Giveaway: 3 premium WordPress themes from ThemeFuse

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The ThemeFuse team would like to offer you, our readers, 3 WordPress themes licenses.

Today we are offering one free WordPress theme download from our selection here at ThemeFuse. If you use WordPress to run your blog then this giveaway contest is perfect you for!

Themefuse Giveaway (wide)

Today we will be offering 3 vouchers. Here’s how to get yourself one:

Enter the giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: We will be choosing a winner in one month’s time!

Here’s why you should join in

  • ThemeFuse is the Internet’s best WordPress Theme producer. We have the perfect theme to match every kind of website.
  • ThemeFuse’s WordPress themes offer more than just stylish design concepts and awesome looks. You will also get carefully designed source codes and an easy to use configuration interface. This interface comes with plenty of helpful features too! This makes it super easy to set up any type of website.

Here are some of ThemeFuse’s sample themes: WordPress templates

Lifestyle – Magazine WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is designed to smoothly incorporate the feel on an online magazine into a fashion, news or celebrity gossip blog.

Magazine WordPress Theme

PhotoArtist – Photography WordPress Theme

This WordPress portfolio website is the perfect way for any photographer to showcase their style and work history.

Photography WordPress Theme

Coffee Lounge – Bar WordPress Theme

This theme creates the perfect first impression for any coffee shop, bistro or bar’s website.

Bar WordPress Theme

MobilityApp – Mobile WordPress Theme

Smartphone developers can use this WordPress theme to promote their awesome new Android mobile, iPhone or iPad applications.

Mobile WordPress ThemeWriter – Personal WordPress Theme

Blog writers can use this WordPress theme to create a stylish and high quality look for their personal blogs.

Personal WordPress Theme
Participating in this free giveaway could be the best thing you do all day. All you have to do is sign up and you could receive a free ThemeFuse premium theme that you can use anyway you want!

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  1. says

    Such an Awesome Giveaway Kulwant Bro, I’m Thinking of Starting a WordPress Blog & Your Giveaway Made This Easier for Me. I’ve Done All The Steps Listed Above Please Count Me in.

  2. Zeshan Ahmed says

    Hey It’s awesome giveaway, i’m just going to create a blog on wp and was searching for a premium wp tempate, here i have found it :)

  3. Emily says

    WOW! Kulwant your premium wordpress themes is awesome! I didn’t see yet such good choices as you make. Now I can’t make a decision for choosing the best template since all of them are perfect!

  4. says

    Hey It’s awesome giveaway, i’m just going to create a blog on wp and was searching for a premium wp tempate, here i have found it……Thankx for sharing :)

  5. Asmita Dobariya says

    I would love to win their latest voyage WordPress theme. They have great collection of themes.

  6. Tarun Jaitely says

    Nice giveaway. Theme fuse themes are awesome.
    Done with all the steps hoping to win this.

  7. Herbal Incense says

    I think that is awesome giveaway. I have just taken the part in this giveaway and i hope i could win. I am in need to these themes :)
    Thank you

  8. Rob Seaver says

    Really excited to see the giveaway. Not only am I excited about possibly winning, but also watching someone run a successful contest like this. Hope I win, and if not, will have enjoyed the opportunity.

  9. says

    Hey Kulwant Nagi, Great Giveaway bro! Themefuse Themes are really awesome…Done all the Steps and Count me in. Thanks for the Great Giveaway!!!

  10. Gautam says

    Completed all steps Count me in…. :) It would be gr8 if i win this giveaway.. thnks to Bloggingcage and Themefuse…

  11. Arjun Mishra says

    I have seen awesome WordPress themes on Kulwant Nagi’s Blogs and I have always wanted to get such themes…
    This is a great Giveaway and I wish I can win the THEME and apply it on my Website which will be an ONline Science and Tech Magazine …

  12. says

    Hello Kulwant Sir,
    Awesome Giveaway!!
    First time I’m participating Giveaways like this which are giving THEMES. I hope I will win and Start my first ever blog by using one of these themes..! 😀
    Thanks a lot! Count me In! :)

  13. says

    Kulwant, Im not sure just trying for first time, seen this in many sites but wanted to try somewhere thanks for your giveaway.

  14. Harish Sharma says

    Great giveaway! I was looking for something like this for last few weeks… It would be great if I get to win this.
    I want to win this give away so as I could use my favorite wordpress theme on my new site

  15. Sneha Patel says

    One of the best giveaway in recent time. Looking for voyage theme for my travel company.

  16. Bharath says

    Completed all the Steps. I’ll be using in the theme for my Blog. Nice Giveaway and Would like to win this for sure.

  17. Vishal says

    i will use this on my upcoming blog related to seo and internet marketing 😀

    thanks for all this .. i am happy to get selected as the winner 😀

  18. Rahul says

    Thank you Kulwant Nagi..
    I can’t say how much happy i am….i really wanted a have a premium theme which i can’t afford right now but you gave us a chance to fulfill our wishes…
    Kulwant, may i know the name of theme you are using because themefuse asked me to inform them my favorite theme and i selected NewsSetter but theme used in this blog is very nice too…
    and thanks themefuse…

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