The Top Habits of Good Bloggers

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There is much that sets out a great blogger from a mediocre one, and a good blogger out from a bad one. Of course whether or not you’re a ‘good blogger’ to begin with is a subjective concept and one person’s great writer is another person’s boring read.

However that said, there are certainly some bloggers who appeal to more people and who have a larger audience – and these bloggers tend to have certain factors in common with one another. Here we will look at some of the common traits of a ‘good blogger’ to see if you can’t emulate some of these and see your own blog writing improve as a result.

Carrying a Notepad

A good blogger is a good writer, and a good writer know the importance of ideas. Even the best wording in the world won’t sell your post if you have nothing to discuss in it, so you need to be constantly on the lookout for good topic ideas and great angles to approach them from. To this end carrying a notepad can be a huge advantage because it means you’re constantly ready to take down notes and ideas as needed and because it means you won’t be likely to forget them. At the same time while you’re writing, having a notepad can be a great way to make notes on what you’re writing about and it will help you in a big way to avoid losing your track and to plan your articles.


Of course jotting down ideas while you’re in conversation or when you see inspiration on TV is a great way to make sure you have plenty to talk about on your blog, but few things are really as useful as reading when it comes to coming up with great ideas. At the same time as giving you ideas for topics though, and giving you a larger knowledge base to draw from when making points, reading a lot will also help you to improve your language, your grammar and your phrasing.


As well as reading for the sake of reading, it’s also worth reading to teach yourself new abilities, and seeking out classes and teachers who can help to teach you new skills. There are many different skills and abilities that are highly useful for bloggers, but among the best are being able to program – which of course will let you do more for your site – and basic design skills.


A healthy blogger is one with an active mind and plenty of energy to write on a regular basis. Working out helps to give you more drive and ambition, and at the same time it will help to improve your general health and so your energy and mental clarity. This is a great lifestyle habit to pick up – and improving your diet can only go further to improve your output.


A blogger should also make it a habit to be at the forefront of technology and if you run a website or blog then this is really all the excuse you’re going to need to buy yourself a nice tablet and maybe a newer computer. These are the tools of your trade, and if they work optimally you’ll be more productive and have more fun being so.

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  • Kulwinder Singh

    Very nice post bro, I am doing most of the stuff that you defined above. Taking notes is very useful and must to do for bloggers.

    • Kulwant Nagi

      For me my notebook is everything.

      These days I am making all the data of my notebook online and adding on Google Drive.
      Google drive will be with me for whole life. :)

  • Ravi

    Carrying a notepad is really good one. It helps me to instantly note down the Topics and subtopics. Thank You

    • Kulwant Nagi

      Yes Ravi, this is the must have weapon of blogger.
      Good to hear that you are having a good habit to note down the things.

  • Kabenlah

    I do believe in reading and everyone ought to be an avid reader and I’m certainly happy that reading made the list.
    Aside that your list was really interesting.

    • Kulwant Nagi

      Blogging have one secret, which is “continuous reading”. Because you can know the new tactics only if you are reading other blogs.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping comment Kabenlah.

  • Ritu Raj

    Carrying a tablet is more preferred by me than a notepad. As with my tablet I can write my ideas and create a mind map of my post. Nice post thanks for the share.

    • Kulwant Nagi

      You are most welcome Ritu Raj.

  • Sam@India Trip

    Yes i am totally agreed with you a blogger should keep update himself with latest technology because with the help of these every blogger can access their blog/site anywhere even while he/she on travailing.

  • candice michelle

    Love the article. It’s something new and different then what we usually read here or on related blogs :)

    • Kulwant Nagi

      Thanks for your appreciation Candice.

  • Priya N @ online jobs

    Its really a good habit to carry a notepad because its very difficult to remind the ideas next day. When I don’t carry the notepad, I write it in my cellphone.
    Another points are also very nice as you need to read a lot to get the idea & write on that idea. And yes don’t forget to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
    Excellent tips. Thanks.

  • Albert Einstein

    Hi Kulwant
    I think this is one of the most important info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The web site style is great, the articles is really nice :D. Good job, cheers

    • Kulwant Nagi

      ohhh god Mr. Einstein is on my blog. :)
      ha ha !!
      I would like to appreciate your efforts to compile everything about him because he was the smartest mind on the earth till now.

      And thank for showing love for my blog. Keep visiting.

  • sudha

    The most important of all is enjoying what you do. Because if you take interest in blogging, it will automatically reflect in your posts. So happy blogging.

    • Kulwant Nagi

      Yeah Sudha, Writing what you love always give you good comments and people encourage you to write more.

  • Kumar

    HI Kulwant

    I think you covered all the points so very well that there is nothing to add on to this.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  • mohit

    Now,there is no need of carrying notepad as we all have smartphones and there is that in-built function. :) :)