GSA SER Giveaway: Win Lifetime Licence Worth $99

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I was thinking to start a giveaway on blogging cage since 3-4 months but I was confused what it should be.

I have successfully hosted few giveaways of SEO tools, WordPress themes, online services and few other online marketing tools. But this time I wanted to give something which is selling like hot cake and people are crazy to use that software.

A software which can help people to rank their websites and finally make some extra money.

We all are seeing that Google is putting efforts to combat spammers and ranking any new website is becoming very hard. if we talk about online marketing companies then business is growing day by day because this online world is expanding.

Making backlinks for clients is a big task where quality is the main concern, so we believe on doing manual work.

With manual submission we can add more quality in SEO process but most of the times it consume a lot of our time and we have to put too much efforts to rank any keyword.

So having some great tools can save our time as well as we can get quick results.

Having everything is mind, I decided to contact the owner of GSA SER. He was kind enough to offer me one copy of this great tool and ready to help the winner to grab this world-class tool.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

What are the rules to win this giveaway?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check video of this tool.

For more details about this tool read GSA search engine ranker review here.

I will be declaring the winners on 8th April, 2014 and inform you via email.

If you haven’t downloaded my FREE book till down then subscribe us and get my free book. By doing this you will join Blogging Cage email list where I will be sending you regular updates in your inbox.

all the best to all participants.

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  1. says

    Was eagerly waiting for this tool since the day you announced to host a giveaway at Blogging Cage. If I win this amazing tool then I’d use it to rank in the top #3 for competitive keywords.

    • says

      @Salman, I don’t think GSA SER only can get you top ranking for high comp keywords, it will took some months. But it’s a highly recommenced tool for medium to low comp keywords.All is depends upon how your using GSA, it’s highly inflammable if we do wrong!. I’m also participating this giveaway offer because of this tools power.

      I’m still using magic submitter, senuke xcr, backlink beast & GSA SER own my VPS, Thus all tools are worth investing, bcz they all serve different variety links back to our MS… instead of other 3 s/wers GSA SER is what i’m recommenced to my friends bcz it’s really uses a unique technology that’s what google looking for & they updates daily.I always look at my VPS daily to see what’s new updates available for GSA :) it’s really crazy ha…..

      All the best salman,

  2. says

    Amazing giveaway! I never heard about it but as I came through the post, I came to know that the tool is really useful. Well, Thanks for the giveaway. Hope for winning this time.

  3. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Great Giveaway. This tool seems great and userful. I am participating first time. Can you tell me how it works….

  4. Mubashir says

    I was waiting for this giveaway as you said you will host a giveaway. If I won the giveaway and got this amazing tool then I would love to rank several keywords.

  5. says

    Hi Kulwant, Yes. I’d like take a part of this Giveaway. I’ve entered my name in this Giveaway product. I hope i will win this. Lets see. Who is the winner of this great product.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)

  6. says

    Hey mates,
    I participate on this GSA giveaway only because of GSA SER power, I already own 2 licences and which is running on 2 of my VPS’s still if I get more GSA licences I could play more with Google. It’s a powerful tool only if you use it in the way that Google need. most of my sites, even clients sites rank’s with GSA but it’s little bit expensive when it comes to proxy, captcha solving, vps, indexing etc… but any way because of this tools power I highly recommend GSA SER to my IM mates.

    This tool can save a lot of your time & you will never need to worry Google algorithm changes.they have updates each and every that.That’s what makes this GSA SER more & more unique. If I win this giveaway I will use this for my weight loss site promotion.Thanks to kulwant & blogging cage for such a great giveaway offer!

    Thank you :)

    • says

      bro I think gsa we can use it one on system at once I am also having one. also if you want to save captcha solving you can go with gsa captcha breaker which is very good to have

      • says

        Yes rohit, your right. 1 licence per s/w. That’s GSA rule. And for captcha I use captcha sniper + imagetyperz… Really I want to try captcha breaker soon I will buy it. Only pblm is gsa cb can’t possible to solve google recaptchas but I found that xrumer can solve thus captchas and trying to figure out how can I connect with xrumer server for free captcha solving. Hope i could possible to make it work soon.

      • says

        I just forgot to say, all the best rohit bro. you can achieve it. :)
        By the way what about your seo with GSA? how’s going on. I really want to say thanks to you for inspiring me to buy GSA. really our JB + GSA works. hope you also got success with that method.

