to make money quickly with your blog. But, let’s not be too concerned with that.

Your main purpose is to make your readers feel comfortable. If you can do that, you will be able to make money from your blog easily.

But, if you can’t make your readers comfortable, then you should expect lack of earning from your blog. Thus, you shouldn’t focus on overly commercial blog design. Choose for simplicity and order instead. It will give a breath of fresh air for your blog.

3. The Right Font Type, Font Color, And Font Size

Your font choice is very important. It is the very thing that your readers will see all the time in your blog. When someone is visiting your blog, that person wants to read your blog content, and in order to read your blog content, that person will constantly look at your font.

So, the font choice will affect your readers’ satisfaction toward your blog. Choose the right font type, font color, and font size for your blog. Be sure that the combination is nice and gives a comfortable feeling for anyone who reads it. Read more about Right Color Selection: Are Your Doing it Carefully?

4. Good Graphics

A blog without good graphics is dull. Today’s internet is filled with innovative web technologies. Most websites that you look are not just a piece of simple HTML codes and CSS with simple variations in design. Now, you can include lots of stunning designs and effects in your blog. Good graphics are becoming more and more important for your blog, because they can give your blog a unique color and a pleasant scenery. So, include good graphics in each of your blog post.

It will give your blog a solid entertainment value that will attract your readers’ interest quickly. Check out the outstanding article – 5 Best Places For Bloggers to Get FREE Stock Images

5. Premium Feel

Last but not least, you should add a premium feel to your blog. Why is it so important? That’s because a blog with premium feel will make the readers feel good. It can establish trust immediately. It tells the readers that this blog is different from other low quality blogs out there.

This blog is good and valuable. Moreover, it will also affect your readers’ perception toward your blog. They will trust your information more, and they will not be ashamed to recommend your content to their friends in social media.

Those are 5 components for blog to make comfortable to read. When you apply the tips above, you should be able to bring your blog to a new level. It will attract more traffic and it will keep the readership level high. In the end, it will help you to bring more profit back to your pocket.

Anil Valvi

Anil Valvi is a Digital Marketing Consultant. He is help customer to improve their online business, traffic, sales and ranking position. Reach @anilbvalvi to discuss more about all my marketing stuffs.

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18 thoughts on “5 Important Components That Make Your Blog Comfortable To Read”

  1. Very informative article Anil.
    I think good graphics and font size matters in displaying of your content in a better way.
    Your post was great keep sharing such articles.

  2. How you present your post is more important than what have you write. Attracting your reader to read your post is a task. I totally agree with all your points specially the point about font size font color etc. It’s really frustrating to read a strange writing online. Nobody will bother to read that stuff which he can not understand.

  3. Hello@Anil:- You have nearly covered almost all the factors for making a blog to read comfortably. But, In my opinion you need to mention another point, that interlinking of the old blog posts using proper anchor text is also very important, so that it help in reducing the bounce rate and keep your readers to spend more time on your blog..

  4. Nice Article. I have mostly liked your point no 3. It is very important to write any post. You have choose some decent and good font styles, colours.

  5. Who can deny the importance of charismatic graphic since it matters a lot along with the font size. I got to know wonderful insight through your post. Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Looking for more in future as well.

  6. Hello Anil,

    You have listed simple but worth points to be kept in mind while editing the blog design.
    Thanks for such an informative article

  7. Thanks Anil Bro for sharing these important Factors.
    I think simplicity and ordering is very important, Days are gone when only good design blogs were counted as quality and authentic ones, but nowadays Content matters first!

  8. Design definitely plays a vital role on deciding the standard of a blog. For me, it’s one of the aspects that I tend to improve more and more on my blogs. A good, responsive and fast blog design is very necessary for successful blogging, according to me.

  9. Absolutely! No matter how good content you write, if it wont look pleasant to users eyes, they wont stay long. Readers rarely give preference to a website having too small font size. Many theme makers uses low contrast fonts, just to make the theme look good at first glance, but this is just a common mistake that make your visitors leave your blog immediately.

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