How to Configure Windows Live Writer for WordPress

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Writing is one of the most important thing which go with us when we start blogging. I love writing and love to do experiments with various writing softwares. Few days back I installed Evernote on my android phone and I am completely loving it.

I had talk with my blogger friends about how they do editing of the articles. Most of them replied that they write article in Microsoft Word and then transfer it into WordPress editor. By doing this they are less prone to make mistakes.

Even I tried Microsoft Word to compile my articles and it worked great for me. It’s auto correction feature for words as well as for sentences is awesome.


We as a blogger keep looking for the things which make our work easier so that we can add more productivity in our work. Just few days back I wrote one article on productivity tools for bloggers and people were loving those tools. I myself using all of those tools and have seen too much improvement in my work.

But I was in continuous search for the tool which can help me to manage my article well manner and I can write article like I am writing in MS Word. So I found Windows Live Writer which is a product by Microsoft and they have integrated awesome features in it to work with various platforms like BlogSpot. WordPress, TypePad etc.

Few days back I installed Windows Live Writer on my laptop and this have made my work more simple and easy. Here I am going to share that how this helped me making my work easy and how you can configure Windows live writer for WordPress.

First of all this is almost same like MS Word and you can do all the following thing with this software.

  • Change words in bold, italic and underline.
  • Insert H1, H2, H3 and all other tags very easily.
  • Insert hyperlink very smoothly with option nofollow or dofollow.
  • Easy to insert Video and Pictures.
  • Easy to select WordPress categories.
  • Easy to add meta tags in article.
  • Auto spelling checker.
  • Auto word count.
  • Direct option to save post in draft or publish it.
  • Options to change font color, size, family very easily.
  • Easy article formatting.
  • You can insert tables, maps, emotions.
  • You can mange multiple blogs via this software (best feature).

As you can see this is a very featured rich software and you will be having freedom to do many things with your article.

Steps to Configure Windows Live Writer for WordPress

1. Download Windows Live Writer here.

2. Open it and select WordPress.


3. Enter your blog URL and login details and click next.


4. After proper setting it will show you like this and it will start fetching data from your blog like categories, posts, theme etc.


5. Once it will be configured a window like MS Word will open and you can start writing your article there.


Final Words!!

Finally I would like to say that you must use this tool if you want to add more productivity in blogging and want to decorate your article more brilliantly. This amazing tool will let you do many exciting things.

If you have any issue to Configure Windows Live Writer for WordPress then ask me in comment section and I would love to help you.

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  1. says

    Nice. It makes easy to go with Windows writer. But it has one problem. It shows too much space between 2 lines. (More than default) That’s why I don’t use it!

  2. says

    Hi buddy,
    You had set up very easy steps to configure windows live writer.I am also using windows live writer to write and edit my post.It is easy to use,configure and manage.Blogdesk and Blog.jet are good alternatives.By the way you had provided nice information.

  3. says

    Wow, really nice valuable and useful software. i have read about this software on lots of sites. But i always confuse how to use. but now I will try it. thanks for sharing this tutorial :)

  4. Visal says

    I want to try but I use Mac ;-(
    Do you have any recommendation on similar tool for Mac?

    thanks in advance


  5. says

    I’ve used Live Writer for blogging for years now, and I must say it’s the best blogging software I’ve tried, especially for it’s WordPress-specific features. That being said, there’s one really, really annoying thing I find with it…. you can’t set featured images! Unless this is something that’s been fixed so recently that I haven’t heard about it, it’s something that just irks me.

  6. says

    good software, usefull for website’s writer and blog’s browser based update page has many issue when we use this in slow speed.

  7. content service says

    Thanks for a post.your configureation was very easy and nice it helps us very easily. But we don’t want such type of configure because it show a many mistakes in that. otherwise all is good. thanks for shairng

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