WP-Optimize: A Plugin to Make Your WordPress Blog Clean

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Having a clean and fast loading blog is must have one thing to enjoy perfect blogging. Loading time is such a big impact in blogging that this can not only make your readers happy but Google also love fast loading blogs. A blog which give great experience to end-user is the winner in every aspects.


There are too many things to care about when you run a WordPress blog.

Few days back I shared about a plugin to check broken links. The plugin I mentioned in that post is must have plugin for every blog because broken links create too many issue in your blog.

Do you know that everytime when you edit any post 5-6 times before publishing, WordPress makes a revision table for our posts. In simple words when you edit any posts then WordPress keep saving that post in its database.

Let’s take an example

If you have any post which is of 700 words and total size of 10kb. You edited that post 10 times before publishing. Everytime when you will save this post in draft, WordPress will save its copy in its database.

So 10kb x 10 = 100kb.

Now you have around 100kb data in your database which is of no use.

Here I am going to share a great plugin called WP-Optimize which will help you to solve your issue.

Here are the steps to use this plugin.

1. Install and activate the plugin.

2. Now you will see an option called WP-Optimize at left side of your dashboard panel.

3. Open it and see how many revision you have. Below is the screenshot of my blog.


Note: Take proper care while selecting the options because it can delete all your Unapproved comments.

5. Check options Remove all Post revisions and Optimize database tables.

6. Click Process.

Once the processing will be done, go to the end of the page.

You will see like this.


This shows how many data I have saved after optimizing my database.

Benefits of this plugin

  • WP-Optimize reports which database tables have overhead and wasted spaces also it allows you to shrink and get rid of those wasted spaces
  • This can remove all SPAM comments in just single click.
  • You can easily delete posts revisions.
  • Remove all draft posts with single click (do only if there is not any important post in draft).
  • Apply mysql optimize commands on your database tables without phpMyAdmin.

Install this great plugin on your blog and make it load faster as you are having less load on your database now. Make your blog clean by deleting all revisions and optimizing the database.

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  1. Sandeep Kumar says

    Hi Kulwant…
    Its a great pick….
    Hosting companies provide limited space for databases and filling your database with unwanted copies of article can force you to buy additional database space but this plugin really hekps non-techie guys to cleanup database.

  2. says

    Great Tip kulwant,I use WP Optimize in all my blogs and I recommend other bloggers to optimize the database once or twice a month.

  3. says

    That’s great but I’m worry about DB security. Is this plugin safe to remove data from DB? I mean is it compatible with all major plugins like WP SEO, jetpack etc.?

      • says

        Hi Kulwant,

        Thanks for your reply, I was worried about DB security. After your information I can now try it without any hesitation. I’ll post my experience with this plugin later in this post.

        Dipra Sen

  4. Akos Fintor says

    Hey Kulwant,

    The biggest help this plugin is giving me is getting rid of spam comments.


  5. says

    Awesome Plugin, I was searching for this Kind of plugin to Clean My Spam comments automatically and optimize database tables.
    Thanks a Lot for sharing and reviewing this Unique WP Plugin!!

  6. Kim Meredith Smith says

    Glad to see this post regarding WordPress, I would like to make my WordPress website free from errors. This is one of the best techniques to look WordPress cleaner.

  7. Salman Ahmad says

    Seriously, i didn’t know about this plugin. Gonna use this on my Blog.
    Thanks for sharing bro

  8. Sneha Malik says

    I have used this plug in with great success on multiple sites…until this week. I installed this in one of my clients sites this week and it deleted the entire site…along with two others that I didn’t work one.

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