Why a New Blogger Shouldn’t Start with Multi Niche Blog?

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Blogging is getting popular day by day. Millions of people start blogging daily but they quit the same after sometimes.

There are so many reasons for this but bad selection of topics is also a major cause as well.

I don’t want to confuse readers with the word “Niche” here so let me clarify its meaning. Actually blogging Topics is generally termed as “Niche” in blogging. There is an important question asked by newbie bloggers – “Should I start blogging with multi-niche blog or not?”

If you also have the same question then this post is your answer.


For example-The niche of SEOMOZ is search engine Optimization, the niche of Mybloggertricks is Blogging, the niche of ShoutMeLoud is small business and internet marketing etc. People always find it difficult to choose subjects before starting their blog. Normally they think that they will write about everything in their blog.

When I asked a simple question “What would be the field of your blog?” to new young bloggers.

I received so many similar answers -“I am an allrounder so I can write on so many topics like Making

Money, Blogging, Fashion, Photography, Travel, Health etc. My Blog will contain all these topics. People will find it quite useful because they will get so many things at one place and I will also get plenty of topics”.

If you are a new blogger and your thinking is also same then wait.This approach is completely wrong.If you are doing this then there is maximum possibility of your failure.

Why a new blogger should not start Blogging with Multi-Niche Blog?

First of all answer my simple question-What blogging means to you? Do you write just for fun or for making money from it? If you only write for fun then there is no need to worry about anything like traffic and SEO.

Just Go for it.However if you are really serious and want to get traffic and money then you should not start blogging with multi-niche blog. Now a days,everyone appreciates the specialists not the allrounders. The following points proves this fact.

Can’t Create Readership

It is quite natural as well.Just assume that you visited a blog which write about Blogging. You loved such contents and subscribed to it as well. Next time when you returned there, you found articles on cars, fashion, health etc.

What will you do?

You would love to unsubscribe from it (I guess).

That’s probably the reason why I always support specialist rather than allrounders. From a reader’s perspective, I would love to subscribe to blog which writes articles of my interest. If I like articles on blogging then I will love to visit a blog which delicately talk about it rather than visiting the one which creates confusion by posting contents from so many fields or niche.

Gets Lower Ranking in Search Engines

The title is enough to tell, what I actually want to say. I don’t know whether you know about SEO or not but simply assume a common scenario. Lets consider yourself as a search Engine like Google and Yahoo. Your task is to rank different website based on different topics and keywords. The topic to focus on is “blogging” and you have two options:

One is a blog which writes only about Blogging whereas the other one is an allrounder blog which writes about blogging and other subjects like photography, Technology, Photo, Games, Product review etc then what will you do? I think you will give much more preference to the blog which writes only on blogging because you are focusing on “blogging” subject.

Same is the case with Google as well. Google team is bringing new algorithms regularly just to make sure that only quality Blogs/website appears in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). So don’t go with Multi-Niche blog.

Advertisers Always Give Preference to Specialist Blog

So many people can ask-“what are you saying? Why advertisers will not contact me. They need traffic and my multi-Niche blog has enough traffic”. If you are also thinking in the same manner then wait again. Let me make it simple for you to understand it through simple example.

Lets assume that you have a company who sells android phones on internet. You have limited budget and you want to advertise your product on a blog which can give your maximum benefit.

You have two options-A multi-Niche blog which gets 60,000 page views per month and a blog on Android mobiles which gets 60,000 page views per month. I am sure that you will love to choose the later one i.e the one who writes on Android Mobile because you will get more quality traffic.

60,000 page views per month on multi-niche blog means their traffic is divided in different categories which is not the case with any blog which writes on specific topic.

So What To Do?Is there any way to write on Multiple Topics?

If you are new blogger then I will suggest you to focus on one blog only. Try to popularize it and make money from it. Once done, you can think to start another blog on different topics. Since you have made your blog popular now, it would be better for you to use your sub-domains for your new blog with different topics.

For example:

  • Tech.bloggingcage.com –  Blog on Technology
  • fashion.bloggingcage.com- Blog on Fashion
  • Health.bloggingcage.com – Blog on Health
  • Makemoney.bloggingcage.com – Blog on Making Money online etc

Your Time Now?

I think, I have made my points clear. I never recommend a new blogger to start blogging with Multi-Niche Blog because I haven’t seen so many such blogs on internet  normally, a naive user starts this kind of blog.When they realize that it is not good for them then they choose a specific topic and continue with it.

