How I Attracted 173,509 Visitors On My 3 Months Old Blog


Blogging is all about experiments and knowledge of demand.

Knowing about proper market and your audience is the key to get success in online world. And if you are going to fulfill people’s need through your blog then you are going to reap real fruits in very short time.

I got the idea after reading few awesome blogs like SmartPassiveIncome and Entrepreneurs-Journey. I read about them and found that they started their blogs after finding little market and kept on building them to get more loyal readers. The best thing I learnt is; your readers are your main promoters, so if you pass to deliver what they want then they are going to do free of cost advertisement for you.

This is called word-of-mouth advertisement and one of the best advertisement in this world.

If you will succeed in finding your audience then almost 50% of the problem is already solved.


So here my story begins.

Around 3 months back I got one idea to start a tech blog to share few tips only. A kind of blog where people will get almost all of the tech tips (I am giving my best to cover many categories).

Note: I am not going to disclose my blog’s name, URL, any keyword or anything related to my blog here.

I am not sharing anything here because this happened with two of my friends when they shared their story on their blog and few people stole their data and study.

Read case 1 and case 2 to read more about the stories I am talking about.

So just for my security I am not going to talk anything about my blog, but don’t worry because I am going to share exact procedure to take that blog to this level.

Here are screenshots of my blog’s traffic

My blog is 3 months old but I have stats of last 2 months only, as I installed GA code after one month.





How I got the idea to start this blog?

I keep reading many blogs daily and always looking forward to get ideas from them.

My favorite time pass is to visit various forums and read inspirational stories. So we always get ideas by visiting forums and reading real life stories.

One day I was visiting one forum and found that many people were asking one specific category questions and only few of those questions were getting answered.

So my duty as a blogger was to provide them what they were looking. :)

I bought one good-looking domain from GoDaddy and started building my blog around it. I was amazed to see that I started getting results within first 4-5 days.

Note: I installed my Google Analytics code 1 month later I started my blog.

Many people were coming on brand new blog and this was very good news for me.

How I got the traffic?

Now this is the crucial question and the main point why you visited my article. :)

Around 4-5 months back I was completely unaware about the importance of keyword research and I always took it very lightly.

One day I bought Long Tail Pro and started using it. As this was very new software for me, so I started using it more and learning the best ways to use it wisely.

I was completely amazed to see that there were few keywords which people were searching but there were not many articles to teach them.

I started targeting only those keywords on my blog and writing article around them only.

How I got more writing ideas?

This was very new experience for me and I was totally stunned with this new discovery.

I started visiting more forums and looking for more questions.


One guy in one forum is asking : How can I make a USB bootable for installing MAC OS on my laptop?

I will just find main keyword from this question like “Installing MAC OS using bootable pendrive” and then feed this main keyword into Long Tail Pro.

Then I will analyze that what kind of keywords people are searching to solve this query.

And I will keep changing my keywords around this question until I will find a potential keyword.

Potential keywords mean here is; atleast 1000 people are searching for that particular keyword.

How am I writing those articles?

I have hired 3 guys from Facebook for that tech blog and they are writing articles as per my keywords.

Apart from Facebook, I am using OnlineJobs, Odesk and TextBroker to get my work done.


Till now this blog has given me $113 in 10 days and for sure it is going to cross $300 this month. I haven’t started using any other monetizing methods for this blog.


Note: I have shared AdSense earning of that blog only.

Next month I am going to apply my blog on BuySellAds and then this blog will start giving me real money. ;)

What’s next?

Next target is to reach 25000+ pageviews till the end of this month and monetize atleast $1500 per month from next month. let’s see where I will take this blog.

Now your turn!

Hope you are going to use my tested ideas to start a new blog and taking your blog to a new level very soon.

All the very best to you.

I would love to hear your awesome responses in commenting section.

Note: I have placed RSS subscriber widget on my sidebar, so if you want to get all my latest updates in your inbox then you can subscribe my RSS feed.



