How to Boost Your Email Subscribers in 2014

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Email list is one of the effective ways to grow your online presence and income. Most online gurus say “money is in the list” and it’s 100% true.

If you are not building an email list yet, you are losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single month on the table.

The most common problem I hear when it comes to building an email list is “how to get more email subscribers?

Let me discuss few strategies to get more email leads to your list without sweating much.


Let’s dive into the details.

Offer a freebie

The number one reason why your email list is still not growing is because you are not offering any freebie to your visitors.

Most online readers are lazy. They want a crazy offer to give their emails in order to get it.

By offering something for free (be it a free guide, theme, plugin etc) you can boost your email subscribers rate.

Drive more targeted traffic

One of the basic reasons your email list never grow is you don’t have sufficient traffic. And driving more traffic to your websites is not a rocket science. Here are few simple ways to get targeted traffic to increase your email subscribers.

  • Frequently guest post on good blogs: You don’t always have to land on top blogs, but make sure to guest post on the blogs that are better than you. And do it often.
  • Comment on the blogs you read: Most people don’t comment or share even after reading a great blog post. Try to avoid it and start commenting like a pro on the blog posts whenever you read something awesome like this.
  • Improve your on-page SEO: Most new bloggers don’t optimize their blogs for the search engines. This includes having targeted keywords on their meta description, title and tags. If you are using WordPress, consider using SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO or All in one SEO to boost your website reach.

Use a popup (light box)

Like it or not, popup’s work. They do a fantastic job in increasing your conversion rates on your email list.

Using cute popup software like Pippity, Popup domination, etc won’t hurt your blog readership, instead they boost your email subscribers. According to a recent survey, the sites that use popup’s dramatically improved their list to 400%. It says it all!

Try Aweber for first month in just $1.

Install Welcome Gate

Welcome Gate is one of the best and free list building plugins available in the market.

What it does is it creates a beautiful squeeze page on your WordPress site and attracts more people to subscribe to your email list.

This plugin redirects the first time visitors to a great looking landing page (without showing a popup). People are only redirected to the squeeze page when they go to your home page.

You can get it here for FREE

Create scarcity

Ask yourself this question – why should a visitor subscribe to your newsletter NOW and not after a week (or month)?

“Scarcity often creates urgency.”

People always want what they can’t have or don’t have. The best way to boost your email subscribers is to create products that are worth paying for and giveaway them for free to collect their email addresses. People would be happy to subscribe to your email lists if your offer is valuable.

Show Proof and Build Trust

No one likes to give their email address if you don’t provide any proof (be it testimonials from others, reviews of your freebies or anything that makes your offer unique).

The best way to capture your first time visitors’ attention is through building credibility.

You can build instant trust by doing these things:

  • Make your blog design appealing (it instantly creates a professional feel)
  • Show testimonials from real people (ask people to review your product who already have downloaded your stuff; if they like your freebie, they’ll happily do it)
  • Get more blog comments on your blog posts (after all, no one likes to feel they’ve landed on a ghost town)
  • Show the number of downloads (if you got more than 1000 downloads), it can dramatically attract more people to get their hands on your freebies.

In a nutshell:

People don’t subscribe just because you’re asking them to subscribe.

You need to give them strong reasons to subscribe, like giving a freebie that is worth paying for and/or providing great value through your blog posts. And always engage once you started building your email list. Remember – Interaction is the key to monetize your email list.

Do you have any more tips to boost email subscribers? Please share them below.

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  1. says

    great post. I usually like to promote my site through guest blogging to get more targeted visitors. one of the best ways to increase subscribers is to add a pop up windows, very nice points covers in this post.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Ian Mason says

      Although Pop Ups are annoying, the conversion rate is higher. So using them is a wise idea. I would suggest you to follow the other methods mentioned in this post along with pop-ups.


  2. says

    It is always true that to make money a blogger has to make an email list and utilize it perfectly to his/her readers. I’m searching for a plugins which can do this tasks completely free and after reading this article, I have found it. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable article with the bloggingcage readers.

    • Ian Mason says

      I am glad that you found the plugins you were looking for. Now use them and build your list :)


  3. says

    Ian, these are some very useful tips. Tell me though, with a wordpress.com blog I am quite limited in using many of these techniques. Do you have any specific strategies for this type of blog?