So what are your views about it? Do you want to start a Multi-Niche blog or not? Share your views through comments

Inspired From: Single Topic Vs. Multi-Topic blog

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  1. Dhruv Bhagat says

    I don’t know about whether is it right or wrong to go with multi-niche but the main thing that I really don’t understand people starting their blog on “Making Money Online”, “Blogging Tips”…. This is something EPIC :)

    • Ravi kumar says

      You are right buddy.Now a days,it like a tradition to start blogging on subjects like blogging,Making money online etc specially in India and Pakistan.I have seen so many pakistani bloggers on internet.However only few of them are really good.Most of them think that they will earn more money through it.However for indians,i always suggest to go with education blogs.

      Adsense CPC is low in asian countries but still education and examination blogs can get so many clicks.I have noticed this with my Sister blog which is based on Bank Exams.I earn more through adsense over there.Actually most of the people who visits your blog(blogging niche) knows enough about ads and they rarely click on it.However same is not the case with banking or any other education sites specially in india.People still lacks knowledge so they click on catchy and attractive ads.I will write an article on this topic on my blog soon.Thanks for your comment buddy

  2. Ummeed says

    Perfect Post ! Ravi Kumar well written post brother. Multiple Niche is something that looks you are covering two or more interesting stuffs but actually its not good for any blog.

    Concentrating on one subject will make difference. As mentioned on Bloggingcage earlier posts its better first to decide on which niche you can be an expert. :) Keep up

    • Ravi kumar says

      You are absolutely right Bro.Being an specialist is always considered better.Multi-Niche blog creates confusion among your readers and thus you will get very few subscribers as well.Most of the people think that people will like their blog because they are providing everything at one place which is completely wrong thinking now.A newbie can like such blogs but majority will hate it.

      Thanks for your comment buddy.

  3. Salman Ahmad says

    Seriously, This is really a great article.
    I’ve lost many of my blogs due to the same mistake you’ve mentioned. I thought writing on multiple niche would get me more traffic, but I was wrong.
    I’ve also seen many Newbies getting successful with their Multi niche blog. But I think, it’s just a matter of luck. Google may ignore them while doing some algorithem update. But one day; they might get kick by google.
    I’m now trying to go to the right path. I started learning designing and development and I’m doing good with it.
    Now, after getting specialized in a particular niche(Desiging, developing) I think I’m good to give it a little start.
    You’ve shared some very great points. Thanks

    • Ravi kumar says

      Thanks for your appreciation buddy.You mentioned that some bloggers has got success with multi-niche blog as well but they are very few in numbers.I also suggest new bloggers to choose different topics rather than choosing Blogging tutorial,Making money online etc.

      Viewer want to see something new so make sure that your contents are able them make them interested.

  4. says

    Hi Ravi,
    First of all I would like to tell you,your post is worth reading for every newbie in blogging. The content is very much clear and the thing I like most about your post is, you have made your point understandable with the help of examples that is really nice.
    Now coming to your post I’m also satisfy with your points. When I was starting my own blog I was also thinking the same but one of my close friend stop me from making such a mistake.
    At the last, Ravi thanx a lot for such a great post. Keep sharing.. Keep rocking.. :) :)

    • Ravi kumar says

      First of all,i would like to say thanks for your appreciation buddy.It is really nice to know that your friend stopped you at the right moment and you are doing well now.Keep blogging

  5. says

    Hey Ravi,
    I totally agree with you. New blogs cant grow faster if it’s a multi-niche blog. It’s better to create separate blog to get targeted readers.
    Multi niche blogs can be great if you post one article on each niche everyday. Also it’ll be very difficult to monetize a multi niche blog.
    Thank you for sharing the post.
    I wish you all the best for the contest. 😉

    • Ravi kumar says

      Multi-Niche blogs can only get success,if you are working as a team.However if you are a single contributor of your blog then choose a specific topic.Try to choose a new topic rather than choosing the most common i.e Blogging,Making Money Online etc

      Thanks for your kind words Thejas

  6. says

    If a person is an expert in many fields, then he should create different blogs with all those topics but shouldn’t create one blog with all those topics.

    This point was even discussed in a book by Darren Rowse that I was reading lately. And it is very important from readership and rankings point of view.

    If you have a tech blog basically, then your readers would be interested in only tech and not blogging tips along with tech. So one should create a separate blog for ‘blogging tips’ niche if one wants to.

    This is what I think.

    • Ravi kumar says

      Thanks for your comments Mahaveer.That’s what i have written.If a blogger is multi talented and want to write on other niche as well then he should use sub-domains.Just like tech.bloggingcage.com for tech blogs,edu.bloggingcage.com for education blogs and so on..

    • Ravi kumar says

      You are absolutely right Mahaveer.I have also written the same.If a blogger think that he is an expert in more than one field then he/she should use sub-domains.For example- tech.bloggingcage.com for tech blogs,fashion.bloggingcage.com for writing on fashion etc..

