5 Things I learnt After Quitting Facebook for 5 Days

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I have discussed with people many times about Facebook, and the things about how this is killing our time.

Spending time on Facebook and checking one profile after another have become one of our daily routine. We are stumbling our friends profiles and checking their activities, their pictures, their videos etc.

Have you ever spent some time thinking on this topic?

In my case I tried this many times and I just failed.


Last week I was feeling too much stressed and tried to figured out the reason behind this. I was surprised to realize that Facebook was the only reason behind my stress because I was spending too much time on it (even I was not replying to everyone, but still my loved ones are too many on Facebook :)).

So finally I took the decision and said bye bye to Facebook for few days.

Let’s discuss some of the good things which I found after quitting Facebook.

I joined few communities on Google Plus

As a blogger I knew about the fact that Google plus is a big factor to improve search engines ranking (specially in Google), but I never tried it personally. The big reason behind not trying this was, I was too much active on Facebook and I never found time to think something else. For me Facebook was everything.

After I deactivated my Facebook account, I started looking on other social media websites and obviously the very first name came in my mind was Google plus.

I opened communities section and started looking for the communities of my interest.

I was totally amazed to see that some communities have 200 thousand+ people, and too much of the communities very active.

These communities are just like Facebook groups where people interact with each other.

Here is the screenshot of traffic which I got in last 5 days from Google Plus.


Note: I shared my links in Facebook groups, so people were coming from those previously shared links.

What I got here was 195 new visits in 5 days from Google plus, which from my point of view is not a bad number.

The best things you will get after joining these communities is getting +1 for your articles. Each time someone will press +1 on your article in the communities, it will be added on your article’s +1 count also (I loved this :)).

Lesson: Don’t waste your time on Facebook and try finding some other great opportunities on other social media platform. Once you will be very active in Google plus communities then Google will start loving you (my assumption).

I tried Reddit

Even I got one great article from  about increasing traffic with Reddit, but as I was too much busy in wasting my time on Facebook, so I never took action to try this.

By chance I just stumbled across Reddit and found that people are asking questions on Reddit and there are various active sections from where we can drive good traffic on our blogs.

Reddit is a great question answer platform where you can ask many genuine questions and people would love to help you.

Lesson: Try Reddit atleast once and see the benefits and number of visits which you will get at free of cost. Participate in discussions and help people by giving them appropriate links of articles.

I tried MakeUseOf

This was one of the best thing I did after quitting Facebook. I spent too much of time looking into Ask Tech Help section and tried to figured out what kind of problems people are having.

I studies their questions and read many questions to figure out what kind of answers people are giving them.

This step helped me to find many ideas for one of my tech blog.

Note: Don’t try to SPAM or ask unnecessary questions, because once you will do this, they will ban your account.

Lesson: This is an awesome community with  awesome people sitting there to help each other. Ask questions and help people and see the benefits later on.

I found some peace in life

Believe me or not but I was completely stress free, and enjoyed my life in those 5 days.

The reason behind this was – I was free from replying too many people.

At an average I was getting 20 messages on Facebook and most of the them were queries like “Why my posts are not indexing?” “How to get AdSense account?” “How to drive traffic on my blog” and one of the most common and in majority of numbers was “Please check my blog and tell me what can I improve?”

Atleast I was free from such queries and I did some works like improving my English (yeah, I still write very poor English), I watched many motivational videos and few other things.


I read too much blogs (and still reading them)

This was one of the activity which I was missing from last too many days. I was not reading other blogs and it was like one big stone in front of me stopping to read. Later I found that it was Facebook. :)

I read my top most favorites blog and tried to read as many article as I could read from them.

These blogs are SmartPassiveIncome, Zenhabits, NichePursuits, CopyBlogger and mnmlist.

Apart from them, I bought two books; LetGo by Pat Flynn and The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin.

Lesson: After reading about Pat in his book LetGo, one thing was clear that everything happens for a reason and his life is a live example in front of us. So we should not worry if there are obstacles or things are not happening like we wanted them to happen. If something wrong is going in your life then this is going to give us gold stone in future.

Now what?

I am going to stay away from this for few more days (even I have re-activated my Facebook account but I am not replying to anyone) and going to figure out some more ways to get more attention and readers.