    • Ian Mason says

      Hey Steven, I have never used wordpress.com, so don’t have much idea. Sorry for that. But I guess some of the above mentioned strategies will definitely work.

      However, if you are serious about blogging, I will suggest you to leave the free blogging platform; buy a domain and start a self hosted blog. See if you want to build a list, you have to be professional. I hope you got my point.


  4. says

    Thanks for revealing this secret bro, I’m doing the blog commenting specially if I like the articles of the blog, like yours I really enjoyed and gain great information about blogging. Once again thank you for doing such a good job..

  5. says

    Very nice article. it’s really amazing. Your points are really cool and are totally worthy to take it.
    thanks for sharing this informative guide with us.

  6. says

    Hi Ian!
    These all are really an awesome tips that you mention in your post. I read whole article and found it informative and helpful But I think giveaway is one of the best way of increasing subscribers and social media fans and its also help us to increase our blog traffic.

    • Ian Mason says

      Hey dude,

      True, giveaway is one of the best methods to increase subscribers. However, you should select the right product. If this goes wrong, giveaway method won’t work.

      I am glad you liked the article. Thanks.

  7. Bishal Biswas says

    I was looking forward to start Email Marketing, and yet thanks Ian Mason for such awesome guidance. Moreover, Guest blogging is a superb and superior way by which we could make up targeted audience who later turn into email subscribers.

    Yet, thanks once again for this great article. Have a great weekend :)
    – Bishal Biswas

    • Ian Mason says

      Hey Bishal,

      Yes, guest blogging is great way to increase your email list.

      One quick tip – Add a link to your landing page in the author bio of your guest post. The landing page should offer a freebie. This will definitely increase the numbers.

      Thanks. Have a great weekend dude.

  8. says

    “Scarcity creates urgency”…you nailed it Ian!

    On a side note, building an email list seems simpler than retaining the subscribers…How about a post on that?

  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 says

    Its really a great sharing..I love to visit your site.You always has comes up with new idea which is very useful for the users…
    email subscription should also be in good range for a successful blog.so that your new update should reach to all of them who subscribed.
    thanks for sharing it..:)

  10. says

    Hi Ian,
    You listed almost everything which should be considered by internet marketers to boost email subscribers.
    Just like Chitraparna, I too want to see a post on “Retaining the subscribers” by you or Kulwant bro.
    BTW Thanks for this share. :)

  11. says

    I will surely try to remember all the tips and also try to use them for getting good results for myself. I’m very grateful to you for providing this beautiful post.

  12. says

    Really from a long time I was trying to increase my email subscribers but my tricks doesn’t worked. Now I have applied your tricks and got 63 email subscribers in a very few time.
    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  13. says

    Hey Iran

    According to me freebies are the best and quickest way to gain lots of targeted subscribers to our email list. We need to create buzz and urgency around our giveaways to gain maximum mileage from them.

    I will give a try to the welcome gate plugin that you shared and let’s see how it goes for me.

  14. says

    Hey Iran,
    I’m glad be here for the first time an got amazed about thee tricks you have made for the email subscribers.. Even more I have one doubt.. Does spamming mails hide our subscription??

  15. says

    Increasing number of email subscribers is really worth task and yes, of course, we can’t everytime keep on telling personally to our readers to subscribe to our email list.

    So the ideas you have mention i.e. providing with freebies, pop-up, guest posting, reviewing the products is really a useful steps. And will follow the remaining one which is yet to implemented on my blog. Thanx for sharing this.

  16. says

    Building Trust is most important thing. Users tend to subscribe in websites which they trust and hence it is important for bloggers like us to first build that trust with readers by adding content which provides value to the users. I can say that lightbox popup is really helping me to build my audience list

  17. says

    very good and effective post..very well written and nicely executive.
    this is the first article I am reading on this blog..
    can you suggest me some best email subscribers tool for my blog.

  18. says

    Hi Ian,

    Great tips to boost email list followers. I prefer Freebies and a popup box. This works great for me.
    Thank you for sharing other options also. I will definitely try those options.

  19. Ashwin Singh says

    So nice guide to increase email subscription. I like many of the topics and thinking to write guest post on other blogs. If i got any good content i will try to post it on Blogging cage.

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