  1. says

    Nice article. As you stated its really important to build loyal readership. Our readers are the one who promote our blog posts. Its important we keep providing them with quality stuff to grow/. Happy to read your story too. Keep up the good work.
    Ankit Bansal recently posted..APTET Admit Card/Hall Ticket 2013My Profile

  2. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    AWESOME indeed :)

    Congratulations to your new achievements and venture. Yes, I did subscribe to the RSS mentioned and when I read the title of this post, I just knew I had to head right over and learn what and how you did it all. Gosh! This really does sound unimaginable. But I liked your idea of targeting those particular keywords that were the most seeked ones – makes sense.

    Ah…long tail pro is good, as you too recommend it, as I’ve also been reading about it’s wonderful features as mentioned by other fellow bloggers. One does get a little puzzled whether this or them market samurai are better, or perhaps this gives you a wider choice and more features as compared.

    Nevertheless, I wish you all the very best with your new venture and blogs, and I’m sure you’d achieve your target in no time. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Is Divorce NecessaryMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Harleena.

      Glad to hear that my title was enough to trigger you to open and read it. :)

      This was very astonishing discovery for me too. I realized that we can drive much more traffic just by knowing what people are searching on Google. The idea was to find atleast 10 such keywords having 1000-3000 local searches per month. I found few good keywords and then consulted with my writers to write article around those keywords.

      Results were obviously miraculous and I am on first place of Google for around 10-15 such keywords and they are driving a lot of traffic.

      Long Tail Pro was one of the best investment I made to build my business.

      Extremely recommended tool.

      Thanks for your awesome wishes.
      Kulwant Nagi recently posted..How I Attracted 173,509 Visitors On My 3 Months Old BlogMy Profile

  3. says

    Wow i wish i could see at least 1/4 of those numbers . Well the steps i take are almost the same but i use adwords instead and choose the keywords with monthly searchs btw 1000 – 9000 and write my articles based on those keywords . After reading what longtail could do i wish i had that instead .
    Osei recently posted..Installing Lamp Server on Centos or UbuntuMy Profile

  4. says

    What an awesome post Kulwant sir.
    really happy to know that even a few month old blog can attract that much amount of visitors and can earn really good.
    I’m also working on a blog and as you said that keeping the blog hidden from others really helps out, I’m following the same method and the blog is unknown to everyone i know :D
    now hoping for some good results.
    anyway thanks for this post and keep posting like this.
    Varun recently posted..Top 10 Technology YouTube Channels from IndiaMy Profile

    • says

      Kunal, many small tech blogs are the main reason that tech niche blogs are not getting traffic. Actually the traffic has been divided among those all small and big blogs, so if you want to survive for long time then you will have to analyze the number of visitors for any keyword. So keyword research plays a very big role here.
      Kulwant Nagi recently posted..How I Attracted 173,509 Visitors On My 3 Months Old BlogMy Profile

  5. sagar says

    Thanks Kulwant for sharing your inspirational success story, this helps me to work hard on my first blogging project which I will started soon.

  6. says

    WoW! great article and as well very very important information i got it from your blog. Thank you very much for sharing this important information here.

  7. says


    Insightful case study which helps others finding their own way. As you said keyword research is most important part instead blindly writing article and if we write unique article without researching any keywords, we can only get few visits. We should apply keywords in proper density.

    My wishes for your new vision.

    Matthew recently posted..How Guest Blogging Helps Businesses Find Targeted CustomersMy Profile

  8. says

    Yet another example which clearly shows that ‘Smart Work’ is what is required to get success in blogging. You did that, and results are in your favor. Gonna implement the same way on my blog.

  9. says

    hi kulwant,very good article,it will inspire ur readers like to get traffic …..we are waiting for ur interwiew series….

  10. says

    This is awesome stuff Kulwant!
    Keyword research is the key, long tails are always gold mines, one just need to do their research properly. Investing time in researching longtails are always helpful in the long run.

    My niches were different, i have mostly skipped the tech niche, but the same principles work with every niche. Long tail + good content and perhaps to a lesser extent – a nice keyword domain.

    keep it up,
    Uttoran Sen recently posted..$500 Cash Prize Contest by Guest CrewMy Profile

  11. says

    Great post Mr. @Kulwant Really i got alot information in this articles and is it possible? we can get huge traffic only 3 months. now days i don’t know how to research keyword for writing articles so please if you know any tutorial so please share link i want to learn how to research keyword and all over this post informative and valuable :) keep it bro
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted..Micromax Canvas 4 Specifications and price at Rs. 17,999My Profile

  12. says

    Wow, Really I am inspired by your article.
    You have expressed very deeply the way for starting a Blog and attracting traffic To it!
    this will help a Lot of new Bloggers and they can also avoid their initial mistakes..

