Here’s Why a Blogger Shouldn’t Help Everyone

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No, I’m not against helping people and I’ll never be; but sometimes I don’t help others.

Yes, it’s absolutely true.

I don’t help everyone.

Sometimes, even if I want to help someone I don’t help.

I don’t give him any kind of advises and I also don’t help him to get his work done.

But why?

As a blogger my main duty is to help others because blogging means helping, but even then I sometimes don’t help others. Why?

Is it that I discriminate between people?

No, it’s not that I discriminate between people. Like, helping the one from whom I’ll get benefits and not helping others from whom I’ll not get anything. It’s not true. I help everyone I can but sometimes I just don’t.

Again, it’s also not true that I don’t help my competitors. I help them as well without thinking anything. But sometimes I don’t.

I know that you’re continuously reading this article to know the reason why I don’t help everyone, but before that I want to tell you something.

I want you to do something. What’s that?

I want you to stop helping everyone, even if you want to.

No, I’m not kidding. I mean it. You really should stop helping everyone, even if you want to help them.

Look friend, helping someone is not a bad thing. In life, I’ve learnt that if we help someone then that means we are educating someone, which is a very noble deed. Teaching or helping someone is always a good idea. I’ll rather say that it’s a great work.

But, should we help someone even if we don’t know what he is talking about?

I mean, if someone asks you for a help but you don’t know much about the thing he is talking about, then should you try to help him?

Of course, not.

I hope you got my point. If not, continue reading. And if you’ve got the point, then definitely continue reading…

As I said, helping someone is always a great idea and when we help someone it builds a good relation and also builds some trust.

Well, I never help to get benefits, but it’s true that when we help someone we gain some hope that one day they may also help us when we will need their help.

But, what if you tried to help someone but made everything worse?

You went up to help someone, then made it worse. You messed up everything. Again, you also lifted your hands up by saying that now you can’t do anything about it. Then you told that you don’t know much about it and you also don’t know what step should be taken to fix everything that happened.

Oh! Lord. What will be your image in front of that guy now?

Man, if you didn’t knew anything then why you agreed to help? (That guy will think like this.)

He will also blame himself that why he ever asked you for a help. And in future he will never ask you for a help. He may still keep a good relation with you but he will never trust you like he would have.

Funny things that I see in the blogosphere.

In blogging, I’ve seen many bloggers who themselves have just started a new blog and now are trying to help others in making a success blog. I ask, did they achieve success?

I again see some bloggers who don’t know about a topic but are trying to write posts and guides on that. Silly huh?

And what makes me laugh and also angry is that, some bloggers who have not yet earned a single penny from blogging shouts out that they can teach others how to make a living online. Man, how to make a living? Really?

They write articles like “How to make $1000 in a month?” Is it a joke??

People who are aware about these bloggers will directly ignore them, but those who don’t know will follow what they said. But, will they reap any benefits? No, never.

I ask, how can you expect a great masterpiece from a new-born painter?

Or, how can you expect a perfectly designed furniture from an unskilled carpenter?

So, my main point is that we should never help everyone, even if we want to.

So, when we should help someone and when we shouldn’t?

Yes, we should help people but only when we are expert in that field, or at least when we know a lot about the topic. We shouldn’t help someone when we don’t know anything about the matter. Rather, we should send that person to someone else who is expert in that field. When the person will get the help he will thank both of you and will always remember you for helping him.

So now you got what I wanted to say. And here my article almost ends…

Summarizing my article in a few points:

  1. Always help the needy ones and never expect something in return.
  2. Never try to help someone with a thing about which you don’t know much.
  3. When you can’t help, stop giving advice and suggest them to take help from others.
  4. If you still want to help someone, suggest them to consult Mr.X, who is expert in that field.
  5. If you’ve no experience in blogging then stop teaching how to blog as it hurts a blogger’s reputation.
  6. Never blog about what you don’t know or what has not yet been proved by someone popularly known.
  7. When you can’t explain something in your articles, link to other articles which carry detailed info about the topic.

So this is what I wanted to share in this article of mine. My article don’t just relate to bloggers and blogging but to everyone. I hope you liked it and agree with my point. Do let me know your views about it. If you agree with my point then do vote for me as I’m also taking part in the guest blogging contest happening over here. :)

photo credit: david_a_lea

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  • Wade Harman

    Very interesting topic here, and one that I agree with! Everyone should read this post!

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks Wade bro. I truly thank you for reading my article and agreeing with me. It’s always that, we should help only those whom we can help in the right way.

