5 Blogging Traps Which You Must Avoid

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Blogging is a loving platform, but only if you do it in loving way.

I myself started blogging in September 2011, just with the intention to make money online. I was not aware about the blogging terms and didn't had any idea to proceed further.

I started stumbling many blogs one after another and those all were teaching one common thing, and almost all of them suggested that one thing in their own ways.

And the suggestion was – “learn to blog, before learning to make money.

Although at that time I was not able to understand this and was confused why they are saying so?

But soon I realized the fact that blogging is all about winning the hearts, and if you failed then you failed to make money online.

To learn more about blogging, you will have to open your mind always and learn new things each day.

Here I am going to share few blogging traps which most of the fake bloggers/internet marketers trying to trap us. Learn them carefully and think over it and try to recall when you saw such TRAP last time.

1. Fake Income Proofs

This is the top-most way to sell things online. Show people your income proof (actually fake) and then trap them to buy your products. Many internet marketers (even bloggers) are trying such cheap things to attract more readers and influence more people to show their fake presence.

2. Fake Traffic Stats

Can a newbie generate 3000 visitors on a new blog?

oh comm'on man !!

That's extremely impossible.

Such people call them newbies (actually they are not) and try to impress more people.

Here are few trap headlines :

  • 22 years old child made $45,768 in just 34 days with brand new blog.
  • Goldmine for newbies to generate $32,419 in just 23 days with no work.
  • Newbie friendly way to make $57 per day with AdSense

and you will see many others

3. Fake Giveaways

Fake giveaways are very common trend these days and many newbies are trying this method to get short-term traffic on their blogs. And at the end they will declare the winner which you never saw online.

Before participating in any giveaway check the credibility of blog and see the number of comments on other posts (comment will let you know about the readers).

4. BlackHat Tools

There are numerous tools out there which promise you to make you millionaire in just couple of days. So you must be aware about the tools and their functionality before getting into any trap.

I myself bought scrapebox few days back and many of the blogger friends on Facebook were saying that this is a blackhat tool. Almost every one of them was asking me same question.

I know that this tool is considered as blackhat tool, but I am not going to use it in that way.

I am going to find niche specific quality links and then going to drop manual comments on those specific articles.

So, be aware to before buying and using any tool to grow your blog.

5. Quick Rich Mentality

No one can make you rich except YOU.

To make money online you will have to spend many days to learn the basics of it.

If someone is saying that you can make money in just 30 days, 45 days or whatever, then don't listen to them.

These are the people who are kicking their mind from last too many years to reach at that level where they can say this statement.

One great quote – “They called it OVERNIGHT success, but they don't know those 15 years of struggle behind it.”

So no success is overnight success, there are many years and learning process behind that.

Final Word.

These were few blogging traps which people are using for their own benefits.

Stick with quality and write for people. Soon you will reap the real fruits of blogging.

If you are aware about any such traps then don't forget to share it with us, so that we can become more alerts for them.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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38 thoughts on “5 Blogging Traps Which You Must Avoid”

  1. wow very innovative article.
    Must say that every newbie blogger should follow all these tips to get success in their life.

  2. 100% agree with you kulwant. But i personally know a guy who have some trick or hidden method from which he is able to earn from Adsense a lot but he didn’t reveal method. In my opinion there will be some experts who knows the real myths of earning bucks but as you said that the most of web is boosted with scammers so we have to beware from them.

    • Muhammad, even I have seen that people are making money with tricking AdSense. But tricks don’t work for long time and they will have to find others ways very soon. And I agree that people don’t share their money making secrets with others.

      But don’t worry, because at Blogging Cage I am going to write all my failures and success with working methods.

  3. Hi Kulwant Bro! Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. I will take care of such “traps” .

  4. yes Its right Kulwant Bro,few Indian bloggers are killing the reputation of Indians in blogsphere they organize fake giveaways for little traffic , but they never focus on their commitments and its really irritating.

    • Gaurav, not only Indian bloggers but I have seen many other too. They are thinking that by organizing such fake giveaway they will drive traffic and build readers. But in actually they are destroying their online identity.

      Such people are going to become their readers. They come to win the goodies only and after contest will be over, they will be no more on your blog.

  5. I just want to add the sixth point.
    6.Failure to associate. I’ve experience some great failures these few days and my online friends were more than supportive.
    This has obviously kept me moving.

    • Sorry to say, but your point is not clear to me. Can you please elaborate it little more?

  6. Very correct brother!
    I see a lot of these fake things (including fake likes and fake followers) around. It’s a big trab

    Sometimes, they fake these to make us think they are big, but the truth is always coming out. Some write posts on 10 killers ways to make $xxxx a month when the are unable to bank $1 to their own accounts. Isn’t that terrible?