Now your turn

Please share your thoughts and let me know about your vies about this topic.

Should we completely leave it?

Should we reduce the time?

Should we neglect people on Facebook?

What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Akhil Pulotil says

    your article has inspired me to quit Facebook too ! 😀
    Now I’m following the same path as your’s and hope I see some positive impact after quitting Facebook :-)
    Thanks for the article and keep posting !

  2. Mohammad Hussain says

    Great Facebook is really distinctive media.I always open Facebook when I wake up everyday but now i’m making some distance from it.not good for me at least.
    nice article.


    I know this is happening for every one, Even i’m also addicted to Facebook (I always open my fb account.. may be 18 hrs a day :) ) & one day I tried to quit… but failed.

    After reading your post i think i can also do that.

    If you want to get succeeded then you must need to spend or schedule less time for Facebook , it kills our precious time.

    • says

      Try quitting it for just 2 days and invest your time in doing some productive activities. You will see miracles happening in front of your eyes. :)

  4. says

    Facebook is like addiction. You done well!
    After reading this post I felt that ,” I m just wasting huge bunch of time on facebook”.
    Now, I realized that and looking forward to quit facebook (not for full time . But, for some different periods).
    Thank’s for awesomest post.
    nice idea of writing post on quiting facebook too.

  5. sagar says

    best way to avoid wasting time on facebook is by turn off chat, change settings so that nobody can send you message.

  6. Vivek Gowda says

    I don’t think that i can leave facebook completely…But i am thinking from many days to deactivate my account for few days… We can’t neglect facebook completely because most of our beloved once are there in facebook and also their birthday dates….:P As all of us know facebook is a traffic factory for any new blogs…Your Google Plus community traffic report really impressed me…Surely i will join some communities….:)

  7. Naveen Mayura says

    ya! nagi…. my self also had same experience if I once log in for facebook….. It will take more time to sign out…. Incase if I signed out quickly means again I will visit and log in for facebook….. Really…. everybody faced this problem with facebook….. so I think not completely quitting Facebook it is good tool for generating traffic for a blog…. instead of spending full time on Facebook we should maintain certain limits……

  8. says

    Should use Google+, more. Reddit is good, but very hard to submit content – you are using a tech blog, how about design blog. ? any advice for designers !

  9. umer hafeez says

    Hey Kulwant bhai, remarkably excellent work done and a very productive time spend in these five days. Learning shared with respect to google plus is quite awesome, and I guess the more time spent on google plus would help your blog to enhance its authority. What are your views on it?

  10. Atul @ HostServiceWith says

    its true that facebooking eats lot of time.
    me too also, since when have started active on facebook, is constantly giving my time there.
    But the good is that Facebook sends the traffic

    Also, you shared the traffic screenshot. Is it one day traffic or multiple days 5 as you mentioned.

  11. says

    Kulwant sir, I totally agree with you that facebook is just a waste of time. I’m also getting too much queries from newbies that stops me to write posts for my blog. I’ll also try to deactivate my account for some days and try to figure out the benefits.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  12. says

    Great experience Kulwant, I think i must give these google plus communities a try. Even as per my knowledge some of them are really aweome and have a huge member base. Thanks for posting this eye opener. 😉 keep it up

  13. says

    If leaving facebook can give you enough spare time to do all this, then surely one should shut facebook for good.

    G+ is a good investment of our time, that is the future of social for search. Thanks for letting us know about the answers section of makeuseof, will certainly take active part on it.

    I have hit reddit front page quite a few times, it is amazing to see several thousand visitors hitting our blogs and leaving plenty of comments… that tears open the post! yes, that is how critical people on reddit are, but it is worth it. Those are real people with experience boosting the content with their insights.

    Am looking foreword to take some break from facebook as well. Time has lately become a very rare commodity!

    Uttoran Sen,

  14. says

    Your post is absolutely right.i’m also facebook addicted , spend so much time on facebook but useless. on the other hand google plus communities helps us alot to increase our circle & also traffic as well.thanks for sharing.

  15. Yash Vardhan says

    I Guess, I will try Google plus communities as social signals are very important to the blogging world. And I never knew MakeuseOf was this great to get traffic. Facebook addiction really takes a toll on blogger. Great article sir!

  16. says

    hmmmmm….. its always beneficial when you stay off social media websites for sometime.