  • Abhishek

    I believe blogging is a business, where you wont like to make anyone your enemy. There are lot of people whom when you don’t help them they start attacking you. It good to have a balance

    • Koj Tajo

      Hey Avi, nice to see you here.
      I totally agree with Abhishek, one needs to have that balance. And then, there should be no gap of communication. Often the problem starts with lack/ or to say gap of communication.
      And Avi, a good topic to write upon. Only impossible thing is to IMPRESS everyone.
      But my Bro, I feel its about at what extent you can render your help to persons in need.
      You are going great. I feel for all those self-proclaimed Pro-Bloggers who has nothing but ATTITUDE. I feel sorry for the fact how hard they are going to FALL. Out of all the TALENTS, One with greater Attitude will WIN the Race :)
      Keep on HELPING others as usual AVI,
      Wish your Blog Hit SKY 😉

      • Avi Jit

        Yes attitude is very important but along with that we should keep helping others as much we can. I’ll always be helping whom I can. Thanks for your support and appreciating my work. By the way, don’t you think that some ProBloggers don’t give any response to their readers?

    • Avi Jit

      Hi! Abhishek. Good to see you here. Yes we should always keep a balance but I always try to help whom I can even if I’m busy. But sometimes I just don’t coz I might not be the right person to advice them. So I just ask them to refer someone else who is expert in that field.

  • Avinash Mishra

    Hi Avi Jit,

    Well described mate. Sometimes people annoy me, instead I help them. Sometimes when you approach to help needy people, they suddenly cross their limits and ask rubbish things, like how much you are earning with blogs? How many blogs you have? etc etc

    It really harass me to help such kind of people. BTW, I don’t go backward to help people, even I’ll feel good to help someone.

    Nice Post. :)
    Hope, You’ll win the contest.
    Best of Luck :)


    • Avi Jit

      Well I understand. Some people take help and start disturbing us. But when we can we should help them as they are now the newbies. Even I remember that I also used to disturb some bloggers to get correct answer to my questions during my newbie days. 😀

  • Aqib Shahzad

    HI Avi,
    From this post , i learned many useful things, thanks for sharing superb article

    • Avi Jit

      I’m glad that I could educate you through my article and thoughts. Thanks for your comment.

  • Sibin

    Nice article.This happened in my life also. Actually i am not an expert , i always google and take necessary items. But if someone ask for help , i can’t tell anything , because i take everything from other websites. Only an expert can answer everything.

    • Avi Jit

      True, only an expert can answer all questions about a particular topic. And a well experienced or learned ma can teach or guide others. I agree. :)

  • Gautam

    Awesome article ON helping each others in the blogosphere. I agree to some of your points But some points needs To be cleared. Btw thanks..

    • Avi Jit

      Please let me know which points you want me to clear. I think you should agree with my points. And if not, I’ll be glad to listen why. :)

      • Gautam

        Helping Others when you don’t know The thing is asking for will be really wrong.But i got confused just because of your Title.Thnks…

        • Avi Jit

          Well no problem. I see that some other readers also got confused. I wish they could reply at least the summary of my article to get the whole thing. BTW thanks again for the reply. Yes, we shouldn’t help one when we ourselves don’t know the topic much.

          • Avi Jit

            Ops! *Typo* 😛 (reply = read) 😀

  • Suresh Khanal

    Fake personality is always devastating. There’s no problem in learning together. Sharing your learning experiences and the knowledge you acquired but trying to be the self-proclaimed ‘Expert’, ‘Guru’ and so on is really harmful to both the parties.

    We tend to love more and follow so that we can walk together as long as I identify you as somebody like myself. I’ll visit the reputed brands and services if ever I need services. So, its better to express ‘the real you’ rather than try to boast somebody else :)

    Thanks Avi for the lovely discussion and wish you good luck for the contest.

    • Avi Jit

      True and I completely agree. We should be ourselves and try to help people with right advice. People will take us as the Guru, we don’t need to show off. True. :)

  • Anirudh Karthik

    Sounds weird, that bloggers shouldn’t help anyone? Found the post very Interested! Thanks Avi Jit :)

    • Avi Jit

      Weird? Ah! a bit to hear. But it completely discusses a point about which many bloggers don’t really care. Teaching without knowing is always wrong and that’s what I highlighted over here.

  • Simon George

    Yeah Bro….I agree with you. I have not seen tillyet any of mine blogger friend helping me for any return or something else this is all because bloggers like you are creating an awareness and making this blogosphere clean and awesome. Good Job Bro :)

    • Avi Jit

      That’s always good. We shouldn’t expect any thing in return of help. We should help with all what we can without asking anything. The other person will by himself help us if we help him. :)

  • harshit

    every blogger knows that he can’t do anything alone so he wants or doesn’t, he must help everyone but in a limit…

    • Avi Jit

      That’s true as well. A blogger may not have the time to help you step by step. So the main funda is, we need to try hard and learn by ourselves. But should take advice or suggestions from others who are expert.

