Why Nofollow Backlinks Are Necessary For Your Blog?

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Nofollow vs Dofollow is a big confusion among newbie bloggers. For them nofollow backlinks don’t have as much importance as compared to dofollow backlinks. This is the reason, they keep looking for the blogs which can give them dofollow backlinks.nofollow-backlinks

But this is also a reality that when you comment on a post which is giving you dofollow backlinks then there might be huge comments already on that post. When Google pass link juice to any blog then they check out-bound links on that post and then according to the number of total comment PR is passed to your link.

Let me give you one simple example –

Suppose any blog have PR 8 on any of its post and you dropped your comment there. If there is total 8 comments on that posts then Google will pass PR 8 / 8 Comments means PR1 to all url who commented there.

And if the situation is PR 8 / 4 Comments then Google will pass PR2 to all urls who commented there.

In simple words Google divide PageRank to all the people who commented on that post. Here I took the example of PR 8 with 8 or 4 comments only, but the real scenario is totally different.

So if 100 people are commenting on any PR 5 post then Google will give you only 5/100 value of that PageRank.

So when next time you comment on any post then count all the comments first and then decide what you should do,

So what is importance of nofollow backlinks?

You might have heard many times that Google keep suggesting content relevancy.

What is Content Relevancy?

This is a concept which Google use to distinguish quality of backlinks. According to Google, you must make backlinks from relevant websites only.

Example – 

If you have a health blog and you are making backlinks from tech or blogging niche blogs than this is totally wrong. When Google spiders will crawl your link then they will keep content relevancy in their mind, and if the backlinks are not from relevant sites then they are not going to give you more priority in search engine ranking.

So if you are in tech niche then try to make backlinks from tech blogs and if you are in health niche then try to make backlinks from health blogs.

How nofollow helps here?

Here comes the importance of nofollow backlinks which you were thinking is a waste of time, because they don’t help in getting pagerank for your blog.

When you are commenting on other blogs then most of the times you will get nofollow backlinks, so sometime you think that I should not comment because this is a nofollow backlink.

But by avoiding this activity you are avoiding link popularity.

Now what is link popularity here?

Link popularity is the term used for explaining mutual link between two objects. Means how two websites are connected with each other with links.

Nofollow backlinks help you to make your link popularity strong by giving you relevant backlinks.

So if you are not making backlinks just because sites are giving you nofollow backlinks then start making backlinks from relevant sites and soon you will see great improvement in your blog.

Final Words.

If you have any question then I am here to answer all your questions here. let’s have talk in comment section. I would love to hear you if this article helped you in learning something new in SEO.

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  1. Narender Chopra says

    Surely nofollow links have their own benefits. Recently I was searching my name in Google and I was amazed to see that some blog articles were popping up where I have commented. That thing encouraged me to start blog commenting again. From our side we can assure that we have made the link nofollow but its all about search engine to follow it or not.

  2. Sarah Harper says

    That was an awesome read. Thanks Kulwant. Now a days after many Google panda/ penguin updates, we’ve to diversify our backlinks to look more natural according to Search Engine algo. I’ve also read somewhere else that even ONLY dofollow links can affect your site serps. In my opinion relevancy and mixup of links can boost your serp better than any other technique.

    • says

      Sarah, Even I was in confusion about these backlinks 4-5 months back. But as I moved forward I came to know about them and shared this article with my readers.

      Thanks for becoming one of my loving readers.

  3. says

    Hello Kulwant,
    Yes, this is really very important for us to know. Quite Informative I must say. Also the information given on link popularity is informative at the same time. Thanks for the share!!

    • says

      ha ha. Yes Amal, they are the door for traffic.

      You will have to become very selective and informative while dropping comments on other blogs to get more traffic.

  4. says

    hello Kulwant bro,

    This nice post. I got some valuable information in this post. But can you tell me again about this point, ‘Let me give you one simple example’ I am Little bit confuse.