    Thanks a Million Trillion for sharing this With us!
    You are the only man who Inspired Me!
    May Blessings of Almighty be always Upon you Kulwant!!
    Murtaza Nimuchwala recently posted..How to get Virtual Credit Card (VCC) for FreeMy Profile

  13. says

    Usually, I don’t completely read articles on other blog. I’d rather just run through the main points [as I'm toooo lazy :P].
    But I always make sure to read all your articles, because you always share your personal success experiences, rather than just boasting to be a PRO BLOGGER ! :)
    After reading your last few articles, I came to know how important and significant is proper keyword research for a blog. So I’ve planned out to buy a keyword research tool, and trail out your method of blogging success ! :D
    Great Article bro, keep posting ! :)
    Akhil Pulotil recently posted..5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block Like A Boss !My Profile

  14. says

    Dear Kulwant,
    wow that was fascinating, your numbers sir are unbelievable, and the keyword strategy is pure genius, best traffic strategy i ever learned anywhere.
    i’ve looked up this Long Tail Pro and the reviews sound amazing just like you say here,
    Congratulations and a million thanks for sharing your secret with us!
    Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted..Free CV Builder, Free Resume Builder, cv templatesMy Profile

  15. says

    I did this experiment 2 months back but not on a big scale like.
    My recipe
    Ingrediants :-
    12 Articles
    one .com domain ( partially matched domain )
    blogger account
    seo moz free account

    My process
    3 articles were very high quality and were 1500 words long. Made them a link a navigation menu. Did three guest posts on blogs where my competitors were posting. All guest post links towards these three posts. ( Anchor text still works )
    Add some social media signals
    Wait for few days
    Those 3 posts are getting 1000 hits a day. Till now I am struggling with adsense CTR, I am sure I will fix it.

    Target – To get 3500 hits per day in 1 months.
    Revenue goal – $500 in a month

    Thanks Bhaaji :)
    Ramandeep Singh recently posted..5 Brainier Tricks For Brand Positioning on PinterestMy Profile

  16. says

    Impressive and motivational! I’m really impressed with the way you have been able to grow your traffic and income in such a short period of time. This is what all bloggers desire and you have found a way to make it a reality! Thanks for he great tips and I’ll be sure to apply them.
    Corey Frankosky recently posted..Day Job Killer Reversal ReviewMy Profile

  17. says

    There’s no doubt, keyword research is huge. After all if you’re not blogging about what people are looking for, they’re not going to find you. It is about more than simply search engines, though. It gives key insight into the kind of information people want, letting you shape your posts to meet demand, in addition to being better optimized for what Google’s after.

    The real key is high value content, however. Without that, it doesn’t matter how well you’re optimized for search engines, because you’ll get few return visitors or social media shares. That’s what will give your blog long term, sustained growth. Target visitors, and create content they’ll embrace and share with their friends and colleagues. You’ll be well on your way to success!
    Steve Faber recently posted..Why Your Email Newsletter Isn’t Working – 10 Campaign Killing Newsletter MistakesMy Profile

    • says

      Very well said Steve.

      In starting days of blogging I was writing very casually because as a newbie it was very obvious. :)
      Soon I found that many big bloggers were suggesting keyword research, but the big issue was – I never found any good tutorial to find them and target them. By doing proper keyword we can predict the number of people who are going to visit our blog after occupying first spot in Google.

      Few days back I have written one article on keyword research. Hope you would like to check it once.