  • Kashif Minhaj

    Exactly! I will keep your points in mind. This post is very unique and true . Good luck!

    • Avi Jit

      Everyone, even if he’s not a blogger he should keep this in mind. Helping with wrong advice is always wrong.

  • Devagya Uikey

    Great buddie, very well done though i haven’t read your article fully but will complete soon. Goodluck for the entry :0

    • Avi Jit

      Would love to have your view on it. Thanks for your comment. :)

  • sheshnath

    Hi Avi,
    I agree with you and with all points that have covered, thanks for sharing your view here 😉

    • Avi Jit

      Glad to hear that you agree with me. Thanks for your comment buddy…

  • Charmie

    Hey Avi Jit,
    When I read the title of your article I was into a different mode of thinking that what are you trying to convey actually. Your topic is quite interesting especially the name of your article. Great work.
    Keep sharing such contents. It tastes really different. :)

    All the best

    • Avi Jit

      Yah Charmie, many thought the same and they got more interested in reading my article. I’m glad that you liked it! :)

  • Aditya Singh

    All the point You have given is really awesome . Article is big long so it take time to read, but i have read complete article bcaz article is really interesting…

    • Avi Jit

      Haha! Still it was not that long bro. I was trying to explain the whole thing and so it became a bit long. Well, I’m glad to hear that you read and liked it. :)

  • anis

    Good article here Avi well written
    as a Blogger I think we must help others but NOT too much I think must of us doesn’t have time to devote his time to every single one !
    thanks for sharing this awesome post !

    • Avi Jit

      If someone becomes dependent on us then loss is for both of us. But my point in the article is totally different. I don’t help when I can’t help…

  • AkhilPulotil

    Very well describedbro :-)
    Well, there is no harm in helping others, but don’t take hold of matters that are beyond you 😀
    Anyways, I hope you win this contest :-)
    All the best !

    • Avi Jit

      Yah Akhil, you said it right that we shouldn’t take hold of matters which are beyond us, because then we may endup giving wrong advice.

  • Anz Joy

    Hey Avi
    You did put up a nice article.& I did enjoy reading your article..:)
    It’s true that we shouldn’t help everyone.WE should rate it in such a way that helping somebody doesn’t negatively impact out potential.But it’s highly recommended that you help if you find that they have got a valid cause.
    Once again thnx for putting up such creative but essential article.

    • Avi Jit

      And I believe that we should always help the needy ones but with right advice.

  • Parigyan

    Interesting and unique post Avi ! I really agree with you the points you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your views and best of luck for the contest.


    • Avi Jit

      I’m glad that you liked my article and agree with my points. Thanks buddy.

  • Avinash

    Great writing skills once again Avi.really impressive writings.Points mentioned above are exactly true in real world.Genuine points about mistakes.Really pleased with this article.Thanks a lot SHB and Avijit….

    • Avi Jit

      I’m glad that you liked what I said. Yes we should always learn from mistakes and never teach others what we don’t know. Thanks for your comment.

  • Annamalai Nagappan

    I really appreciate the title. If you don’t about what you are going to write, then better not to write it up.

    • Avi Jit

      Hi! Anna. You got it right. If you don’t about what you are going to write, then better not to write it up. Thanks for your comment.

  • Romy Singh

    Hello Avi,

    My way of helping is only help provide your small extent of help and rest let the person do it by himself, because if you help if completely then he will become too dependent on you, and which is something that you don’t want to happen.

    For example, if a person need fish then catch one and give it to him, don’t start teaching him how to catch one because if you do that then you are creating a competition for you and also letting your secrete out. It important to know how to help people without harming yourself.

    Anyways nice write up.

    • Avi Jit

      I agree with you bro. It’s true that we can’t help everyone step by step, but when we can we should guide them a bit so that they can go forward. We should never make one dependent on us. Loss will be for both of us.

  • Beyond Targets

    Good article here Avi.. I will keep your points in mind.All the point You have given is really awesome thnx for Sharing.

    • Avi Jit

      I’m glad that you like my article and agree with my points. I always believe that help should be done in the right way. Thank you for commenting…

  • Pulkit Syal

    Hey Avi,
    you’re absolutely right. It really happens that we try to help someone and sometimes we make it worse helping others. Thanks for sharing it and this post really helped a lot. We should think before that what we are going to say and how we are going to help them. Thanks a lot buddy. :)

    • Avi Jit

      Great to see that you got the whole idea. Yes, sometimes people try to help someone and make it worse, which is wrong.

