21 Incredible ‘FREE Online Tools’ For Bloggers


I am loving internet…

You know why?

Because it has given me so much pleasure that I am enjoying its benefit each and every days and this blog is growing with time.

I remember the days when I used to search everything FREE and found many awesome resources, which I am even using till the date. I have grown my online business as well as Blogging Cage, but I cannot deny the fact that I stared with these free online tools and followed the steps very carefully.

For a newbie it is always very un-affordable to invest on tools, as well as most of the times they are not so much daring to invest online (atleast I was not :)). So the only solution we have is – find some great free online tools which can help us to grow our online business/blog.

FREE Online Tools

Here I am going to share 21 free online tools and I am using all of them in my daily routine and they have helped me a lot on various steps.

Let’s check them

1. Google Keyword Tools

No doubt, this is the most loved tool if you love keyword research.. :)

This tool has helped many internet marketers to find potential keywords and then they started niche sites around those awesome keywords.

2. Open Site Explorer

An awesome tool by SEOMoz to check Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, Total Links and other metrics to check the quality of any website/blog.

3. Fast Links Indexing

This tool is great to index your blog faster in various search engines. This tool simply ping your site with many famous pinging sites and search engines will come to know about your site quickly.

So you can index your site much faster than others.

4. WordTracker

A superb tool to track your keywords and ranking of your targeted keywords.

5. FREE Backlink Checker

We keep creating backlinks by commenting on many blogs and doing guest posting. By using this tool you can track the number of your backlinks and then can check the quality of them.

6. Link Search Tool

This is very handy tool to find various Google queries on Google. Simply put your main keyword here and it will give you many options to find specific platform for you keyword.

This will suggest you the terms which you should use to find links on Google.

7. Fake PageRank Checker

If you are into domain/website buying and selling business then this is must to use tool for you. There are so much tricks available out there that anyone can fake page rank for their blog. So this toll will help you to track them and find quality blogs/domains only.

8. Google Blacklist Checker

This tool is again a tool for people who are into domain/website business. Sometime it happens that Google blacklist some domains and then they never index them in their search crawler. Such domains never get any traffic from search engines. So always check domain with this tool before buying any domain/blog.

9. AdSense Sandbox Checker

I have seen that Google disable many AdSense accounts almost daily. If in case Google stop showing ads on your website then first of all check your site with this tool. If the ads are not showing on your site and ads are running well on your other site then Google have just disabled serving ads on this blog.

10. Duplicate Content Checker

If you are accepting guest posts on your blog then you will use this tool after every post you will get on your blog. This tool can help to find the copies of that content on internet. If that article is copied from any other website then this will simply show you percentage of copied content.

11. Real-Time Twitter Stats

Twitter is an awesome micro blogging platform and very much popular if we talk about celebrities. Using this tool you can see real-time trends can this tool can help you in finding customers also.

Like if I will search here “How to install WordPress” then there might be few people who are asking in real-time about this issue. So you can simply contact them and charge money from them.

12. Article Spinner

Article spinners have become very popular is just few months. Webmasters are using such tools extensively to submit their content by spinning into various article submission directories.

This tool has very good spintex algorithm and you can make many spun copies of your article here.

13. Online Files Management

This tool from Google is helping me in very big way to organize my files and managing my online work more effectively. You can manage your documents, pdf, power points, excel sheet and many other useful documents using this tool.

14. Online File Storage

90% of my files are stored at this website and this is helping me as I have made various folders according to file categories.

15. Traffic Monitoring

I use this tool atleast 5 times in a day and this is superb. This tool is giving me all information about my visitors like from where they are coming, from which keyword they are coming, their country,their browser and many many other things. You will be amazed after using this tool.

16. FTP Software

Managing files on server is really a tough job. Signing in again and again and then signing out. So I downloaded this software, added my login details and now with just single click this tool is connecting with my server.

17. Background Patterns

Everyone loves to see their website good-looking. This is the website from where you can find great quality background patterns and use them on your blog.

18. Links Harvesting Tool

If you love making backlinks for your blog or your clients blog then this tool can save your time. Download the free version and start using it. By using this keyword you can harvest many links according you your main keyword and then manually comment on them.

19. Free Stock Photos

I love using great looking images on my blog. This is my destination from where I have found many good-looking images and used them on my blogs.

20. Free Website Malware Scanner

If your website is not opening or your antivirus is not allowing to get it open, then use this online tool to check malwares in your website. This tool will scan your website and will give you an easy to read report letting you know about infected areas with virus.