      Kulwant Nagi
      Kulwant Nagi recently posted..How 2 Crucial Decisions Helped Me Making Extra $$$$ EasilyMy Profile

  18. says

    Congrats that you getting 5000+ readers. Your Blog design is awesome and I have regularly following you.
    Well I have a blog and more than 30% are returning readers [most of commentluv blogs have same issue] which is not yielding any earning.
    Satish recently posted..How To Back Up A Window PhoneMy Profile

  19. says

    Hi! your article is truly inspriring and encouraging too. its really amazing to see those numbers to your blog. how could you manage. getting an idea and hitting it to the top is truly awesome. thanks. keep writing.

  20. Ana says

    Hi, this is awesome man, you nailed it. I like such kind of stories which always motivates me to be steady in my work.
    Your story is so inspirational. Attracting enough visitors is a task. You are such an awesome man.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  21. Muhammad Qasim says

    Dear Kulwant Nagi,

    My question is that you didn’t mentioned about any off-page SEO technique above to get that much traffic on your blog in this little time. My question is did you got this traffic just from ON-Page SEO and targeting that keywords?

    Or you worked on building some quality links too to your blog. Please clear my question. I have to start new blog and till now some told me that only concentrate on good keywords and keep your on page seo good by using WordPress SEO from yoast and it will be OK while others told me that main thing in search rankings is quality back linking. Please share your thoughts and experience.

    Appreciate that.

    Muhammad Qasim

  22. Gaurav @ Seo Services says

    keyword reaserch is really very important in terms with seo and i do agree that long tail keywords always help to rank faster and easier in search engines. nice tips.

  23. Anne@ More Than Words says

    I like the way this article begins,”Blogging is all about experiments and knowledge of demand”, You have inspired me from the word go.
    I think i will give a try the forums experiment that has yielded you success. Going forward, i think it will be all about how bloggers harness the power of long tail keywords.
    Anne recently posted..Keep Your Creativity Fresh With These Killer StrategiesMy Profile

  24. says

    I wish I had so much inspiration and ideas to start making my own serious blog or some kind of internet money. The income from the internet today can be really high. It is worth it to spend 6 months hard working on your project and after that it must be awesome to see the results – i mean the money coming : )

    Good luck !
    Dereck Hacks recently posted..Monster World Hack 2013My Profile

  25. says

    Awesome report. Really liked it, btw you can make much more out of these visitors you should convert them well. Read my free Report which will help you raise your income and for other readers too. Don’t want to spam so just click on my name and you guys will be directed to the page.

  26. says

    Holy cow! This is the real deal! I really need to thank you for showing the real progress and not just saying that ‘you got high ranks, etc, etc’ Seeing how you progress is a really big thing! To think that you only have a few months and now you have an established readers. Man, you are awesome. I do hope that I can use your examples so that I can also drive traffic to my site. Thanks. As I mentioned earlier you are awesome!!!
    Dane recently posted..You Too Can Have Thicker EyeLashesMy Profile

  27. says

    The article is certainly an inspiration for many including me as it highlights the sure cut ways of gaining an effective customer base. You talked about the readers being the promoters and we can surely get the requisite exposure through them as well. Kudos to you since you rightly deserve the success, and I can’t thank you more for sharing such wonderful information. Wish you all the very best for the next target of yours. Hope you are going to achieve the same with flying colors as well.
    Thanks again.
    Afzal Zaheer recently posted..Can beggars be a source of inspiration to bloggers?My Profile

  28. says

    As u said above Blogging is all about experiments and knowledge of demand, i am very much impress by your thought and by your work also u have done a great job thanks for sharing your views. It really help to get the visitors.

    Thanks & keep updating

  29. Neeraj says

    Hi Kulwant,
    I recently found your blog. I am from Hanumangarh (Raj ) ( though I work in pune ) and my sister is married in Fatehbad, so I know your place very well .. have been there many times. Would love to meet you sometime :)

    I have a question about your backlinking strategy.. I have read all the comments .. and understood that you have done 50 article submission .. blog commenting .. some links using tool.. As link building is one of the most important part ( other than keyword research :) ) .. Can you please let us know in bit more detail about the links which you builts, for ex:
    1. Were blog commenting on do-follow blog? If all/some of them were do-follow, approx what were their PR?
    2. Exactly what type of links your build using tools? Also are these types of links safe for future penguine/panda?
    3. Do you think article submission is safe for future penguine/panda?
    4. Anything else you would like to add??