  7. says

    Hi Ravi i do agree starting an multi niche blog will gain you credits most of the people not giving much importance because they are not aware of it this is the main reason glad this post will be more useful

    • Ravi kumar says

      Thanks for your kind words Mohideen.It is always recommended to start blogging on a specific topic rather than all.Have a look on Pro Bloggers.You will find that they are successful because they write on specific topics only.

    • Ravi kumar says

      It’s nice to hear that you are focussing on single niche now.You will definitely get better result Rahul.Thanks for commenting

  8. says

    interesting I didn’t think that there was such a difference between ranking and readership as a multi blog verses a specialist. I liked your subscriber example that helped me understand what happens with readership.

    • Ravi kumar says

      Thanks for your kind words Stevens.I have only posted the normal thinking.It is always difficult to get information about the working of Google algorithms so i can’t say clearly,How it treats the specialist and multi-niche blog but as per my experience, specialist blogs are always a better choice,

      Only go for multi-niche blog,if you have a number of workers

  9. Amit kumar says

    I’ve also seen many Newbies getting successful with their Multi niche blog. But I think, it’s just a matter of luck. Google may ignore them while doing some algorithem update. But one day; they might get kick by google.
    I’m now trying to go to the right path. I started learning designing and development and I’m doing good with it.
    Now, after getting specialized in a particular niche(Desiging, developing) I think I’m good to give it a little start.
    You’ve shared some very great points. Thanks

    • Ravi kumar says

      You are going in right direction Amit.Just focus on one niche.You will definitely get better results.Thanks for your appreciation buddy.

  10. Ravi kumar says

    You are absolutely right Tan.It is extremely difficult for a single person to manage a multi-niche blog but the most important is the interest of readers.Very few readers like that kind of blog.Anyway Thanks for commenting

  11. says

    Ravi you should always give credit to the real article for such posts…. @kulwant You should always filter such content before making it live on your blog… !

  12. siddharth says

    I’ve seen many Newbies getting successful with their Multi niche blog. But it’s just a matter of luck. Google may ignore them but one day they might get kick by google.

  13. says

    You really have a good point of view here.It is also difficult to write efficiently on all topics when you have a multyniche blog.I am agree with you.Nice article.

  14. says

    Absolutely rightly said. That’s what I learnt from you. Now I understand to select & stick to a niche is very important so that you can target the people from that niche.

  15. keyur savaliya says

    which niche is to start for beginner and easy to copy content and publish like education niche.Please give some example.

    • says

      What do you mean? Are you going to post copy content on your blog? If you will post copy content you won’t get organic traffic as Google is working to get rid of such blogs. If you are asking about finding new content then it’s fine and you can find new content to write about by using Google. Btw it depends on you that for which niche you can create articles, Education is a good niche though.

  16. rahul says

    nice piece of writing.. really helpful for me as i am looking to create a website… earlier i was thinking to go for multi niche but now for sure single niche website… thanks buddy..

  17. says

    I totally agree with you you that once focus should be on single topic, I’m new to blogging and while searching for blogs to connect with, I found out that their are too many tech blogs and their owners are blogging randomly at any new thing that is the center of attraction at that particular moment whereas I believe their sole focus should on one particular technology that can get them more targeted audience.

  18. Manya says

    Starting a niche blog is very tough as well as easy task, it’s depend upon your experience.. Most of the time we create a niche blog but forgot to update it which creates lots of problem i.e. ranking down etc..

  19. Naveen says

    From my perspective, there is a lot of knowledge and time dedication we should apply for new blogs to make it authority blogs, so if new bloggers start with single topic would help them not only to go for long, but they can easily grab others attention on short span.

    You’ve outlined some wonderful tips here. Thanks.

  20. Navjeet Dhankhar says

    I found this article very much informative. I too was thinking to write on multiple topics but now I got to know the reality and would work only on one topic. I write on gadgets like smartphone, tablet, and something like this. Want to ask that can if I write on automobiles , shall that be multi niche blogging or single niche???
    And also tell me that what are the scopes of writing on mobiles and gadgets. ?
    Thank you. :-)

  21. says

    Thanks for sharing this useful advice. I was just going to start a new blog and was checking out if there is any scope for multi-niche blogs and saw this. Thanks! Now I’ve been looking which niche to choose.

  22. says

    I started with a multi niche blog and earned good. I think its persistent what matters. But later that site was penalized by Hummingbird update. Then again I started a multi niche site and now I am earning good via it. :)

  23. John Kelvin says

    Integrate it! I think that the two topic are somewhat related to one another. I like to read blogs that have various topics-)

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