  • Garg Ankit

    Hey Avijit,
    Agreed with point number 5.
    I wonder how people give tips about something when they themselves are unaware of it. They think that this will help increase their reputation in the blogosphere, but actually the opposite happens.
    Well, we can just talk. People will do whatever they want.
    Anyways, best of luck for the contest. BTW, I’m also a competitor here. So, check my article and vote for me. I’ve done the same :)

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks for agreeing with me mate. Yes, this is happening in our blogosphere. Some bloggers are simply writing about money-making even if they are not making a single penny. lol 😀

      I’ll surely vote for you… :)

  • Rahul Chowdhury

    Nice and detailed article by Avi Jit, I love reading your articles bro, and yet again thanks for the great article. :-)

    • Avi Jit

      I’m very happy to hear that you like reading my articles. Thanks bud. :)

  • Anurag Kumar

    Great stuff written Avi :) Well every line written is exact the same situation we come across blogging world now a days…

    • Avi Jit

      This article applies to every person and to real world. But I’ve tried to link it to the blogging world as much as I can. Thanks for your comment.

  • James Micheal

    A lot of thanks to you Dude! I really agree with you, this doesn’t apply to blogging alone (Both Blogging and any other thing).

    Thanks Again Bro!

    • Avi Jit

      Yes. this applies to both the real world and blogging world. Thanks for your comment.

  • Lahaul Seth

    Helping out is good, but when you’re helping out someone you’re alwso giving away some of the secrets because of which you’re successful. So, I think even if we do help someone or everyone :) we should keep it within a certain limit. Great read , BTW.

    • Avi Jit

      Keeping limit is good by some means but helping needy ones is really important. Thanks for your comment.

  • Srikanth Sri

    Hi Avi,
    Well Helping others will definitely a great deed for every blogger.!!You have greatly written the article !! Thanks for the sharing!!
    All the best for you !!

    • Avi Jit

      Yes Srikant bro, Helping others is definitely a great deed for every blogger. Thanks for commenting…

  • Manoj Das

    Very Nice Article Avi .. U have described it very well .. I love reading your articles :)

    • Avi Jit

      Very happy to hear that. I really love writing quality article. Thanks for commenting…

  • Gurwinder

    Nice article Avi, really a great and awesome topic as well as content. BTW all the best to you in this BC GP contest.

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks for the wish man. Thanks for commenting as well…

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Excellent points here Avi! This is the blind leading the blind. Experts lead and if you are learning to be an expert, reference someone else. Help promote the overall success of bloggers everywhere. Thanks Buddy!


    • Avi Jit

      haha.. lol. You said it right. If this goes the case then it will be like blind guiding the blind. Thanks for commenting…

  • I.G.Pradeep

    Excellent Content Avi, That’s the fact…. Very informative and brief… highly recommended that don’t write something with half knowledge and experience.

    • Avi Jit

      hmm.. yes, writing with half knowledge is very bad like little learning is bad.

  • Holly Jahangiri

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

    Unless, of course, you don’t have the first clue how to fish. Then maybe you should just teach the poor guy how to find a bargain at the fish market. :)

    • Avi Jit

      haha! yah absolutely right. If we don’t have any clue about the first then we should just each how to find a bargain at the fish market. 😀

  • Akshay Makadiya

    I’m agree with your points and Reading this type of Post for First time.Thank you for share.. It is Good one

    • Avi Jit

      First time? I’m pleased to hear that. I thought of sharing an unique piece this time…

  • Abdul Salim

    Hi, Avi nice Article keep up it makes people to think more and you are absolutily right i agree with you. well written article love to read

    • Avi Jit

      I’m trying to make people think and show what’s wrong going on in our great blogosphere where a blind is guiding the blind.

  • Muhammad Irshad

    Well explained Avi.
    Blogging is helping. I would say that we should help others if we know how to do that.
    BTW thanks. :)

    • Avi Jit

      Yes, it’s true blogging is helping and we should always help the needy ones. :)

  • Mohideen

    Blogging is an interesting one what we are learning can be shared in minute of time but its should well experienced before conveying the message and we can help the people only for few but not for all great topic Avi i enjoyed it

    • Avi Jit

      Yes bro, helping with less experience is not good coz we may end up giving wrong advice.