  7. Atif Imran says

    Kulwant Nagi bro . I have fulfilled all the requirements and I hope to win this awesome piece of software and thanks for giving such an opportunity .

  8. says

    I am going to use the software to increase the rankings of my website. This will allow me to reach more customers and allow me to better help my family. I look forward to reading your book and see what new things I can learn.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Aqib Shahzad says

    Must have tool for bloggers, that can really help the bloggers to get more benefit from it. Thanks kulwant for this giveaway. I have Completed all the requirements, looking to become the winner of this contest.

  10. says

    most updated tool ever i have having one official copy hope will this one as well. it is most updated tool ever. settings and configurations are great ever which is unbeatable by any tool. gsa ser give updates on daily bases and it gsa captcha breaker is dam good as well. hope this tool wil help lot of guys i only said just buy it if you don’t have but don’t forget to get one indexing service with this. best of luck all friends

    • says

      Yes, really it’s the best ever s/w i used . GSA CB also a powerful tool to connect with GSA SER and beat google algorithm changes.It gives me better results by mixing both GSA SER , Magic submitetr & senuke xcr backlinks. People says senuke & MS is dead, but in my case they were works perfectly & recently got ranking for 40K search terms, multiple keywords raking. only used thus 3 tools especially GSA SER.

      I don’t have GSA CB but i use Captcha sniper + imagetyperz, surely i will soon purchase GSA CB. Indexing of backlinks play the major role.i got improvement on ranking only because of that.

      @kulwant bro – If you can please arrange a special discount coupon for GSA SER & GSA CB after thee give away offer ends. People try to buy from your aff link.

      Tnk u

  11. says

    Hello Kulwant,

    This is really a useful tool which I am going to use to increase my blog ranking in blogosphere :) Hope to win this giveaway.

  12. says

    GSA SER is worthless without gsa captcha breaker. I too think GSA SER is best tool to create links fast, not safe at all but fast. Good luck everyone!

  13. Deepak Bhandari says

    I have never used any automation tool for ranking keywords till now. This will be my first try i if win.. :) =D

  14. says

    Really a great giveaway, hope so I will be the winner….and will increase my blog search rankings with this GSA tool.Thanks for sharing

  15. Ishan Patel says

    It has always been hard for me to rank in Google search due to Authorship and backlink problem. I have tried many times start-up but it failed due to less amount of backlinks and no resource to go for paid link. Thus I want to win this Giveaway

  16. says

    Hi dear ,
    Thanks for inviting me in this give Away.
    I hope I will win this giveaway. I like to participate this giveaway. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. says

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity Kulwant. I will include this giveaway in my article Completely Awesome Giveaways This April 2014. I will use this software for my blogging and writing business. :) Regards

  18. Alan B says

    Hi @Kulwant, very helpful in raising our web ranking on google. This tool is suitable for manual seo like me :D. I hope I get this

  19. Nemo says

    I’m eagerly waiting for this tool. Winning this giveaway amazing tool will help ranking my competitive keywords in the top #5.
    Hope to win this giveaway
    Thank you.

  20. Andrew says

    Hi Kulwant,Thanks for such a awesome tool Giweaway.
    Great Giveaway…and I am going to use the software to increase the rankings of my website.
    I have Completed all the requirements, looking to become the winner of this contest.

  21. Deb says

    Hi Kulwant Sir.
    Thanks for providing such a great giveaway for your blog readers.
    Just entered there.Hope to win it.

  22. says

    Hi Kulwant Nagi, Awesome Giveaway bro!! Done all the Steps and Entered the Giveaway…..Hope to win this tool. Thanks for the Giveaway!!

  23. says

    Hope I could win this amazing tool (Giveaway). I like the tool and it’s features are also attractive to rank my site well in search results. Thanks! for the Giveaway.

  24. says

    Hi Kulwant Sir.
    Thanks for providing such a great giveaway
    Winning this giveaway amazing tool will help ranking my competitive keywords Hope to win this tool. Thanks for the Giveaway!!

  25. Ashwin SIngh says

    Is there any way to earn more entries or just tweeting every day. Please reply because i want to win this software.

  26. says

    Hi, Nice compact summary. I have few questions….
    1. Does GSA links list, those being sell, good enough to create T1?
    2. With spinrewriter what readability setting do you select?
    3. How do you further polish spun articles in spinchimp? Do you do grammatical correction, readability correction or adding format like bold, italics?
    4. Do you add image and videos during spin or let GSA does that?

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