    • ha ha !! Very true Enstine.

      I am seeing such people almost daily, and they gave me idea to write on this topic. πŸ˜‰
      Tools have made life easier as well as worse also. People are using tools in very wrong ways..

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with us . There is many people they show the Fake earning

  8. Wow! This is quite a list. It never even occurred to me that there are bloggers spoofing income reports. I’m sure a blogger that handles themselves that way online will eventually lose anyway. Karma.

    • Bernard, such people are not long term players. Because someone will catch them and their life will be ruined. We must use ethical ways to build trust.

  9. Nice article man.these are only few examples of normal trap but in reality there is a very big trap waiting to capture new bloggers.Nice examples…

  10. Very helpful article specially for newbies. I’ve seen many newbies doing these mistakes. So this article is gonna help them. Keep it up you’re doing great work!

  11. What a lovely post…. I learned a lesson from this….. excellently highlighted the points…. all of them should read this post without fail.

  12. Yes, Kulwant Sir …. these are extremely valid point… once upon a time I got trapped in some scheme of “Give away” but never found the winner

    • There are many such people out there Anurag. You just need to check the genuineness of these bloggers. Hope next time you not get caught in such traps.

  13. Good points you made here “Kulwant” , i just would like to add 1 more trap , thinking that blogging is easy and it only takes little of your time.

    I think it doesn’t only take long time to get there but allot of hard work and commitment.

    you must acquire knowledge of what other blogs in your same field are doing, what they are writing , what they are missing what are their strategies and how you can come at it from different ways.

    you must keep aware of what’s happening in the market to stay always one step ahead..
    so it’s gonna be all the way in. if you want to do this, you have to do this with full commitment there’s no such thing as easy money!
    Best regards.

    • Great suggestions Mitch. Yes, blogging needs too much time and a lot of dedication. Getting in touch with other bloggers and reading latest news is always a good idea to do blogging in better way.

      Thanks for adding such awesome value in article.

  14. Hey Kulwant,
    You have the same attitude as I have towards bloggers who say earn in just 30 days and so. Because I know how hard it is to cross 100 dollar mark even being in the blogosphere for 3 to 4 long years. if it is true that a blogger can make so many bucks in just 3 months or so I think there would be no employees in MNC companies. I too wrote a similar article in one of my blogs previously.
    So as a newbie and a established bloggers we need to avoid such traps and also help people not to fall in such traps…

    • Glad to hears that we have something in common. πŸ™‚

      Vijesh, people are using too much wrong approaches to make money on internet, and many newbies are getting caught in such traps. They must be aware about the life of that blogger and authenticity of his products.

      Hope this article will open eyes of many newbies and they can save their money.

  15. A post worth to share. It’s important to know that in Blogging, there is no easy money. The things that you just posted and shared should always be imprinted in the minds of the new bloggers. It goes to show that in blogging, nothing is easy and there is no such thing as shortcuts.

  16. This actually happens with us. I too got trapped in these spams and stuffs during the start of my blogging life. Now things seem to have changed πŸ™‚

  17. Some bloggers are just to desperate that they rather fool other people just to earn. And I do read a lot of those who said they earn a handsome amount of money overnight and I never believe in them.

  18. Very true point that you shared. many blogger use the fake rather than using original. I read your article and i think it must be read every new blogger.

  19. Blogging is a community that need truthfulness and encouragement to build in the upcoming bloggers the way forward, and not to frustrate their lives with fake proof of ingenuity. Indeed, I have seen people bragging about there money autoplot machine and I keep asking myself, can someone earn without working? This question was unfold until duo months ago when I came across a book that asked me one simple question but I was unable to asswer the question; can I give my earning to someone I DON’T KNOW in-spite of no reason? And immediately,I became perplexed and don’t know what to say further but I later concluded that to earn you must work.

  20. Indeed , You are actually mindblowing , Kulwant Sir
    I too had these thoughts like getting rich quick when i entered into blogging

  21. Thanks for these information. You have really pointed out blogging traps that should be avoid. I haven’t heard that Scrapebox is a Black Hat Tool. Many people like to use it and recommend it too others mainly in forums. Thanks for letting us know.

  22. Hey Kulwant,
    Nice article, this article was written a year ago, I just got this article on blogging cage and yeah you are right, and now in 2014 the number increased of people like these, they are trying to fake newbies and attract them to hire them.
    They are ultimately loosing respect now which they earned by showing fake proofs.

    • Yeah Nitin, it’s an old but evergreen article. πŸ™‚

      I am too many people using wrong methods on social media sites to get more fame and clients. They are going to see the output later and going to realize their mistake very soon.

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