  5. Sandeep Kumar says

    Hi Kulwant….
    Great explanation about Nofollow backlinks.
    Most of the blogger don’t understand the concept of dofollow and nofollow and their importance.
    You have cover this topic in detail in your article.

    I want to add just one bit here

    If a blog page is having a PR 5 and if it is having 5 dofollow blog then link juice passed to each link will not exactly the
    PR5/5 = PR1

    because there is some Juice loss also exist

    so effectively each link will get around 80 – 85% of actual link juice

    So effectively each link will get (PR5/5) * (X) where ‘X’ could be somewhere around 0.8 to 0.85

  6. says

    I have a question, Kulwant.
    Mine, as you know, is a multi niche` blog. If I want to make relevant backlinks, do I have to link my comment here to one of my blogging related posts? And a comment on tech blog to an article related to technology?
    I’ll look forward to a reply from you.

  7. says

    Very much agreed Kulwant. Nofollow links are equally important as are do follow links. You have listed the advanatages above and one simple and crucial advantage is that when you have a good mix of No Follow and Do Follow links to your blog, it seems very natural and you can avoid unnatural link penalties.

    Nicely explained. :)

    • says

      This was one of the question which was getting asked in too much forums and people from Facebook were asking me same question. Hope most of the newbies will be happy after reading this article.

  8. says

    Recently I got PR3 for my new blog but I never focused on building a backlinks or guest article and recently I found that nofollow links to my blog from my niche blogs are the reason for getting that PR.

  9. says

    I m not satisfied with your example 1. PR is not divided. Each person who comments gets 10% of PR. So, if a person who commented on the page with 5 comments would get 0.8 PR and with 10 comments too will get 0.8 PR until the whole PR of the site is destroyed.

  10. says

    Totally agreed with you, too many dofollow links are dangerous and nofollow links are not really NO FOLLOW in the eye of google, they also count them as the backlink which you can check on webmaster tools.

  11. Shivam says

    Do-follow and No-follow is a bit confusing topic and till now I tend to neglect the importance of the latter, so thanks for the post…!!

  12. MNB Achari says

    The theory on the importance of backlinks is quite good, Kulwant. Is that true that Google shares the page rank of a particular page among all the backlinks that go from that page? Even if I commnet on page with good page rank and there are are only 3 comments, there may be a flood of comments before the Page Rank update. Any way, having backlinks whethere nofollow or dofollow, is really important. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  13. Suumit Shah says

    Hey Kulwant,
    If the attribute of link is nofollow that means Google Crawler will not consider it, then how the nofollow are taken into considerations?

  14. says

    Hello Friend

    its very interesting post and yes you are right no follow link are increase your website traffic and do follow links are increase your website rank and both are very important, and thanks for sharing me

  15. vicky says


    I had always thought the same thing that commenting on nofollow links are waste. Its really enlightening to know that nofollow links give s link popularity and help in increasing the blog position. Do u think I should comment on nofollow and dofollow equally or give importance to which one?

      • says

        Hey Kulwant, seems those tips for about to be pro bloggers, but for me commenting on a blog means making them friend and have good blogging network. But thanks a lot for descriptive analysis of Do and No follow link. It was like a Professor’s Note. regards

  16. says

    For a commenter like me nofollow is not valueless but nofollow links in post content does not help blog owner. A nofollow attribute to a link do not save your PR from being leaked, it just evaporated i.e. that part of PR vanished from your site and there’s a big question, why are you giving nofollow to links? Because these sites are not authority site. So, why are you linking to non-authority sites? Google will hit you if you link to thousands of sites with nofollow attributes. I always give dofollow links from my blog post.

  17. Rajesh says

    While linking or commenting on other blogs, never care whether the blog is dofollow or nofollow. Dofollow is, no doubt, much more helpful. But, no-follow is useful in attracting new hits from other blogs and also increasing visibility!
    Thanks for the nice article.

