Why Am I Not Approving Your Comments?

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It can be frustrating when nobody comments on your post after you have spent a lot of time in creating content for a website. Actually sometimes it becomes harassing but the situation becomes worst than having no comments at all when you start receiving boats load of spam comments.

Comments on any Blog usually make much difference to the popularity of the Blog without any extra effort. The comments are usually post for a Blog when people like it and they express their feelings through their comments. Comments in other sense work as feedback to the Blog which encourages the writer to write more and excellent blogs for the readers.

Usually these comments on some Blog have to wait for some time for their approval by the webmaster or administrators of the website before putting the comment for public. Though these comments take some time to be approved but sometimes your comments do not appear on the site even after some days. Such comments are not approved by the administrator to show up on the Blog or article for public reference.


Why Am Not Approving Your Comments is a secret which can be answered through the tips given hereunder in this article. Some of the blogs have their comment policy, so you should go through that policy before commenting on any such Blog. This type of comment policies restrains the commenters from commenting unnecessarily on their blogs.

Here are some of the reasons that tells why am not approving your comments

  • Some comments are spam and they are disapproved due to this reason. Most of the spam comments are not clear to express their views about the Blog and beat about here and there as if they are not clear in themselves. You should avoid such commenting.
  • Some comments are rejected because keyword is used instead of name in the ‘name’ field of the comment box. Write name of the Blog in proper place to get your comment approved. Misinterpretation of name of Blog will lead to rejection only.
  • Inappropriate comments or worthless comments are also not approved by the administrator. You should write something relevant about the content of the Blog.
  • Comments with typos, grammatical or spelling mistakes are normally rejected by the webmaster. Such comments lead to much confusion that compels the administrator to delete them. Re-check your comments before posting them.
  • Commenting in other language than English will automatically be disapproved by the administrator as he will not be able to read it. You should comment in English only to get appropriate decision on its approval.
  • Do not sell any product or link too harder so that it may get deleted by the webmaster.
  • Avoid commenting on old blogs as people usually like to read comments on current blogs. So such comments are usually deleted by the administrator. As per comment policy, comments on blogs restraining for more than 14 days are not allowed to be registered.
  • Abandoned blogs or absence of administrator from some particular website can also be the reason of non-approval of the comment which means that the comments has not be processed instead of getting unapproved. You can consider your comment deleted if you remember the date of your comment and any comment of the later date appears on the Blog.
  • There can be problem with the URL on which you have submitted your comment. The URL can be spam. So be careful in this respect in future while commenting on a Blog. Commenting on URLs related to Adult websites should be avoided as such URLs are not approved by any administrator.
  • Administrator may not like your comments. The whole matter of approval of comments depends on the mood of the administrator. Usually comments with negative remarks on the Blog are deleted by the administrators. No one can help you in such conditions. Please avoid giving annoying comments.
  • Comments to a Blog based on racial discrimination are always deleted by the administrator of the site as they create several serious contradictions in the society.
  • Comment on Blog should not be insulting any one related or unrelated to that Blog.
  • The commenter should not make personal attack through his comments as it will be treated as insulting him by the administrator of the website.
  • The comments to be approved must be related to the topic and content of the Blog. Do not go stray while commenting on a reasonable Blog.
  • Negative comments about an advertiser are also rejected by the administrator as advertising is a matter of persuasion and no one is compelled to accept that.
  • Never try to use bad language in comments as it shows that you are lacking the vocabulary.
  • Comments should be practical and functional to get approval of the webmaster. Impractical comments have no influence anywhere.
  • Blogs having commenting policy should be avoided if you are not registered with them otherwise your comments will not get approval
  • Comments from the commenters who have misused the commenting rights in the past or unintentionally assumed spammers are not supposed to get approval on their fresh comments
  • The commenters attacking other commenters or Blogger’s family, calling names to blogger, or buzzing about his comment policy usually do not get approval on their comments

So, you should consider all the points stated above before writing a comment on a Blog. Sometimes your comments can still remain unapproved even after being upto the mark and inspirational and intelligently submitted. Such situations had occurred many times earlier but do not let your mood go off to spoil your whole day. You should take it fore granted that all the administrators may not approve to your style of thinking and appreciate your comments. You should take the matter of why am not approving your comments lightly and search for some other blogs to comment on if you are so ken to comment on them.

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  1. Nishant Srivastava says

    I think We should stop using askimet in our blogs, we should find some other reasons to stop the spams, because I have seen many times askimet spam many genuine comments which are not spammy.

    • says

      Nishant Akismet is a kind of filter which counts the frequency of commenting also. If you are commenting too frequently on various blogs then your comments will go in spam.

      So you need to take care before too much commenting.

  2. says

    Akismet is the best tool to prevent spam comments but make sure that you gave the valuable comments and continuous comments also lead to spam box

  3. Gaurang Joshi says

    Yeah its true. These days most the comments made in any post are spams.
    And if its genuine then people tends to use there keyword in the name which is not a good strategy at all.

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