    • says

      Neeraj, that’s great that you have your sister in Fatehabad. You have full chances to meet me. :)

      So here I am going to answer your questions
      1. I think 90% nofollow only and I don’t remember about their PR now.
      2. Article submission is safe if you are submitting article on reputed sites and your article is genuine.
      3. Connect with like-mined people and learn from them.

      If you still have any query then you can ask.
      Kulwant Nagi recently posted..Why I Left My Full-time Job and Became Professional BloggerMy Profile

  30. says

    Hi Nagi Ji,

    it was very nice read your success visitors on a 3 Month Old blog.

    But i would like to know, if you have any Detailed tutorial on How we can use long tail pro keyword?

  31. says

    Hi Kulwant, this is a great account of what you’ve managed to achieve with your 3 month old blog, and an inspiration for all bloggers. Congratulations to you, something struck me in your post and that’s that I don’t have a great deal of knowledge on keyword research and I must learn a little more about it. Also long tail pro is on my list of things to buy, thanks again, keep it up mate.
    Fabrizio Van Marciano recently posted..5 Incredibly Hard And Stupid Ways To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  32. says

    Thanx Kulwant for sharing your story with us. I really get inspire after reading your success story and try my luck in this blogging field.

  33. says

    Thanks Kulwant for sharing your personal tips. I am just impressed with your ideas and am going to implement this on my blog.
    Thanks again.

  34. says

    You really have done hard work to get this. I appreciate it.
    I liked your idea about how to search content and what factors to notice before writing like local monthly search. Can you please refer me social media tools through which my content get shared by others?

  35. says

    HI Kulwant

    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing. Many bloggers tell about long tail pro. From this post I understand the importance of this tool. What is the name of your tech blog?

  36. says

    Niche Blogging is the best way to attract that much visitors in very less time. On valentines Day i have i.e.14 Feb 2014 i have 35k visitors on my niche blog and earning was $485 on that day :) thanks for this post :)

  37. Ahmed Shawan says

    Hi! this article is pretty awesome and the achievement is robust and unattainable for any newbie blogger. I’d just negotiate with following points please answer them Mr. Kulwant Nagi

    It’s not possible to rank specific pages on position #1, #2 or #3 within 1 or 2 months on Google and other search engines even there are proven sites on specific keywords then how did you do so?

    Google adsense does not allow sites having less than 6 months in age but yours only 3 months! how you made this?

    My only these two questions and expect your appropriate answers sooner.

    • says

      Thanks for being here, Ahmed.

      Ranking any blog depends on the difficulty of keyword which can be measured by looking first 10 competitors in Google search results. If many people are ranking for ‘exact’ keyword in search engines then ranking them might be little tough..

      When I started this blog, I already had Google AdSense which I got approved from my other blog.

      I know this was a late reply… but hope your questions got answered..

  38. says

    Wonderful Kulwant!
    I think you remember me and since I joined your newsletter, I am amazed to explore many ideas from your blog and hopeful to start getting the same result soon
    Thanks dear.

  39. says

    Hi Kulwant

    That was a great achievement bro! I’m trying to increase my blog traffic from around 6 months and i’m failing terribly ..:( I think this might help me..:) Thanks

  40. says

    How I would have loved to know the blog so that I could have seen it first hand. But still the figures are really very very impressive and that has certainly amazed me for sure. I hope this proves to be inspirational to me and other fellow bloggers. Thanks for the tips.

  41. Shubham Rastogi says

    1. Proper Keyword Research
    2. Engaging Content
    3. On-page optimization
    4. Get relevant links from pages which have High Page authority and PR more thn 2 (DA, PA, PR) important factors

    If you follow these step, you can able to rank any website in search engines

  42. says

    I too find it very boring and time consuming to sit and do keyword research, so I prefer writing articles on random topics related to my blog topic getting go benefits i.e no conversions in terms of traffic and earnings. I never visit forums as I thought it was a time waste because we easily find solutions for every query we have so why visit forums. After reading this post I think I should start visiting forums and start learning how to do keyword research to get better results
    Mukul Bansal recently posted..Interview with Tony John, the first blogger from IndiaMy Profile