  • Akshat Goel

    You could have made it general…. Even entrepreneurs shouldn’t help everyone and same with IM’s….
    but you kept your point.. It was a nice article to read…

    • Avi Jit

      Bro, it’s general. The article applies for everyone in this world. I’ve mentioned in the last lines. :)

  • swapnil

    Hey Avi Jit,
    When i read the headline of the post i didn’t understand what are you trying to say, after reading this post i got idea what are you talking about.
    I like your 2 best points
    1). Don’t agree to help when you didn’t know anything about that topic.
    2). For new bloggers,Don’t show others that you are professional blogger.

    • Avi Jit

      hmm.. thanks for supporting man. Yes, help when you know and never be over smart. :)

  • oloyede jamiu

    Whao, this post is very interesting. I have gained alot from this. thanks for releasing this.

    • Avi Jit

      I’m glad that you gained some good lessons from my article. Really good to hear that.

  • Nwosu Desmond

    You killed it on this post, so many times i come across bloggers especially on Facebook asking for one favor or the other and some times when i explain to them i dont have the time to help them or i cant help them they feel i am not being fair to them, no matter how much you want to help, you cant help everyone, and i am glad to see someone thinking same way as me regarding this issue. Thanks for sharing.

    • Avi Jit

      yes we can’t be helping every time but we should always help needy ones.

  • Mani

    Nice article written to describe about the help in blogging :) Thanks for this nice article :)

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks. Just wanted to clear it that giving fake advice is wrong.. :)

  • Sonu Sj

    Excellent stuff from you man. I’ve read your things before and you are just too awesome. I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. This is truly a great blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Avi Jit

      Loved your words. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your support.

  • rahmat mulyadi

    Helping people is a wise man do, better give a help if we can really give it. But I read a good point here, what can we help if don’t know what he asked and what to do.

    • Avi Jit

      Yes, what to help if we ourselves don’t know what to help?

  • Hursh

    I have helped many persons in this blogosphere, they are now at good position and their blog are doing good, but they hardly care now that who helped them to reach to that level. Strange but true, I always help the one who ask me, rest on their part. Helping others is my choice proving it right or wrong is theirs :)

    • Avi Jit

      True bro. We should always help people without expecting anything in return. I love the way you help others. Keep it up. :)

  • paschal

    this is really a great post the fact here is that i personally love helping but @ return i do tell them to pay my hosting bill the little they can afford but one thing i have notice from your post @Avi Jit it sounds very good most especially from your points looking forward in adjusting my help because not all does i help previously showed gratitude after

    • Avi Jit

      Hi! Paschal, it’s up to our readers whether they want to pay for us or not. I never expect anything in return.

  • Vipin Pandey

    Hi Avi,

    Very good points you have included in this article. I will tell you what I do when someone ask for help to me. If I know the solution I just tell him. But if I don’t I tried to find that solution. Sometimes this habit increase my knowledge but sometimes it makes helping hard for me. I just stuck in that problem and waste lot of time. Next time before helping someone I will consider your points.

    • Avi Jit

      You said it right. We learn something when people ask for what we don’t know. Now if we clearly understood the matter then we can help otherwise we should ask him to refer another expert.

  • Asmita

    Excellence is better than success.In the same way the article is excellent and Avi JIt I agree with Point no.5.Quality writing..Highly Impressive…

    • Avi Jit

      Well said, excellence is what we should gain. :)

  • Tblogger

    Hey Avi , This Post Is A Really Unique And Good One and in This post From The First To last you Have Did A Well Discussion with your Self and Helped us To Take The Decision.

    Among All the Points I Liked Two points Most :-
    First, One Should not Help other Expecting or Demanding Something in Return Cause it is not a good Habit and Helping Others Without Demanding Something helps To make A Better Relationship.and Also By Helping others one Can Gain Experience

    And Second , Teaching The Thing Which I don’t Know Properly is a Bad.

    Thanks For This Explain-ing The Matter Amazingly .
    Good luck For Your Contest. 😀

    • Avi Jit

      Hey Tblogger, you just got what I said. Yes, when we help someone we should not expect anything in return and again, we shouldn’t help others by giving fake advices.

  • Kharim Tomlinson

    Hey Avi,

    I loved your post and interesting headline/topic.

    My blog is tailored to helping new blogger to become successful. I want to help as much people as possible to become bloggers but then again it would not be possible to help each and every individual. But will help those who really need the help.

    • Avi Jit

      Cool Kharim. Yes we should help when we can. :)

  • Marc Bell Marketing

    Hey there Avi!

    First off let me say that I like your blog design!

    Secondly, you are a brave guy to say that bloggers shouldn’t help everyone. At first I was thinking that you were wrong for saying that we shouldn’t help anyone. Then I got to the “WHY” behind your post.

