11 Incredible Reasons to Start a Blog Today

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Blogging is future and it is attracting many people because of its easiness and potential to make huge money.

I myself started my blog back in year 2011 with the intention of making money only as I was completely broken. As I digged more into it, I found some great people from the same niche and some great advices to continue my blogging journey.

Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad and many other have made blogging very easy as compared to 10 years back.

These easy to manage tools and given tremendous freedom to start a good blog and maintain it in no time.

Here I am going to share 11 incredible reasons and benefits which you can get after coming into blogging.

1. It build entrepreneurial skills

This is such a subject which cannot be taught. You learn it with your own mistakes and your own experience. Risk taking is the biggest factor to learn it quickly  because once you will take the risk and fail, then you will know that this thing is not working for me, so I should move to another one.

In blogging you build it at very good pace. You start a blog and then continue putting your efforts to make to more successful each and every single day.

2. It gives you time freedom

I am loving it completely. Atleast there is no BOSS who is going to instruct me to complete the work in given time frame.

I did job for around 6 months and the only thing I hated was, we were just like slaves of our BOSS. According to his instructions we were working days and nights without even caring about our-self.

Here in blogging you will get complete freedom and you are your own boss here.

3. It gives you money freedom (read this point very carefully)

There is one simple formula for making money in this world.

Time x Skills = Money

God have given us limited time so we cannot work 25 hours in day. Although some people can work for 2-3 continuous days but what will be the condition of them after those 2-3 days. So in short we have just 24 hours in our day.

We have limited skills. Because we cannot become master in everything. If you have completed education in Arts then you cannot do work of a science stream person.

Note: You can do work of a science stream person by learning it 2-3 years but again you cannot do work of a MBA person. And this keep going.

Means Time is limited and Skills are limited.


Limited x Limited = Limited

Means we are going to make a limited income in our life only (if we are into job).

But be happy. 🙂

Because we are in blogging.

Here we can start many projects and hire people to do our work. And simple we are going to make huge money as compared to other people.

4. We work in Pajama

ha ha !!

This one is incredible freedom.

In 90% of the cases you will see me in Pajama only.

I think no company in the world allow to wear pajama in work. 😉

Blogging has given such an awesome freedom that I can work anywhere and I can do anything in my home. I can sleep, I can play, I can sing, I can watch TV, listen songs and many many other things.

5. We become expert in many things

We know HTML, CSS, php and few other languages (atleast little of all), so here we became Programer.

We do SEO for our blog, so we are called SEO Experts.

We know how to promote blog and drive traffic, so we become Advertising expert.

We know how to write a good content, here we become a Writer.

and you will see we all learn too much skills in blogging.

I can see smile on your face now. 🙂

6. We become writers

I know you were not in love with writing when you were in school.

But with your efforts and passion you are a very good writer now. This is such a skill which we get with our own passion and dedication. We know which is the content people love to read more and what are the good/best headlines for any article.

7. We learn to take risks

The more risks you will take the more you will learn. Here in blogging we take too much risks like starting a blog on new niche, building backlinks, buying blogs, selling blogs and many other things.

8. We make a lot of friends

Although these friends are virtual but they are not virtual in their own worlds. They laugh with us when we laugh and they cry with us when we cry.

I was in touch with some great bloggers from almost one year. We decided to meet in Delhi few days back and it was totally fun to meet them into reality.

We expand our circle around the nations and our area just keep expanding.

9. A well known personality

Once you are famous in blogging, thousand of people will follow you and many thousands will think to become like you. You can reach at very good level in just 2 years if you are doing your blogging very good and learning the basics each day.

10. You will have less stress in life

Have you seen a person who just reached home after doing 9-5 job?

You can clearly see stress on his face.

We here in blogging are totally free and we can schedule our day to make it more productive. Because we are pur own boss here so we will have to instruct our-self for getting more output.

11. A life changing platform

Blogging have turned thousands of lives and still doing it.

People who have dedicated themselves into blogging are making great fortune now.

It's your turn now to do something big and prove that you are no more less than anyone.

Final Words.

Finally I would like to say that blogging can give you many freedoms if you are serious about it and want to take it to very big level. Never ever think that this is a quick-rich scheme because if you will think like this then you cannot make money with it.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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31 thoughts on “11 Incredible Reasons to Start a Blog Today”

  1. Whoa Kulwant,
    Great post. Or Should I say a Killer one?
    I totally agree with all those posts and Yeah! Freedom. It was something new to me on my life after started Blogging.
    Working in Pajamas? I love it. It’s always Home Sweet Home. Right? It gives you the ability to Work on the Go. Agree?

    And just another great thing I’ve earned is that Great friends. I can’t forget some peoples like you. Never, ever.

    It really is a life changing sphere.

    Now Allow me to share it. Okay? 🙂

    • Thanks for putting hands together, Amal. Happy to hear that you are going to share this with your friends.

      • Good articles gets Read. Great articles gets Shared. 🙂
        I DO have to follow the Blogging rule. Right? Kudos!!

  2. That will surely help many to start new blogs,
    nice one, reasons where awesome.
    Thumbs up….

  3. thanks really a time to start blogging,also suggest some good niche as well to start about blog and less competition

    • Thanks for the suggestion Vijay. You can read this article https://www.bloggingcage.com/most-profitable-niche/

    • Hi Vijay,
      About finding a Niche. I suggest you Do what You Love. That’s when hard work meets success. Know what you are expert in and push that field on your blog.
      Hope I helped. Good luck 🙂

  4. Gr8 Article
    All the points mentioned are very true
    Personally this is awesome “We work in Pajama”

    • Sahil, I think you are also one of them. 🙂 I am completely loving this great freedom.