21. Online PDF Converter

If you are thinking to start giving away any good eBook then here you can convert you doc into pdf. This is a very handy tool, simply upload you doc file and it will convert it online and give you output as pdf file.

Final Words.

These were the great tools which I liked a lot and shared with you, so that like me you can also grow your business by using them. If you are still unable to find some specific category of free online tools then comment below and I will give you the list of tools.



  1. says

    I have used most of those tools in the past, the keyword tool from adwords is the best, something that had provided me with plenty of niche keywords. I still use some of those, they might be free but they are better than many paid tools available these days…

  2. says

    Hi brother !
    Thanks for sharing these tools with us … These tools are indeed the best out there in the market .. Copyscape tool and the adwords keyword checker tool are the one’s i use often for my blog .. As of now i don’t use filezilla … when i’ll move my blog to some hosting site then i’m sure i’ll need it ..

    Best Regards from PRAMOD
    Pramod recently posted..WordPress Plugins That You Just Can’t IgnoreMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Wow…I think you mentioned everything so well here :)

    Yes, when we are new comers online, we really don’t know about where to look for such tools. People guide us about the paid ones, but why opt for those when you have these free options – and I think they work pretty well. I’m glad to be using most of these, though there are still a few I need to check out, which I will after commenting here. I think every blogger should choose these options and explore them as they are all great resources. Yes, there are other free sites for images too , other than Freedigital one, but I use a lot of my images from this site too.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice weekend :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..9 Early Signs Of An Abusive RelationshipMy Profile

    • says

      Feeling happy to see you again Harleena.

      Free options are the best way to build your online business from scratch. Because while using them we are on safe side and we are free from monthly or yearly paying headache. And good to hear that you are also using these tools. :)

      There are many sites for free images but this one is good enough to get quality images.

      Thanks for being here..
      Kulwant Nagi recently posted..5 Blogging Traps Which You Must AvoidMy Profile

  4. says

    In beginning kulwant you mentioned about your growth in online business?

    can I ask you a few questions? Hope you don’t mind answering them and telling us ..
    How much you have succeeded in growing your online business?
    How many hits blogging cage is getting? and /How many posts do you have?
    though some bloggers fell shy to share their earnings but many even post about it monthly ? if you don’t mind how much you are earning ?

    and lastly a personal question bro?
    How you got approved for buy sell ads ? It is very difficult to get approved.

    I think I am bothering you too much by asking this but hope you don’t mind answering them and if you do you can leave it with a no reply :)
    Waqar recently posted..How to Freelance -21 steps to establish Yourself as a FreelancerMy Profile

  5. keyur savaliya says

    Kulwant, You are Really Good Teacher And Mentor For Newbies In Blogging. Your Hard work Helps Many People to grow fast In This Competitive Online Business .

  6. says

    Hey kulwant your insights for this great twenty one tools is very helpful. let’s start to create our website, I am a new bee but we can all help each other and share the revenues equally, my only dream is to form a group of people in internet marketing and making their life’s with prosperity , happiness and material affluent.This is my Karma, I write this because I believe in our Bhagvat Gita and MY Indian roots and culture. God bless you and your family, friends and groups around the world, let’s embark the journey of success. hoping to be in touch with you.

  7. Satish says

    Its really fantastic set of tools that everyone will love to have !! Really it encourages people like me who even knowing all about blogging still hesitate a bit to start it. Thanks a million Kulwant !!!!

  8. says

    Oh wow the free stock photos site looks pretty nice. It really is risky to go grabbing images from Google without knowing what type of permissions they have and buying photos for relatively simple of small projects usually isn’t feasible so having a one stop shop of sorts for quality photos is great.
    Kevin recently posted..Common Miss Steps of Beginning Saltwater AquaristsMy Profile

  9. says

    Hey Kulwant,

    Great write indeed!

    I have a question. How long does it takes to index using the site above? Just curious! Haha

    For those blogging tools, I do use some of them. Really a great list indeed.

    Thanks for sharing mate!

  10. says

    That’s why I blog about “Free Online Tools”, actually you’ve got shared tools mostly related to bloggers in your niche (Abroad), but I do to go in depth.
    Some of tools you’ve mentioned are new to me . Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    Great list Kulwnat!

    It is really very useful, especially for bloggers/webmasters. I do know some of them, but it’s good to know more useful tools. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

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