    Afterwards, the more I read your the more I began to agree with your thoughts. I agree with you on not fully helping someone if you are not skilled on the topic they need help on. Instead give the person a lead to great resources that can help.

    It’s always good to help someone if you know what your talking about. If you do not know what you are talking about, you could really confuse or even destroy their project with bad advice.

    Overall, this was a unique topic that really stood out! You did great bud : )

    Marc Bell (Marc Bell Marketing)

    • Avi Jit

      Hi! Marc. Thanks and Thanks. 😀

      I truly appreciate your comment. Yes you completely got what I’ve wrote here. When we can’t help we shouldn’t give fake advice but should send them to an experienced person or give them some resource that can help them. You’re right and that’s what I mentioned in my article.

      I’m glad that you liked my article and also my blog. Will see you soon. :)

  • Nirmala

    Hi Avi,
    I should say its really a great post from you. I agree with you but not totally!
    In blogging, we not should write the unfamiliar topics, I agree with this!
    If someone have asked help, then it is the good chance to gain knowledge about that topic by continuous reading.
    As Surest told, sharing the known and unknown things is not wrong, but guiding the person who’ve asked help from you in a wrong direction is wrong. We should consider their doubt as a good learning time, should improve our knowledge in that and we could help.
    Anyway, it is good post and my wishes to get win in this contest!

    • Avi Jit

      Hi! Nirmala Mam. Yes I agree with you that when we can’t help someone then it’s a good chance to learn from others. But in my article I’ve not talked about this, I appreciate your point though. In my article I’ve tried to explain how some people give fake advice and show wrong path to others. Thanks again for your comment. :)

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Interesting points Avi jit! The title grabbed my response, blogosphere is a wonderful community and helping others is natural, but helping the needy ones matters!

    • Kulwant Nagi

      First of all most welcome on Blogging Cage, Pradeep. Feeling happy to see you here. :)

    • Avi Jit

      Great to have your comment Pradeep bro. Thanks. Yes, you’re right that we should help everyone we can and we should give the right advice to everyone. Thanks once again for commenting on my article.. :)

  • Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

    I was SHOCKED looking the title at first: But further reading the content, you actually pointed out great ideas on how one should help others in a *right way*. When I don’t know something and ‘try’ to help somebody, it will only waste their and my own time. Very useful. Thank you, Avi.

    • Avi Jit

      Yes, giving wrong advice will waste time as well as reputation.


    Hey Avi,
    I really believed that,this is a matermind article that will correct some err made by self-estemed claimed newbie bloggers that proclaim professionalism,this article will go a long way to differentiate between newbie and pro-blogger in

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks Man. Hope this educates some people. :)

  • Nishant Srivastava

    Hi Avi Jit,
    Thanks for the nice Unique post, after reading title, I was thinking that you have gone mad, I found title little misleading from the content, BTW helping people is not a bad idea, but help them if you know about it, I agree there are thousands of blogs which are on Blogging Niche and still they ask small questions from other bloggers…

    • Avi Jit

      You’re right. But, to make people aware about the wrong things you’ve to say something that they will not agree first but will later agree with us. I did the same. Some came to read it coz they don’t agree with me but finally agreed coz they now know why I said so. :)


    Ya, that’s one of the real truth.Majority of the native blogger will not help us.. But pro bloggers like Enstine Muki, John Chow etc were really helping us to improve our writing.

    • Avi Jit

      Hi! Rikhilesh. I know that many bloggers don’t care to help their readers, but I always help my readers when I can and every blogger should. Enstine Muki and John Chow are great bloggers and they always help their readers, really appreciate that.

  • Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Wonderful article, Avi jit. :)
    You’re right. We should not try helping others when we are struggling ourselves.
    Besides, “help” is probably the most misunderstood word. Most people who initially try helping you seek favors from you later. I have seen that and been through that.
    Not being from a technical background, I do stuck up quite often. And I’ve had to pay a heavy price for asking for a few suggestions, due to which I am extremely wary about the people I approach now. While you are absolutely right in saying that bloggers should not offer to help without thinking twice, I would like to add that newbies should also think 10 times before seeking help!
    It is actually both ways.

    • Avi Jit

      Yes I understand what you want to say. Help is many times misunderstood. Some asks for help every time and some helps even they don’t know. So I think that taking help of experts is always better than getting ruined.

  • Zappy

    Yes Avi you’re right. We should always help whom we can but only when we know what he is talking about. We should never give wrong advice.

    • Avi Jit

      Yep! That’s wrong. So those bloggers who give wrong advice should stop doing that.

  • Gabe Johansson

    Solid points here!

