10 Types of Blog Posts That Get People Talking

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Churned your brain a lot…but seeing a blank image.

It is the most common scenario in blogosphere. It might happen one day or the other when bloggers just feel out of content ideas.

It is due to the lack of a proper content plan that makes blogger feel tired of writing posts.

A content plan – what’s that?

Nothing much, it is just all about cooking the right recipe (blog topic) with right flavors (content style) and attractive dressings (choice of social media to promote blog).

No matter what content you write which type of content you decide to write for your blog readers, quality must be the key ingredient. Simply throwing a post can add nothing to the shared knowledge. Similarly, if a post is purely derivative, then it will not gel with your audience and can cost your potential readers in the future.


Heck let us just stir a bit of your creativity to make your blog post more engaging and streamline your content development with ten amazing types of blog posts that get people talking.


Indeed this is an irony, beginning a list post with the very first tip tagged ‘LIST POST’. Well, the funniest aspect is, list post works incredibly. They are easy to read, slightly addicting and the fast way to get your content to the readers. You can make a list of top 20, 30, 50 or even more, and can churn out such posts once a week. In BuzzFeed and Digg, you will find list content more often. Since, list post works wonderfully over the social media, especially the one with catchy titles.

Posts such as  7 Reasons Why List Posts Will Always Work or 100 Tips &Tricks Professional Bloggers Use to Make Their Job Easier may not rank well in search traffic, but gives ample of boost to your digital connections.


At times, it is not possible to collect the video or audio interviews. In such circumstances, the question-answer based post works. This helps to capture the rich content and keywords for Google and other search engines. Pose a question to your reader, which will make them think. Some question post ideas include:

  • What are your thoughts on ABCD (a trending topic)?
  • How will you overcome this XYZ situation?


Quite a bread and butter type of post that bloggers loves to use repeatedly. This is the subset of the Informative posts and works as a guide for your audience in using various tools offered by you.

You might be expert in some niche, share your knowledge and experience by writing a detailed how-to post including video, screenshot and photos wherever possible. Check out this post on Copyblogger to get started with How-To posts.


Sometime you come up with a product, or if you love to knock your audience on some topics, then you must opt for the reviews. If you have a unique perspective and enjoy a personal experience with the product, then review is the good way to add your anecdotal experience on the product.


Guest post, hottest trend in the blogosphere are bringing tons of new readers. As the guest author contributes his post, he brings in his own fans and community with them as he or she advertises the guest post on your blog and in their social channels. Here are some popular brands that engorged traffic with Guest Posting – Salesforce, Evernote, Intel, Xbox, Klout etc.


A post to tickle the funny bone of your audience is a good blog post idea. Humor post is something where you let loose yourself. Telling a story in an ironic and sarcastic manner can carry the message across making your audience has a hearty laugh.


Video posts help to streamline and let your audience visualize your topic. You can create a short video or can embed a video from other sources. Find a good YouTube video that synchronizes your viewpoint, and then write a short summary on your perception about the video. Check this post to get started with video blogging.


If you are a speaker, then presentations help to ease out your explanations on topics. Why don’t you share them on your community? Collect industry based research statistics from reputable resources and make a compact list. Presentation related posts have some easy sharing platform such as SlideShare, Scribd, and Prezi. Well today, the most viral platform of presentations is Infographics that can help you to shift gears.


Sparingly use such posts, as this catchall type of post is definitely outside your typical contents. It can be on sharing about company’s charitable actions or brag about your achievements or may be raising voice against any local or governmental issue such as outsourcing vs. in-sourcing, Presidential Poll, Obamacare etc.

There are high chances of risk to ignite a fiery conversation, and you might alienate readers who oppose you. However, if used wisely you can reveal some neat truths about your interests, and might make your community receive a superfluous insight and quench the read-o-meter.


Inviting a niche expert and set up an interview to bring forward some great insights that could be of great interest to your audience. If the expert agrees for the interview, you can send them a list of questions. Your audience will appreciate hearing from a connoisseur and if the interviewee has his or her own set of followers, you can gain some extra traffic.

Note: Check Blogging Cage Interview Series here.

The perspective can be from thought leaders or you can figure out some thematic angles of your industry that you want to focus.  You can also call on the people in the industry who encountered similar issues that your audience has or does. You might underline the points on how did they cope or share solutions they have put to use.


Just 10 ideas are not going to put an end to this list. You will come across many other killer blogging ideas that make digital media swoon. Walking en route to content marketing and establishing your style simple needs two things – Creativity and your Own Voice!


Sharon Parker lives in Anchorage, Alaska and is pursuing MBA in marketing. She is a passionate blogger with a flair for writing on a variety of topics ranging from online business, telesales and branding. She believes that good customer service and online representation of a brand can contribute to rapid growth of the brand.

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10 thoughts on “10 Types of Blog Posts That Get People Talking”

  1. As you had mentioned Content Planning is very important to publish posts regularly. Normally I have 10 days posts in advance to keep up with my posts publishing interval. Whenever I get an idea I create a draft post and update it and later elaborate on it when I get time.

  2. While you are right with the post types you have listed, I have found one of the best types is one you haven’t mentioned, a controversial post! I think everyone will agree that most people love a good controversial post to get their blood flowing! 🙂

  3. As a constant reader of different blogs everyday, how-to posts and infographic usually get catch my attention first. I usually get fresh tips and ideas from how to posts and infographics are really interesting.

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Great list of post type. This list is helpful. Mostly How to and list posts get people talked and goes viral. Interview post helps you to spread a word drive traffic and get noticed by popular and influential bloggers. Others posts are also good, but not think effective as much as listed below.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. Nice post! I fully agreed with all points above but first 3 points are more effective according to me. List posts, how tos and question and answer all are comparatively more effective.
    Well thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  6. I find list and humorous post to work perfectly well on social media. I once ran a split test that involved a list post, humorous and research posts on the same topic of which I discovered that humorous post types got a lot more shares on social media probably because whatever is being presented was done on a very lighter note compared to the more straight-forward business oriented articles.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    Good list of ideas, thanks for posting this.

    I tend to write instructional or review type posts, mosty because I’ve only recently started to get serious about my blogging and these type of posts are the ones that seem most natural to me. However I am going to give the other post types a try as I’m sure it can only help me improve as a writer.

    All the best,

  8. Hello Sharon,

    Starting blog is very easy but maintaining and updating it regularly need time and patience. The above ideas are worth listing which one should keep in mind so that they don’t go off track.

    Happy blogging. 🙂

  9. Great list of post type. This list is helpful. Mostly How to and list posts get people talked and goes viral. Interview post helps you to spread a word drive traffic and get noticed by popular and influential bloggers. Others posts are also good, but not think effective as much as listed below.
    Thank you for sharing this post

  10. Humorous posts especially on a topic that is supposed to be serious more often than not goes viral. Humorous posts have a way of presenting a serious topic on a very lighter note and this definitely gets people sharing it. I have tried it before that’s how I know that it works.

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