How to effectively use Email Marketing without spamming

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Email marketing is a good tool to create a good relation with your reader.But it depends on how we use it .It is great way of acquiring new customers for your product.If we are using it for purposes of spamming we can get no benefit from it. So we need to know about the way it can be used.

use Email Marketing without spamming

Using social tools only does not make you a successful blogger,the more innovative idea you have more the chance of becoming a successful blogger.As you see each blog has an email sign up widget but it totally depends on how you use it effectively. People just provide you with the email id as they want quality content to be delivered in to their Inbox. Providing the readers with poor content can make them unsubscribe to your blog and these will lead into losing visitors.

Email marketing is as precious as your content.

How not to loss subscribers?

use Email Marketing without spamming

If you are doing Email marketing make sure you are not sending emails  more than twice in a week.If the content is valuable for consumer he will never unsubscribe site. We can use email marketing as a tool to promote giveaways and coupons.Mailing every time the reader whenever a post is posted is not appreciable.

love your subscriber

Whenever readers sign up on your blog,just ask for their birthdays. Wish them, whenever they have there birthdays with a personal looking note which make a relationship among  the reader which won’t be in vain. Every reader wants to be special so you can find out more innovative ideas to improve the relation between the readers and blog.

How to get more subscribers?

Replying for comments is major job which one site owner needs to handle. If you can reply to each and every comment on your blog which makes your   reader happy and may be he or she even  subscribe to your blog thinking it as an active one.

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    Hey Kulwant i am impressed wid our blogs.. i am new to blogging… quite confused over the look of my blog. As i am not a expert web designer so i have used a downloaded template for my blog.I modified it accordingly. But by looking at your Blog i found that my UI is looking dull in front of yours.I learned lots of SEO and Blogging tips in last few month.I have huge content in my mind but waitting to post until i got a satisfied readers and a nice and stable UI for my Blog.Please show me right path.After Reading about you i think you will perfectly help me.
    One more Question is As you can check I am using Blogger as a platform ..should i move to wordpress???

    • says

      Why you are thinking that your blog is looking bad ? its quite impressing blog !! you just need to remove all of them in the third footer because they make your site too much slow..

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