    I personally help everyone on my email list, but I don’t COACH everyone. There’s a big difference since I can point people in the right direction while still having time to live life. It’s easy to be in business mode 24/7.

    I think even new bloggers can teach people, since there is always someone who knows just a tad bit less than you about something. At the same time, trying to sound like you know more than you do actually hurts more than helps anyone (like you said).

    Thanks for the great post!
    -Gabe Johansson

    • Avi Jit

      You said it right. We can always help someone but only when we know the matter well.

  • Rajeeb

    Hey Avi Jit,
    There are many newbie blogger who blogs about blogging without knowing actually about how to blog. Hope this post might be able to aware them.
    Thanks for the great post.

    • Avi Jit

      I hope so. They should not give advice about things which they don’t know.

  • Hitesh

    cant say much but just one world FACT…..i don’t want to say about your post but yes you are very passionate blogger and post about blogging are very useful for all even they are expert or new to blogging…

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks for your words about me Histesh. I really appreciate it. Yes I really love sharing helpful posts for bloggers. :)

  • Patricia Weber

    Avi you and I are definitely of the same opinion. I would also say that those who want to be GUEST bloggers might want to follow the same line of thinking. I get so many requests from bloggers who want to be a guest on my blog – and much of my reasoning is the same.

    But in particular what happens is they try to spin a topic to my tribe, and it just doesn’t work.

    Valuable content here. Thanks.

    • Avi Jit

      True Mam, I’ve see many guest bloggers like this. They themselves don’t know about the topic but try to guide people with their posts just for the sake of a backlink. I never accept such posts. We bloggers before accepting a post should always see whether the guest blogger is expert in the topic or not. By the way, thanks for commenting Mam. :)

  • Praveen Rajarao

    Avi – This is a nice twist from the regular articles that we read about helping one and everyone around you. Yes, I do agree that sometimes it might turn awkward and may even affect your blog and ranking if the other blogger doesnt understand the basics.

    Nicely written. Thanks for sharing.

    • Avi Jit

      Yes, my article is a bit unique. You got it right. If we give fake advice then that will hurt our own reputation…

  • Atish Ranjan

    yea agree with you Avi. I know there so many bloggers out there who hardly earn something and offering others how to make 1000 USD per month.

    About the help, I always like to help those who are really serious what they are asking. I don’t want to help someone who are not serious. Good post Avijit. Keep up the good work.

    • Avi Jit

      Good bro. We should always help the serious ones. And should never give fake advice.

  • Pawan

    The title for the moment gave me different thoughts however reading your article cleared most of the points. Yes, you’re perfectly right when you say that “one should only help when he himself has the knowledge regarding it”.

    Great Article, Avi.

    • Avi Jit

      Great. You got it. Yes, one should only help when he himself has the knowledge..

  • Josie

    You give some pointed and exceptionally good reasons not to help everyone. I help many people without thinking too much about it since replies/RT/shout-outs are so uncommon. But the ones who become my close contacts are there for me in the long run helping me consistently, and I help them consistently. I think that’s the best connection of all.

    • Avi Jit

      Yes, making a community and helping each other in need is really a good thing. That’s group power. :)

  • die2mrw007

    Great information Avi Jit, you have written a well explained and point to point information for the article. We do realize its not a proper thing to help others when it comes to blogging unless the person is trustworthy. Kuddos to your presentation.

    • Avi Jit

      Thanks for appreciating my work. I believe that when we help we should help the needy guy with proper information.

  • Sarvesh Darak

    Hello Avi Jit,

    Well yes i agree with your points about not helping and helping the newbie bloggers. The thing is if we help a very newbie blogger he/she will consistently disturb us when we are really busy or we can let them to do their work on their own which we make theme to learn some new things.


    • Avi Jit

      Well it’s true that we shouldn’t help always because if someone becomes dependent on us then loss is for both of us. But my actual reason of not helping others is that, when we don’t know what to help we should not help. I’m against giving wrong advice to others.

  • Avi Jit

    No people will not think that you’re refusing because as I said, wrong help is bad. Rather we should just suggest him to approach another person (you can say the name).

  • Aditya Nath Jha

    So, the lesson learnt from this post : NO free advice to every single person out there. We should help people. But only those who themselves have hit the mantle too hard to find the solution 😀
    Nice post btw!

    • Avi Jit

      We should help the needy ones but with the right advice only…

  • vinay goud

    nice article avi i completely agree with you.. i saw one blog started before one month and writing about how to recover from panda update..funny …!!!!!!

    • Avi Jit

      haha. yes that’s funny. I really don’t like this type of bloggers. I think people should advice only if they know the topic well.

