How To Make Money With Online Classifieds?

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Make money online: a very attractive and seems to be very lucrative word.

We are seeing a technical shift in our society where every person is looking for the methods to make money online. Where 5 years back people were not much interested to look in the make money online methods, as most of us considered them as scams.

But now everything is changing.

We all (almost all) are trying to find some working methods which can help us to generate some online income and we can become our own boss.

Few days back I shared 5 places where you can make money online by doing micro jobs.

Doing such micro jobs will help you to sharpen your skills as well as you will be more occupied to do regular money-making activities and ultimately make your life more enjoyable.

Today we are going to discuss classified ads which helped us to hire people for our company as well as we are getting some of the big clients.


Note: I am taking example of OLX classified here.

You can start by finding job offers on website and see further categories listed under this.


See total numbers of jobs listed in each city.

total jobs

You can select your city and start finding appropriate work for you.

Jobs like customer service jobs, accounting jobs, internet jobs, real estate jobs, retail jobs, legal jobs and various other categories.

You can contact the advertisers either via phone or via email.

Read their requirements very carefully and send your resume.

You can still make money with classifieds if you are not looking for a job.


Yes, you can. :)

You can simply grab any big project and then outsource people from such websites. Those people will work for you (they don’t know that they are working for any other company) and you will earn big margin.

In the same way you can check classified ads in Bangladesh, USA, UK and various other big countries. Find appropriate categories and you can find people looking for the services.

Final Words

There are tons of ways to generate online income, all you will have to do is find appropriate methods and then start working on it. Once any method will start working for you, you can expand it at a very big level and open more doors for you.

Keep finding working methods and give them a try because as a newbie you don’t know which will work for you.

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  1. says

    very nice post but as we know all these jobs are not for freelancer they want full time employees or even they want to meetup with employee. as i am living in faridabad and if someone ask me to come at banglore then this is not possible for me.

  2. says

    Good Job Kulwant here. Awesome :) OLX is a big portal in our country nowadays. here you can buy or sell anything you want.
    It is money making opportunity for us if you do little hard work and there you go.

  3. says

    OLX is one of the biggest classifies in India and I’m using it from a long time to sell my used products. now it’s giving a great opportunity to earn money. I came across many people using this site to earn money. I’ll also try this site to earn money.

    nice Post

  4. John Pension says

    OLX is really a great website. I sold many things at a good price at this site but i never use this site to earn money. currently I’m using justdial to earn money but after reading this post I’ll definitely try it at once to earn some money.

    Thanks for sharing….

  5. says

    Great Post Kulwant,

    OLX is a great site it has many online classified. It is a great way to make money and look for a job. You can also sell stuff on this website. This is a great way to make money online….

  6. says

    OLX and other advertisements site are really great for advertisements But never thought this kind of use. and yes Outsourcing is always a great idea to make money without investing a single penny. Nice article and great Idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Neeraj Aggarwal says

    Nice Article Kulwant . Olx has become a great part of our life . we can sell / buy things here and for those who are not getting jobs it is a nice platform for them .

  8. says

    Thanks for this article Kulwant. You have really shared some ideas I didn’t know are possible on classified sites in this post.

    Meanwhile it seems OLX is really massive now. I read that they are now in over 100 countries. They have become more like the king of classifieds, giving ample opportunities for a huge number of people to use their platform.

  9. says

    I have been visiting from long time but I have never thought of visiting jobs offer section. There are lot of other similar kind of sites such as Quickr.
    Great post.

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