    That time you end up learning something more useful, else 1 keep on surfing unnecessary n time wasting stuff mostly 😛

  17. says

    That’s awesome that you did so many others things and saw much success especially with Google+ communities. I’m going to check that out. It really does open your eyes to the fact that there are so many opportunities out there to connect with others and develop meaning that’s outside of Facebook.

    Is there anything else you would have liked to tries or tested if you had a few more days to spend?

    Thanks again Kulwant

  18. Garen A. says

    This is such a great article. I love SEO and therefore need to check out the Google+ more. Thanks for letting us see the stats on how your blog visitor numbers improved by 195 over 5 days. Facebook has never been a big business builder for me. I love the fact that you are reading 2 more books now too. Makes me feel like a lot of my time on FB is also wasted!

  19. Rudraksh Pathak says

    Alright that’s why there were no updates from your account on Facebook. I have seen many bloggers quitting Facebook these days and this step is proving good to them. I’m also the member of some G+ communities and having the significant traffic to my blog.
    Good post Kulwant.

    Rudraksh Pathak

  20. says

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us bro ! All these platforms are sure-shot platforms for getting huge free traffic to blog..I should try Google+ which I’ve been completely ignoring since day 1 of my blogging career …This post would surely help a lot of bloggers to understand the importance of social media.


  21. says

    Well no doubt that social networks can be really beneficial for our blog promotion and so limiting its use will be better than leaving it completely. And regarding the users that irritate us in some cases providing little help sometime will be good but if its really time consuming i prefer to ignore or tell them that i was busy with my own stuffs :D.

  22. says

    Oh how true this is! People can tell when I have had months when I’ve been spending too much on Facebook because not only does my income go down, but the amount of articles I produced drops dramatically. I’m trying to stay away from Facebook this month, but it isn’t easy! :-O

  23. says

    You are correct mostly people on facebook is like a insane, not professional in other word wasting of time, I also used google plus and that’s really good result. I will do try about the reddit. Thanks for this all informations..

  24. Raaj Trambadia says

    I believe that Facebook should rather be used to ‘connect’ than generate traffic. If it is a Fan Page, then there’s no comparison as you might not have any single Fan to be your friend/contact.

    That said, a Facebook Profile should be used to build communications – not useless and worthless traffic.

    Raaj Trambadia

    • says

      Well said Raaj. (Y)

      But 80% of people are using it in wrong way only. Hope they will understand the importance of it and start utilizing it in good way.

  25. says

    Kulwant Sir ,
    You are indeed a great person . You have did something which i believed is just impossible . You have given me motivation that there are other social networking sites more productive than Facebook
    Regards ,
    Rizwan Shajahan
    Envy Blogging – Blogging | SEO | Traffic | Widgets | Money

  26. says

    You have again proved that nothing is impossible by recovering from panda attack and now by quitting facebook which most of the people couldn’t do . you have inspired me to quit facebook which i think will be successful someday .

  27. says

    I think the best thing to do is reduce the time as much as possible. Indeed it sometimes can come really handy, and you might find some new stuff. But the new stuff on the internet is UNLIMITED -making you spend hours+ without even realizing it. That’s exactly the reason why once i log in to my Facebook account i set a specific time that i am going to spend on it. Time is precious my friend :) Good article though!

  28. Slim Tenbillion says

    nice post kulwant. Facebook don’t only steal time but it also kills time. You spent useful time on facebook doing irrelevant things. I have also learn like you to quit facebook.I noticed one thing when I stop wasting my time there,I found out that there is more to learn and share when you belong to communities like google plus.

    Thanks once again bro for sharing this.

  29. says

    Its not very easy to quit Facebook though we know that it is a waste of time. We all are totally addicted to Facebook. Mark Zukerberg is making money and we are wasting our valuable time. But it is also benefited us in many ways..can’t ignore that point also…

  30. shahalam khan says

    Quitting fb will be very hard thing to do but sure we can reduce time on it, but ,neglecting people on fb will be rude also, except for some people who gives headache, but a very nice post by the way, keep up the good work

  31. says

    “I found some peace in life” LOL

    Yes, I do Agree..

    Bottom line: without facebook, we will be much more productive ..

    thanks for your article, it really strengthens my intention, to completely OUT of facebook

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