7 Things Which You Must Consider Before Theme Selection


What do you love the most when you visit any blog first time?

In my case the answer is; THEME (after content).

When I started my blog, I was very much worried about getting a good-looking theme which can help my readers to read content more easily. I spent many days for looking an awesome theme for my blog.

And I started by using Headlines theme from WooThemes.

theme selection

A theme is backbone of every successful site. A theme is the identity of your blog and moreover a theme is the thing which helps you to stand out of the crowd. You must be agree with my point that when someone ask you about YAHOO, MSN, MASHABLE and any big site then the picture comes in front of your eyes is nothing but a THEME.

WordPress has made it too much easy, and there are thousands of great looking theme available. You can select them and they are very easy to make changes also, so you are free to modify them according to your needs and niche.

A quality theme attract more visitors as compared to messy theme, so you must pick a theme for your blog very carefully.

Here are some qualities of great themes.

1. Easy to Navigate

The very first and must have feature for your theme must be easy navigation. How easily the visitor can navigate your content, and how comfortable he feels while reading your content is one of the must to consider thing. Our readers are too lazy so they never stress their mind to find content on your blog by searching.

But if there are proper categories are available then he/she will be willing to check them and read more content on your blog.

2. Good Color Selection

Color selection must be very good.

I have seen some sites which have awesome color combination according to color theory.

You must be aware about tone (education, sports, music, writing) of your blog so that you can decide proper color for this.

I always prefer to visit such sites which give me soothing experience and have awesome looking graphics and color combinations.

3. Proper Sidebars

Sidebar placements should be proper, and the placements of different widget should be at proper place. Widgets helps the reader to dig more through your site, like Facebook like box gives your reader a clear idea about your readers. You can display most popular articles on your widget and people love to visit such articles.

4. Font Selection

Fonts must not be too small or too large. You must be agree with my point the we are too lazy to read full content and most of the time we scan headlines in articles only.

What is the font is too small?

Chances are that you will never read content on such site by stressing your mind.

5. Loading Time

Google prefer sites which are too fast in loading. Google don’t rank the site which takes too much time to load, because they wants to provide the content to end-user as fast as they can.

So if your site is taking too much time to load then there is bad news for you. Choose a theme which is having fast loading time, and that is the main reason my all blogs are running on genesis framework.

6. Uniqueness

Blog design must be unique and for this you will have to have the little know-how of the coding. You can change your theme accordingly and make it unique.

7. Not too much ads

Too much ads always distract the mind of readers and they lose the attention very soon. So make proper placement of your ads so that visitor should feel good.

Final Words.

These were some of the points which I consider while selecting a good theme for my blog.

Share your thoughts and tell us what you see when you select any theme for your blogs.



  1. says

    Hi Kulwant,
    I’m using a theme from Woothemes. I consider these themes the best, even if they don’t have built-in SEO options. What themes are the best in your opinion ? Why you decided to use Genesis theme insted of Wootheme ?
    Best wishes,

  2. says

    I plan my blog for a while and I like Thesis and Genesis. I think I’ll buy the first one when I start my blog.

    Cost is $197 from what I see. Nowadays a good theme is a must to stand out from the crowd, that’s for sure.

    Dear Nagi/friend let me know which worth buying: Thesis or I should buy the Genesis, from what I see you use it.

    Your website, my experience in your website is unique, this would be the #2 reason I still come here, first reason is content :D.

    Wait your reply, best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Fendt 309C – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods FreeMy Profile

  3. says

    Choosing the right blog theme is for the benefit of the blog author else some juice may be leaked out without any notice. Coming to the realm of theme font, I could remembered when I changed my blog theme, I myself hate the blog font and I believe if I was a visitor on that blog that day, I may not come back, and not until I found solution to that, I was not pleased because I knew my blog readers will as well not like it.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted..4 reasons why I want to monetize my blog with Google AdSenseMy Profile

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