Top 10 FREE Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress

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Affiliate marketing have gained so much popularity in internet marketing that every third person wants to enter in affiliate marketing. People are promoting products according to their niche/interest and making good money online. If you are a newbie and don't know about Affiliate Marketing then you can read here.

So Let's talk first that what is the meaning of CLOAKING.

Cloaking is the term used when we hide any link behind other link.

Like I have made a link

where the original link behind this link is (My affiliate link).

So when any user will open the above link then my affiliate link will be opened.

What is the need of Link Cloaking Plugins?

Link Cloaking Plugins are very much important for internet marketing because with these plugins you can make affiliate links which will be easy to remember. When any person will ask me about my Aweber affiliate link I will just give him 

which is too much easy to remember as compared to my original link.

So these plugin will always help you to make the links which are very easy to remember.

Lets see 10 Link Cloaking Plugins

Hidden Affiliate Links

This plugin allows you to hide your affiliate links or any other links you want to post on your blog. It can also automatically replace keywords with links. This plugin can function as a link redirector and/or a keyword linker.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

Affiliate link cloaking can hide affiliate links from visitors so that you don't worry about visitors remove your affiliate id and visit product website directly. It also can be used as link shrink plugin. It can shrink link and make it to be short url/short link. When visitors click shrinked link, it will redirect to your original link.

Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress

This is a plugin for WordPress that can automatically cloak outgoing links in your posts and/or pages.

Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link enables you to shorten links using your own domain name (as opposed to using,, or any other link shrinking service)! In addition to creating clean links, Pretty Link tracks each hit on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, OS and host.

Pretty Link is a killer plugin for people who want to clean up their affiliate links, track clicks from emails, their links on Twitter to come from their own domain, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs. Note: I am using this plugin on my blog for link cloaking.

WP Link Cloaker

FREE Affiliate Link Mask WordPress Plugin WP Link Cloaker enables you to redirect your affiliate links so that the user won’t see they are affiliate links. You can easily cloak as many links as you want simply setting them in the admin panel, without needing to code anything.

Simple URLs

Simple URLs is a complete URL management system that allows you create, manage, and track outbound links from your site by using custom post types and 301 redirects. It adds a new custom post type to your Admin menu, where you can create, edit, delete, and manage URLs. It stores click counts in the form of a custom field on that custom post type, so it scales really well.

Affiliate Link Cloaker

This plugin generates geo targetted cloaked affiliate links. These links can be placed into content manually or if a keyword/phrase is specified, links will be added into content automatically.

WP Shorties

Professional url shortener for affiliate link cloaking and click tracking. This plugin have many awesome features like Tiny URLs count, Cloaked URLs sell, Redirect clicks professionally, Multi directional distribution etc.

Easy Affiliate

This plug-in is the fastest, simplest, and easiest way to turn your product review blogs into a source of income -without the hassle and frustration of an affiliate back-office. Use it on your WordPress blog or website. The plug-in automatically turns all of your links into affiliate links to make you cash from over 3000 affiliate partners.

123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool

The 123LinkIt plugin streamlines the affiliate marketing process by transforming brand names and product keywords into affiliate links. Just install the plugin, sync your posts and we’ll automatically add relevant, money-making affiliate links to your blog.

Final Words !!

These were 10 FREE Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins which you can use to hide your affiliate links. Choose anyone which is easy to use for you. Share your views in comment section.

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 FREE Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress”

  1. Thats a hell a lot of plugins for affiliate cloaking….Thanks a lot for this awesome list.

    I prefer the premium one Maxpress affiliate ninja.

    • MBP Ninja Affiliate is awesome plugin with many features. Good to see you here again.

    • Hi Dear Kulwant,
      It’s Really Best Affiliate Cloaking Plugins Link. It Will Very Helpful for Us. Thank you So Much for Sharing with us.

  2. i tried Affiliate Link Cloaking plugin, but everytime getting errors or not redirecting well. Pretty Link Works very well. anyway thanks for sharing this awesome collections. ( saved some money 🙂 )

  3. These cloaking plugins that you have mentioned are a boon for the bloggers who are trying to earn some money from affiliate marketing.

    • Yes Kundan. Having cloaking plugin for a blog have become one of the must have thing.

  4. I’m using pretty link lite and its pretty good can make my own affiliate link through my blog domain,Thanks kulwant Nagi for sharing this plugins..

  5. I will prefer affiliate link cloaking because we don’t need to worry about visitors who removes our affiliate id and later on directly visit product page.

  6. Man, I’m in love with this list. I have been searching for a type of plugin like this to make my aff links more fancier and better. Thanks

  7. Thank you so much, I will definitely try these plugins. I just want to know which one suits my blog better.

  8. Kulwant, I just came to know about cloaking though I’ve seen the links at several blogs and I’m really happy that I’ve learned something new today.

    Thanks for share.

  9. Hi Kulwant,

    Thanks for another awesome post.

    Though most of the bloggers would consider AdSense as a prime source of income, a large portion of professional bloggers have been using affiliate marketing. If done properly, affiliate marketing can do wonders of wonders. We have heard that top bloggers having affiliate earnings double or triple than their AdSense. What about you Kulwant, what is your prime source of monetization?

    I have been using WP link cloacker, wasn’t satisfied with it. I was looking for a few alternatives, which I didn’t found worthy enough alternative for it. I didn’t knew there were heck loads of alternative to choose from.

    Thanks again,

    • Sourav, when I started blogging, AdSense was the prime target for me.. but as I spent few months, I got to know the truth.

      Now affiliate marketing is my prime source of income and I am really loving it. 🙂

      From all these, I would suggest to go for Pretty Link Lite plugin..

  10. Hey Kulwant,

    As a blogger I wants to try hands in Affiliate marketing. I was in confusion that people will buy from links after seeing affiliate id or not but after reading this that I am confident. Thanks…

  11. These plugins are really compulsory for all who are doing affiliate marketing. It decreases the 100 characters affiliate link in few characters. I heard about these plugins a few months ago, now, I came to know a lot about these plugins. If in future, I chose doing Affiliate Marketing, I’ll be surely using these.

    Sameer Choubey

  12. Thanks Kulwant, I was looking for the best affiliate link Cloaking plugin for my site, but got confused between some of them. Now decided to go with “Affiliate Link Cloaking” one.

  13. Hi Kulwant

    Using Affiliate Link Clocking plugins is a great idea to make Affiliate URLs user friendly & identifiable But it is more important to hide them from search engines as they negatively impact your SEO. I always do this from robot.txt. Do you also use any technique to hide those links?

  14. Dear Kulwant your blog is really awesome and have great knowledge. I am totally new in the filed of Blogging and I am running an Entertainment Blog with my friend and I wanna ask. May I use Affiliate links on Entertainment Blog?

      • Thanks for Helpful Information. I will Use it Affiliate Links in my Own Blog.
        But there are can be any Copyright Issue? I Need to Confirm it, Because I Want my Blog 100% Harm Free!

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