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What does a blogger want? It’s traffic. Everything else like money and fame comes automatically. There is stiff competition on web for traffic; big blogs are in the queue to get the traffic so snatching away traffic from them can be really hard. You need to follow certain ethics if you want to be successful.

Blogging is all about traffic. Everyone has a purpose to blog, maximum people blog for fame, knowledge and obviously money. There are hundreds of ways to increase traffic on your blog but some of them can even adversely affect your blog. You can follow this list of Top 5 Ways To Increase Traffic – Pro Ways.

The ways to listed in this list are tested ones so you don’t need to worry about being attacked by Google Panda or anything like that. increase-traffic

Post Frequently

This is the key. Always keep feeding your blog with latest posts otherwise it will die. If you will keep feeding your blog with latest post then you will definitely keep getting quite a lot of visitors. Posting frequently can even let you increase your site’s returning visitors. I suggest you to publish at least 5 posts in a week.

On-Page SEO

This is the favorite way of increasing traffic of the professional bloggers. You can try out using some on page SEO tricks for your blog. On page SEO isn’t that much difficult as it sounds. Give it a try and I am sure you will see a healthy response. On page SEO is meant to rank your blog’s certain posts higher on search rankings.

Off-Page SEO

Likewise on page SEO, there is something called off page SEO. Off page SEO tricks are the tricks which you need to follow off your blog, like submitting your blog’s URL to open directories, commenting on other’s blogs, etc. Read More : 8 Most Recommended Google’s Guidelines for SEO

Social Media

Social media visits are counted under the referred visitors but it’s really useful to Increase Website Hits and to get more Blog Traffic. To get more visitors from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon etc you need to increase your presence there. To increase the presence, first get a good amount of followers then keep updating your social media page with your site’s latest posts. Read More : 3 Social Steps for your Blog Popularity


Getting backlinks from other blogs is really useful. You can increase your site’s PageRank, Visitors, Respect etc  by increasing the backlinks count to your site. There are hundreds of ways to increase backlinks count but I suggest you to get backlinks using guest posting, submitting site to the directory etc.

If your are committed for making your blog more popular and increase traffic then you must follow these tips to get results.

Author’s Bio : This post is written by Arjun. Arjun provides On Page SEO Service and Social Bookmarking Services.

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  1. says

    Its like i am screwed……My traffic has been down in last two days like 400 to 300 to 100 and now 18 only? I have ask to many people but no reason comes will you help me as i am new to this stuff’s and specially My Server has been down for sometime say and hour , is this is the impact??

  2. Bryan says

    Frequent posting is very important almost as important as search engine optimization. on page and off page optimization is of no use if there is no new post for the visitors to come back to

  3. Naveen@SEOHallmark says

    Frequently posting the articles works with tech related blogs and when it comes to SEO related blogs case studies will work to gather more traffic. But for all these the steps which you’ve mentioned here is must.

    Thanking you.

  4. says

    Social media is rocking these days. I really like how communication works. On page and off page are plays vital role in all over site SEO.

  5. says

    creating back links is obviously important. & I am commenting, guest posting….

    do v have to submit the links to directories again after some time, because wen i started my blog i submitted d links, around 1+ years bck

  6. Rahul says

    Excellent article buddy… These five points u discussed are the most most important to perform if one want more traffic and popularity.. SEO and Backlinks are top most priority to gain more traffic and make your an authority in your niche…

  7. Rahul says

    One more thing I want to tell you kulwant that make your blog more mobile n tablet friendly.. I m reading your article via phone and first 2-3 lines of your articles are hidden by social sharing buttons and i m not able to read whole article. Hope to see a quick action on this matter..

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