Why Google Penalized My Blog?


I have spent one awesome year in blogging and in this duration I have explored many things.

Blogging is all about doing experiments and seeing the results. Sometimes these experiments give us positive results and sometime negative too. But we should not quit the process after seeing defeats, because nothing in this world comes in ideal conditions.

Getting defeats are also a part of success.

Every bloggers have almost same story, that we all entered in blogging with almost zero knowledge of SEO, writing, networking and many other blogging things. But good thing is we learned the things by following the process and results are in front of us.


This is the story if my starting days of blogging but I thought its worth to share.

So stay with me to learn something which can help you to take care in your blogging career.

You must be one of the blogger who keep reading other blogs to learn the things and implement strategies. This stage comes in life of every blogger when he/she start looking on other blogs and read what other people are doing.

So during the starting days of blogging one lady (she is from California) asked me, “are you making backlinks for your blog?”

For me this was a new term and I was like whaaaaatttttt??

Then I started searching on Google (A good friends of mine, and your too ;)) about backlinks building strategies. And found one thing very common and that was “Commenting on other blogs“.

I started commenting here and there and started building backlinks.

Then one day I stumbled across Fiverr

I saw that people were selling gigs to make huge backlinks.

And What?

I bought 2 gigs building 1000+ backlinks (biggest mistake in my blogging career).

At that time I didn’t knew the quality of comments so I just concentrated on QUANTITY.

Those backlinks were so worse that after 20-25 days I started seeing big drop in my traffic. The worst thing was I could not do anything with that backlinks.

So at the end they made huge negative impact on my blog.

Then I came to know about EDU Backlinks

One statement on a blog attracted me to make edu backlinks, and that was

1 EDU backlink – 100 .com backlinks

Who the hell in this world would not like to make the backlinks which is worth 100 simple backlinks?

Then the next mission was to make EDU backlinks so I started looking on the forums and other websites to make backlinks.

I commented on edu articles where 2000+ comments were always there.

This was again the biggest mistake and no one was there to correct me. I was putting my efforts to make edu backlinks and they are were so much low quality (most of them were spammy) that my blog again got affected by Panda/Penguin updates.

These were the mistakes I did in building backlinks.

Here are some other mistakes I did.

I approved many automated comments on my blog (I wanted more comments on my posts) that those all were spammy.

Now question comes how to know that comments are spammy?

ReadA Huge List Of Spam Comments which Looks Genuine

Final Words !!

I shared my story with you so that you can avoid these wrong methods to save your blog. Here are some key points –

  • Never make too much backlinks.
  • If you are building edu backlinks then see the quality first.
  • Don’t use Fiverr for huge backlinks
  • Check the comments on your blog carefully and then approve them.

Now your Turn !!

Share your thoughts with me and tell me how this post is going to help you.

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  1. says

    Impressive post, very good guideline for fresher or blogger, who don’t know regarding back-links and Google panda algorithmic.

    • says

      Ansh, link building is never bad. Because this is the one of the best and easiest method to make backlinks.
      As I mentioned in the article that I bought 1000+ comments which were made instantly so they made negative impact.

      And I said in the article “Huge Comments” not “Simple Comments”.

      Comments in good frequency will always help you to get quality backlinks.

      Hope you got the point now.
      Kulwant Nagi recently posted..Why Google Penalized My Blog?My Profile

  2. says

    Kulwant as you said in the article that doing things massively can easily be traced so we need to be very careful when building backlinks and commenting. I hope that soon your blog will back on track.
    Zafar iqbal recently posted..Valentine Day QuotesMy Profile

  3. says

    Thanks bro really, this post saved me. Last year i built over 100 backlinks for my site yet my rank fell tremendously, and now i really know WHY!!! Generating quality content seems to be the most powerful weapon in our blogging career, WOW, thanks really ;)
    Warren recently posted..Happy Chinese New Year 2013My Profile

  4. says

    Thank You! for sharing your mistakes as we learned from experienced bloggers (like you). Most of the Fiverr gigs are for building backlinks 1000’s of backlinks and I know they all are spams take use SEO agencies to build backlinks for your site as they make safe backlinks (creating content anchor text backlinks) and the price is also high as compared to Fiverr $5.

    Virendar Warwal recently posted..How to Make Money Blogging?My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Virendar. Yeah, we learn from our own mistakes.. Fiverr is a great place to get things at very cheap price, but you must be aware about the quality of gigs which you are buying.

      One wrong gig can harm your blog badly, so be very selective while ordering any gig.

      Hope you will take care this in future.

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