Why I Decided to use CommentLuv Premium and you should too

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There are 22,153 plugins in WordPress repository and the numbers still growing. WordPress plugins have made blogging so easy that you can find plugin for each and every task very easily. Either your want to add social media icon, a slider, SEO, link cloaker,  security or any other specific plugin, WordPress is having plugins of all needs.


In these 22,153 plugins one is Commentluv which you can use at FREE of cost and I was using the same on my blog before I bought CommentLuv Premium. There are various paid plugins out there but you will see CommentLuv Premium installed on various big blogs. As the name implies this plugin really spread the love in comments and you can get more benefit from your comments.

Few days back when I saw this plugin, I was very much amazed that how a small plugin can have such wonderful features. I started reading the reviews about this plugin and everyone was saying same thing after using this plugin.

And it was “wowwwwwwwwwwwww”.

Suddenly I decided to buy this plugin and started using on my blogs.

These were some of the reasons why I bought this.

1. This give reward to each commentor

Every person who will comment on your blog will be rewarded with 1 or 2 dofollow links (depends on what setting you do). So the parson who is commenting on your blog can promote any of his/her latest 10 posts on your blog in comment section.

2. You will get more likes on Article

There is one setting in the plugin where you can select what are the tasks a new visitor will have to select if he/she wants to promote one of his/her latest 10 article. You can instruct them to like, tweet or G+ to show 10 article.

This feature will help your post to go more viral. More number of people will like your post and you will get more visibility.

3. Inbuilt GASP Plugin

GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) is a very strong plugin to prevent spammer. These days many people uses some softwares to comment on various blogs and do spamming on them. This plugin will stop those spammer as every commentor will have to tick the option while commenting on your blog.

In GASP setting you can set minimum numbers of words to write comments. So people will not be able to drop low quality comments on your blog.

4. Add Twitter handle in comment

Commentors are free to add their twitter handle in their comment so that they will have more visibility.

5. Keywords in Name

One you will be a number of comments approved on particular blog (Let’s say owner have set it 5 comments) then you can add your keyword in the comment section along with your name as @Keyword.

6. Top Commentor Widget

If you are one of the top commentor at any big blog then you can get extra huge traffic. because your blog will be exposed in front of many potential visitors who wants to read about the same niche.

If you have commentluv premium installed on your blog then people will be interested to write more valuable comment at your blog so that they can come in front of many other visitors at your blog. You can see live example on my blog on sidebar.

Update 9th March, 2013 – They have added awesome feature called ReplyMe in latest Version.

These are things which attracted me to buy this plugin and I am very happy with this decision. As I am getting more comments now and my blog have been included in the list of dofollow enabled blog on various blogs which is giving me extra traffic.

Now up-to you !!

Share your thoughts and tell us which feature of this plugin attracted you and this plugin can help you at your blog.

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  1. shubhkarman jatt says

    its good plugin to engage readers to comment and also engage readers to like the post and it will ultimately increase visitors.

  2. says

    Wow..! Nice post about CommentLuv Premium, I have some experience with free version of CommentLuv but I haven’t tried this Premium Version. After reading post I got some key points about this plugin like this plugins can engage readers and motivate them to comment and ultimately this will increase visitors in blog.
    Thank you for this post.!

    • says

      Thanks Ganesh. Happy to hear from you that you likes my post. This plugin is becoming very popular and making commenting more beautiful. Soon they will be adding more features in this plugin. Hope you will also start using this plugin soon. All the best.

  3. says

    Very nicely written, I’m also big fan of this plugin, you suggested this plugin to me, and now on my blog there are more interaction, more comments, I’m happy with this plugin :)

    • says

      Yes Rajesh, I remember the day when you put one query regarding this plugin and I told you about its features. It’s a good news for all your readers that you have also started using this loving plugin on your blog. And very happy to hear that you are getting more comments now.

      Keep blogging keep rocking. (Y)

  4. Amit says

    Very interesting,
    As you have mentioned commentluv fetch last post for each users and many bloggers come and comment on blog for these links which adds traffic to our blogs. Moreover as premium version has inbuilt GASP and Twitter option which makes it best of other available plugings.

    Thanks for unfolding all aspects of premium commentluv plugin. It’s really hard to select plugins for blog and commentluv is kind of must have plugin for each blogger. I am also using commentluv free version on my blog 😉

    • says

      Happy to hear that you are also using free version of commentluv. This plugin really motivated many bloggers in terms of commenting. And features of 4 inbuilt plugins made it more powerful.

      Have a good day. :)

  5. Magic Webs says

    I’m loving this plugin. The very first feature that really did intrigued me about this plugin was the dofollow links that it gives to those who leaves their comments when they reach a certain number of approved comments. It totally gives justice to the name of the plugin. But the one that struck me the most with this plugin is the bulit-in GASP. I love the way how CommentLuv shares the love with everyone. Love is not only spread to the commentators but to the owner of the blog as well. I love this plugin!

    • says

      Thanks for adding value in article. Commentluv can give many benefits to site owner if you know how to configure it properly. :)
      Let’s say if you want high quality and long comments then you can do setting in GASP so that people dropping long comment will be able to comment on your blog.

      Further this plugin is giving more juice to webmaster and encourage them to write good comment so they can be noticed by other commentors.

  6. says

    Its nice to know more about commentluv, I have not yet installed this plugin. I read nice comment how good it is. I like the gplus button and it really helps to attract visitors to add comment.

  7. Gaurang Joshi says

    Well, there’s no doubt comment luv is the best plugin available till date for commenting.
    Apart from attractive looks, it offers too much flexibility to the users which compels them to make a comment on an article. Especially the keyword feature and the availability of twitter handle are the most attractive features of comment luv.

  8. says

    I really like the commentluv premium plugin. Will buy it soon whenever have budget. Its very important in getting more comments, social media likes and especially traffic.

  9. nabeel says

    wow ! your post was really great
    I was in a condition that as a kid about comment love
    now I got basic ideas and basic knowledge about it
    thanks kulwant :)
    keep udated like this :)
    and please can you tell me where I can get commentluv for free ??
    I want premium…

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