3 Tips For Easy YouTube Optimization

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With increasing broadband penetration and the rise of smartphones, watching videos on YouTube is easier than ever. YouTube videos can be a powerful marketing tool for a business, as well as a great way to generate higher income through YouTube partnerships. However, that’s of little help if people can’t find and watch your videos. YouTube Optimization is playing important role to make any video popular and go viral.

YouTube Optimization

Why YouTube Optimization is Important?

Popularity of YouTube

According to Alexa, YouTube was the third most popular site in the world in 2012. YouTube’s own statistics show 800 million unique visitors every month watching a total 4 billion hours of video. You’ve probably noticed that YouTube videos now feature prominently in blended search results from Google, but you could claim that real estate and have a higher presence in the search engine’s rankings.  Making a few tweaks so that you optimize your YouTube videos can help you to gain more exposure and real estate on Google’s search results.

Don’t Forget the Basics

It’s easier to rank for long-tail keywords in your niche. However, remember that there are character limits with YouTube Optimization. You want to have a video title that’s catchy to actual people as well as to Google’s algorithms. Do your own YouTube searches on various potential keywords to see where the ratio of competition to number of searches is most promising.

Your description should be SEO-optimized with relevant keywords, but not overstuffed. If you have enough characters left, include a link to your main website for the back-linking effects. Don’t forget your tags! Use your keyword and related keywords.

As with SEO for other sites, links to your content are weighted heavily in Google’s ranking, so develop connections with bloggers, share your videos on social media, and otherwise encourage linking.

Check-List and Step-by-Step

Here’s the step-by-step way to ensure you’re getting the most from your YouTube videos.

  • Get started by uploading your video to YouTube to ensure indexing by Google for getting awesome YouTube Optimization.
  • Secondly, embed your video on your site so that you have two avenues through which people can view the video.
  • Make sure not to just have the video without text – it’s bad for the user experience and for SEO. Instead, write an introductory paragraph to let users know what the video’s about and consider putting up a transcript under the embedded video. You can do this work yourself or use a transcription service such as that offered by SpeechPad.
  • Create a video sitemap for Google that includes a description so that it knows how to treat the video on your site.
  • Create a video title that’s rich in long-tail keywords.
  • Use your transcript when uploading your video to YouTube; the facility is under the Captions and Subtitles tab, and allows for easy indexing of keyword-rich content.
  • Don’t forget to add your keyword into the description of your video as well as the tags.

Final Words.

YouTube have become very big and this is the third most viewed website in the world now, so start doing YouTube Optimization for more and better exposure in Google search results.

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    Great post Adrienne.
    So many Internet Marketers forgets about making use of Youtube these days and misses some great shots. Thanks for reminding me :)
    Good luck.

    • says

      Thank you for your comment Amal! I agree, it’s definitely a missed opportunity as more and more of the top results are pushed down by links to YouTube. Good luck!

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    Hi adrieen,
    Thanks for your superb tips on youtube optimization. I have added these tips to my secerts. Youtube optimization is really very important to earn money including Using good keywords helps youtube videos to get into top in google search results. Thanks for sharing these tips. My knowledge increased more.

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