Guidelines to Select Best Contractor For Guest Blogging Services

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Guest blogging, as we all know, is becoming more and more common as a primary Internet Marketing technique. Being one of the very few legitimate ways of building one-way quality links for your website, it’s no wonder that  more and more website owners and bloggers are now trying to capitalize on guest blogging opportunities.

But just like it is the case with any other method, it is difficult to take out time on regular basis, and spend it on choosing the blog, thinking of a relevant topic, writing the guest post, proofreading, and then getting in touch with the blog owner to get it published, the only option is to hire some professional bloggers to do the job.

Outsourcing guest posting

I am not really sure exactly why outsourcing guest posting is considered a lesser option. If a business owner can pay some expert to write a valuable post for the readers and get it published, how it is different from the businesses paying for any other marketing regime?

However, I must confess that there are some inherited problems when it comes to outsourcing guest posting and selecting best guest posting service, and if not tackled, it can do more harm to your business than good. Keep on reading to get an idea of these problems and their solutions.

They might choose low quality blogs:

When you’ve hired some staff for doing guest posts on your behalf, in most cases they will be getting paid when the posts are published, which means they will be looking to get the post live as soon as possible.

Now, good blogs usually have quite long waiting time when it comes to getting your post reviewed and through, not to forget that the rejection rate is quite high as well. All of that means that these contractors will be inclined to go for low quality blogs, and you can’t blame them for that, it’s only natural that they’ll be a little impatient about getting paid for their efforts.


It’s quite simple; you can always set some benchmarks like Page Rank or SEOmoz rank to make sure that the blogs are of reasonable quality. Or you can ask them to get the blogs pre-approved. You might have to pay a little more to make them agree on these arrangements, but it’s better to get a fewer posts published on quality blogs than getting dozens of posts published on substandard blogs.

Using rehashed content:

Another “easy” approach that they can adopt is using rehashed articles as guest posts, which is rewriting articles on same topic and with similar information and trying to use them on different blogs. Problem with this strategy is that it seems quite like spun articles and duplicate content stands hardly any chance to get into the good books of Google. That will also present your website in a negative way to blog owners and readers, and no reputable blog will accept a post like that.


The only way to curb any practice is to monitor their work closely and make sure they are writing on unique and up-to-date topics, coming up with new ideas, and using updated information in their posts, instead of creating posts after posts by using stale topics and information.

Some blogs wouldn’t accept:

As I’ve discussed earlier in the post, some bloggers wouldn’t be that eager to accept posts from authors writing for multiple websites. Some have clearly mentioned it in their guidelines; while others will refuse once the writer starts contacting them with posts linking to different websites.


You can provide the authors an email with your own domain to communicate with the blog owners. Remember that it is not obligatory for a business owner to write the guest posts himself, and it makes perfect sense if the business has hired professional writers for doing so.

Secondly, truth is that no blog would reject top-notch content just because it is coming from a professional writer instead of the website owner himself. They reject posts from paid writers only because a majority is writing run-of-the-mill articles and blog owners are not interested in letting them use their blog as an article directory, which means, if you can employ a writer who writes excellent content that will add value to their blogs, chances are that the blog owner would be happy to use it.

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  1. says

    great article Kulwant…I really appreciate your experience on this topic. Although, i’m not a guest blogger but since i understands that whatever you said is absolutely right because i also have some knowledge about it and its really amazing…
    Thanks for the post

  2. says

    Hey Kulwant Nice Post and BTW How your Traffic reduced after Penguin Update ? And What will you do now really you had a good traffic now what will you do bro ?

    • says

      Sanket, I lost my 85% traffic after Penguin 2.1. Form that day I am working hard to recover my blog, and happy to say that I have recovered around 20% of my traffic and it is increasing day by day. :)

  3. says

    hi thanks for this post these guidelines must be kept in mind and furthur mostly the creative ideas that were presented were equally great

  4. says

    Hi another wonderful post,

    When we hire agencies or individuals for guest blogging, we NOT only to check whether they’re able to post within deadline or complete specified number of guest post on blogs, we should check the quality of the article and links and the blog must have real engaged with people.

  5. says

    Hey Kulwant, very nice post in which you shared the problem with its solution. Thanks for sharing such a nice article dude.

  6. says

    Having guest blogging services is important for small business to shine on the net. These guide surely gives important facts to get the best out of it.

    Great post and thanks for sharing it

  7. says

    Google Page Rank doesn’t work now, MozRank can be an eligible way to check the quality of website. By the way, i would prefer writing less but would do it myself. Hiring someone won’t work for me at all. Thanks for the wonderful write-up.

    • says

      Siraj, this applies for business blogs. As a blogger we should always write our stuff ourself. :)

      As per the Google page rank is concerned, not one knows the truth man. Only Google knows. :/

  8. vishu sachdeva says

    very well said that there exist both prons and cons of guest blogging..
    There should be proper contract with the guest blogger.Every one wants their post should be on the website as soon as possible..So be clear with all such things…
    thanks for sharing it….

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