  18. Gaurav Chopra says

    Thank you so much for your information. It’s concise and comprehensible enough to be understood by those who are beginners with SEO. You made it simple to identify dofollow and nofollow sites which is really useful to choose which sites people should focus on to gain back links.

  19. Deny says

    oh i see. before reading this post i always prefer do follow post. but this post shows tht no follow is also important for our website for boosting traffic

  20. Sudipto says

    Hey Kulwant,
    Nice post with great information. Thanks for telling the difference between Dofollow or Nofollow because till now I am really confused with these two terms but after reading this post, finally I got the idea of both of them. Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. says

    What if I have dofollow link in the footer of my blog is it good for search engine ranking or should I prefer no follow link in the footer?

  22. says

    If you write a guest post for a PR8 site and the post ends up having 8 comments. 4 of these comments come from other people while the rest 4 are your reply to those comments. What PR would Google give to you if it has to share the link juice?

    • says

      You created tough scenario for me. :)

      As we know Google give more link juice having dofollow link in that post, so obviously the person who did guest posting will get more benefit.
      How much he will get, that I cannot quote.

  23. says

    Hey…!! its very interesting. Thanks for differentiate the terms do-follow and no-follow. You differentiate these terms in a precise manner and these are easy to understand. Thanks for sharing such a nice post…!!!

  24. Christopher J says

    The example is really nice and makes the concept easier to understand.. :) Do you know any tools to check Page Rank of internal pages of the blog?

  25. Anuj Sawhney says

    I am commenting on your blog. How would i get to know if it is dofollow or nofollow ? How to make a comment nofollow ?

  26. yogesh says

    Hello Kulwant, its a really a nice and informative post.I read a lot about No follow backlinks but unable to understand properly this post help me a lot.Between i want to know that if i create a backlink from a website whose alexa rank is more than is there any negative effect in my website optimisation ??

  27. says

    Firstly i would like to say that it is very nice article and informational too for new bloggers like me. You have a better way to write article and anyone can easily understand and gain knowledge from the article . Thanks :)

  28. says

    Hey..i just read your post of difference between nofollow and dofollow and was excited to read about nofollow backlinks and found this very interesting and valuable for me. I can say your articles are very good for New bloggers like me . :)

  29. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Nofollow’s are good but just only to make diversity in your backlinks and keep them in balance, Else there is no benefit from google, i.e Keyword ranking or page rankings. Only it increases domain authority and that is not a google metric. I’ve experimented several times on it, and I’m 100% sure it is not effective.


  30. says

    Will nofollow backlink help to increase page rank..

    Please help me ..

    I have read somewhere that only dofollow link help

  31. says

    Thanks for making us understand the importance of nofollow link. Is it possible to let me know how google know what kind of website is ours like classified, e-commerce etc? We are not mentioning it in google webmaster right? Can you pls clarify?


  32. Karan says

    All the backlinks to my blog are “nofollow” till date. So is this a thing to worry about? Is this bad for my blog ?
    Plz I need someone to ans this question of mine.

  33. says

    I too believe Kulwant that Nofollow links do have great importance and it plays a significant role in search engine optimization and blogging process. Nofollow links has the power to provide us referral traffic through blog comments and through various social sites as well such as facebook and twitter and thus it can increase our brand awareness. This certainly would increase our search engine rankings as well as search engines too notice that from how many unique domains and from how many social sites that you are getting referral traffic. Social signals too important now.

    • says

      Ovais, Nofollow links have its own importance.

      Most of the newbies don’t comment on various blog because few pro blogger have told that that a nofollow link doesn’t have that much value. So they always forget to add value in other blogs by adding their comments.

      Comments are one of the best ways to get more audience for any blog, which can be achieved easily by dropping valuable comments on good blogs.

      So indirectly nofollow links are going to help you in a big way.

  34. says

    Thanx bro, for giving info about nofollow backlinks. Before reading this article I only look at dofollow. I want to rank my blog which is new. But don’t know how to add multiple keyword to post which should be long tail. If u can help me. Thanx again :)

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