  • Sourav

    That’s a catchy title indeed!
    But the point you highlighted is very true. Even I am a newbie. But whatever I write, I try to write it from my point of view, from my experience. I think that’s okay to do.

  • Abhinav jha

    Surely going to mind your words before helping someone next time or even whil taking help ..

  • Addi

    Just read the negative message you tried spreading to the world but seriously If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up. To be happy and free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the happiness and freedom of others. When you put faith, hope, and love together, you can nurture positive ideas, relationships, and dreams in a negative world.

    • Avi

      Negative message? I think you’re commenting without reading my article. I said not to help only when you don’t know how to help.

  • Aniruddh

    Absolutely accept your view. If we know a subject properly then only we should help others. If we help with half knowledge the receiver might get into trouble.

  • Divya Shah

    One of friend told me someday that try to learn to say “NO”. This will help you in many ways. This article represent that idea only. Yes its not helping to help all the people all the time. Great and right thought.

  • Aniruddh_Moto G Fan

    I agree with. With all bloggers unite, it will create a healthy knowledge transfer. As you mentioned, Helping friends is not always good but we need give support when he needs it.

  • Manpreet Kaur

    I have visited this blog a number of times and I always loved all the stuff over here.. But this one.. Where you should I start from?
    1. Did you see in first few paragraphs you were repeating the same thing without putting forward a single point. It was like you were beating about the bush with nothing in ur mind. And it felt really irritating.
    2. Grammatical mistakes.. If u have a good topic.. Good thing to say… I would have ignored these things.. But when I could read and get nothing from the post.. All I can do is read the words and see the grammatical mistakes.. Which is the only thing I found in this article
    3. So at last.. U came to the point.. Why not help people. I agree with the fact that every new blogger is trying to become the blogging guru but then u said.. One should help others only if he is an expert.. Now is there an exam or something to tell who is an expert and who is not?
    The point you wanted to tell is good.. But the way u told it.. Seriously.. Before u yourself tell why not to help others.. U should help urself with ur language
    4. The article was way below my expectations. I was wondering why was it even approved on a blog like this.. Kulwant?
    Why guys expect better from ur side. Articles like this.. Which talks of no useful thing shouldn’t be there.. Seriously! Unless u r just looking for one more post for seo and stuff..!

    • Avi

      Thank you Manpreet for your insightful comment.

      First few sentences were written in this way because I wanted people to go on with my article and read till the end of the article till they find the main reason why I said not to help everyone. And I finally saw that this way of writing really made people’s mind to read the article to find the main reason. I’m sorry that it was kind of irritating for you.

      Mistakes, even some of the pro writers do make grammatical mistakes and I’m no different. My mother tongue is not English and I agree that I do make mistakes. I never said that I don’t. I’m still trying to learn more and more.

      Yah! I came to the point after long time. But finally you agree with my point. At least my article made some sense to you. :)

      I don’t think an exam is important all the time to know the expertise of someone, and since there are no exams so I advised people not to help others when you yourselves don’t have any knowledge about the topic.

      Many of the things that prevail in this world are things that you or I don’t like, but they still exist, don’t they? And many people like those things. True?

      When I submitted this post it was for a blogging contest and I’m glad that I was a winner of the contest for submitting this very article. :)

      Why? Because many of the readers liked my article and they expressed their thoughts, which were same as of mine.

      One of the commentator here (Garg) argued “How people give tips about something when they themselves are unaware of it? They think that this will help increase their reputation in the blogosphere, but actually the opposite happens.”

      And Ryan Biddulph said, “This is the blind leading the blind.”

      They totally nailed it. I hope you’re not new to this blogosphere. You will see that many of the so-called-bloggers are blogging on ‘how to blog’ but the truth is that they themselves have just started blogging. Funny?

      A friend of mine was observing a blogger who was blogging on affiliate marketing from about 6 months and now he learnt that this very blogger made his first affiliate sale today. Funny again? No, not funny. It’s a joke for the blogging world. If this happens then people will always take the wrong track by following some so-called-guru. And I can’t see this happening.

      I just wanted to express my thoughts in the form of an article. It’s nice to see that many people got what I wanted to say but I’m sorry that I disappointed one of my readers.

      I know that there are some weak points of mine and I promise that I will try to improve myself to become a better writer with time.

      Well who don’t make mistakes? Thanks for being so patient.

      I’m sorry if I said something wrong. I just expressed my feeling about writing and about the blogging world. A blogger’s wish is to get good readers and today you made my day with your questions. Otherwise, who have the time to listen to what some random guy has to say. TY.

      Will see you around. :)