  5. Blogging obviously improves your writing skill,you learn a lot even if you don’t earn anything….and i don’t wear Pajamas while writing :P.

  6. Thanks
    Today by taking inspiration from you will be started with adsense as niche on

  7. Awesome Post sir
    its really encouraging for newbiee
    You are right we can work in any outfit, we learn many things like CSS, XML, PHP.
    Blogging improves our writing skills And due to wordpress we learn to take risks. For visitor its just a blog. but a blogger has to take lot of efforts like SEO, Security, Contents, keyword research, themes, plugin, blog loading speed etc..etc..etc

    once again thanks a lot for the post … 🙂

  8. Blogging gives us really freedom of work.
    I like your point that is skill x time = money..
    Blogging gives us opportunity to become a entrepreneur..

  9. Hey Kulwant,
    Thank God the guest blogging contest is finished I was waiting when you will come up with your post. Really a long gap, you were coming with interview series but this is first article after the break. I think you are busy with the calculations of the results. Can we get any sneak peak of the contest like how many participants, how many overall comments in total, etc. before we actually get the results.

    Regarding your article on why one should blog I agree with every point, we need financial freedom, we need to relieve our stress. I loved the point we can work in pyjamas its true that it gives us the freedom to choose our own time. Thanks for the article Kulwant…

    • Thanks for showing such a great love for blogging cage and my articles.

      We got 40+ entries in the contest and around 1500+ comments I think.

      Thanks again for being my loving reader.

  10. many valid reasons are explained very clearly in this article to start your own blog. Surely, the social circle and the writing skills are what are going to be far good if we do blogging regularly. And if many of the readers found our articles worth reading, the earnings might be just great also!

  11. That was a killer post.Seriously we bloggers get a lot of online exposure.And I loved the pajama part.Kulwant thanks for this wonder full post(Y)

  12. Hi Kulwant,
    How are you doing?
    I laughed so hard that I nearly spilled my coffee on my laptop.
    I would like to have a blog design similar to yours. I will contact you, if you don’t mind:)

  13. I really liked that point “Working in Pyjamas”, its funny but true, and about learning to take risks, its really a big deal and helps a man to achieve a lot of things and to make the right decision in the future. Nice work Kulwant.

  14. Thanks for sharing the good point and ideas. Obviously the point “We Work In Pajama” was awesome. ha ha ha … BTW Thanks once again for sharing awesome and real points.

  15. Hello kulwant,

    Well my first reason to start blogging is it can give freedom without depending on others i.e it make money. And the other reasons are also great which is really the best reason to start blogging.


    • Thanks for expressing your views with us. Keep visiting us from more awesome stuff.

  16. Here is my story with Blogging, I started my Blog that was going good but I started concentrating more on social media then on my blog and result was I had a popular page but no content on my blog. I was not able to monetize it, as Adsense doesn’t approve it. (Though I got Chitika earned 50$ in Almost one year that is not appealing). But Adsense was a life changer haven’t got approved in it just made me crazy about knowing it. I went to the depths of it and started learning about it, Policies first then I started on what are best positions, Layouts etc, After Doing all this I was ready to launch my self as I a Advertisement expert as you mentioned in Post. I got on Elance and applied for jobs, After some months I got my first one that earned me some 55$ but soon I realized that I need to learn WordPress as well so I can increase my niche. I learned it and Applied on Elance for jobs with Google Adsense and WordPress.

    Soon I got selected for one and Now I am still working on it and earning good money as I maintain ads for life time and just charge a percentage of increase that happened because of my presence there.

    Coming BACK to Blogging

    Now I decided to come back to Blogging from where I started because it is the root of everything, but I lack skills. ( Currently having difficulties on designing my WordPress site). Blogging is a winner in every way I am earning money I can support all my online and offline need my self. Thanks for this awesome post I am now a regular visitor of blogging cage though haven’t subscribed yet, Hope You Allow me to do that 😉

    • Waqar, your story is very inspiring. You proved that we can do everything if we want to.

      Blogging is a nice platform and people from various niches are making good money through this platform. Even If you are working as freelancer then this can become you portfolio or your work showcase.

      Thanks for becoming one of my valuable reader. You can download my free book and you will be automatically subscribed in my list.

      All the very best. 🙂

  17. I love bloggin’ a lot it’s so confortable and so exciting I really recommend everyone to start a blog and start makin’ money off it!
    thans for sharing this awesome post !

  18. hahahahah…. working in pajama’s wala point was kool….. funny 😛

    Thanks for sharing 😀

  19. Hahha we work in pajama truly we always work in pajama, good point is taken here

  20. I don’t really support the idea of working in pajamas. Yes, you do have full freedom but you shouldn’t over use it. It is always to get into some good clothes (work clothes) and sit at one place that is supposed to be your office. That leads to better productivity.
    And nice article Kulwant. Blogging ultimately makes us an all rounder. We get to know about a variety of fields – from technology to lifestyle, from travel to writing and above all we get to network with the best people we can ever find. Blogging is so cool.

    • But I love to work in this outfit only. 😉

      My office is in my home itself so I enjoy my blogging life at its best. 🙂

      Thanks for your two cents, Manpreet.

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