7 Secrets To Turn An Average Blogger Into An EXPERT

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If you want to build trust on your blogging business, there is a simple thing that you can do.

You simply make yourself to be recognized as an expert blogger. If people recognize you as an amateur blogger, most of the time they won’t be willing to spend their money on your products.

That’s why it is important for you to establish yourself as an expert blogger, even though you’re still new in the blogging world. The best way to do this is to recognize the characteristics of an expert blogger and try to apply those characteristics in your life.


Here are some traits that will turn an average blogger into an expert blogger:

1. Expert Blogger Is a Passionate Writer

Obviously, you need to have a passion in writing for your blog.

Why? That’s because blogging is about writing. The job that you need to do as a blogger is writing content. That’s the primary task that you have to accomplish each and every day.

If you are not passionate about writing, then you won’t be able to become an expert in blogging. Yes, you can hire writers for your blog, but at least you should also publish your own writing to your blog once per week so that you can communicate directly with your audience.

2. Expert Blogger Always Go For Quality over Quantity

Do you think that the more articles you publish to your blog, the better your blog will be?

It’s not simply about quantity.

If you can’t publish quality articles, then no matter how many articles you publish on your blog, it won’t give your blog any good reputation. You have to focus more on the quality of work that you can give to your blog.

Your readers will judge the quality of your writing, and they will determine whether or not they will follow your blog based on your content quality.

3. Expert Blogger Knows About the Readers and How to Appeal To Them

You have to understand what your readers want from you. If you keep giving your readers what they want, they will stick with you.

It is also important for you to understand about how to communicate with your readers in the best possible way. Remember, different niche means different type of audience. It also means different way of communication.

You have to know about how to appeal to your readers‘ emotion and connect with them personally.

4. Expert Blogger Is an Expert in Tweaking Their Blog

Don’t call yourself an expert if you don’t even know how to install WordPress on your web server.

Many expert bloggers know very much about how to tweak their blog, including how to apply custom design for their blog, add plug-ins, put a squeeze page pop-up, insert advertisement, and so on. If you want to make yourself an expert, you have to put some time to learn about the technical side of your blogging business.

It will help you to manage your blog more effectively.

5. Expert Blogger Gives High Regard to Discipline and Perseverance

You have to be consistent with your blog. For this, you have to build new traits called discipline and perseverance. Blogging is a tough business. You will not see an instant result from your blogging business.

If you start your blogging business this month, your blog might not be able to produce any income for you in the next 6 months. Will you be able to persevere in this situation? Most people will not be able to persevere.

But, if you can become persevere in this situation as well as have discipline in your attitude, you will eventually come up as a successful blogger. That’s how the experts make money from their blog.

6. Expert Blogger Has Good Understanding about SEO Writing

Writing for your blog is different from writing for your offline publication. When you are writing for your blog, you want people to come to your writing through the search engine.

Thus, it is very important for you to understand about the basic of search engine optimization. Write for your readers as well as for the search engine robots. That should be your standard of operation. Once you understand about the tidbits of SEO, you will be able to write your content more effectively.

7. Expert Blogger Has Confidence to Promote Their Blog

Many new bloggers don’t have any confidence in promoting their blog because they feel that their blog is still ugly and not so good. Well, guess what? That’s not the attitude of an expert.

You need to have the confidence to promote your blog. Just promote your blog without fear of rejection, and in so doing, you will understand more and more about your flaws.

You will be able to fix your flaws and improve your blog. In this way, your blog will grow in the positive direction. You’ll get more reputation and trust from your readers, and over time, follower retweet your blog and will become more popular. So, be confident with your blog.

Those are the important characteristics that you have to apply in your life if you want to be recognized as an expert blogger.

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  1. says

    Thanks anil for those beautiful ideas. I am too an average blogger right now and making efforts to become an expert blogger. These tips helped me a lot in the journey from a beginner to expert level blogger.

  2. Lakshman says

    Nice post many things discussed in the article are true, I can see a few kids calling them as Blogging Experts on facebook. I agree with all the steps above to become an expert in blogging

  3. says

    Expert blogger sometimes should give advices like you !!! 😀
    Though this post really helpful to tune up to the expert level!

  4. says

    Oh dear! Not knowing about SEO means I am doomed!

    I gave up on trying to get my head around SEO a few years ago and decided to spend my time on other methods and areas instead that didn’t make my head hurt. :)

  5. says

    Hi Anil, I think this one is your story to Turn a Blogger Into An EXPERT ! Well It’s really great view this Post ! I’m 100% agree with this line “Expert Blogger Always Go For Quality over Quantity” This is best quality of a Blogger which goes with Always Go For Quality !

  6. says

    Cool guide to become an expert. I am surely going to equip all the above tips.

    Kulwat bro, your blog is just amazing and I am becoming its daily visitor since I first visited it.

    Thanks for the efforts…

  7. says

    Very unique and equally workable post.

    It is well said by someone it is better to be alone instead of persistently be a part of the crowd.

    In initiall phase of struggle one could be just an average blogger but soon after getting its a little expertise he must think big and do big.

    For this purpose all the 7 tips you mentioned here are worth following.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. says

    Hey Anil,

    It’s really great to see you on BloggingCage, why don’t you name this article as “Qualities of Kulwant Sir”? 😛 I’ve been reading his blog for a long time now and all the qualities you’ve listed above can be surely found in Kulwant sir.

    It’s been too long I haven’t commented of BloggingCage but to be honest I was once a serious learner and I learned a lot from this blog and Kulwant sir.

    Thanks for writing.

    -Siraj Wahid

  9. says

    Very well written post which contains very useful information. I am totally agree with you that quality of writing is more important than quantity. No doubt a perfect blogger should has all the qualities that you mentioned in your post

    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

  10. says

    Thank you so much sir. I am very keen observer of this blog, and rally this is motivated me to become a blogger.
    thank you

  11. says

    As Siraj said, these are the qualities of Kulwant :)

    Writing daily with passion, good SEO & promotion, good content, tweaking the blog, understanding the readers, self-discipline and patience are some of the essential qualities of the blogger which would help them to reach success in terms of making money and gainin credibility. Good post!

  12. says

    Hi dear
    Really awesome article you have shared with us about to become an expert in blogging because today i am also inspired by your thought. I think this article is too much recommended for newbie bloggers.

  13. says

    Hello sir,
    Thanks for sharing great ideas. This ideas inculcates curiosity towards the blogging and motivate to keep keen observation even on small pints which are very much important.

  14. says

    Thanks anil for those beautiful ideas. I am too an average blogger right now and making efforts to become an expert blogger. These tips helped me a lot in the journey from a beginner to expert level blogger.

  15. Larry Frank says

    Hi Anil,
    Actually this is a nice article for people like me and it’s not actually I’ll say at this time that I’m an average blogger and will turn to an expert soon.
    You outlined great points in the above article.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. says

    Sir, whenever I read your post I get boosted instantly and now I keep myself as an expert blogger to publish unique article.Thankyou for your valuable post.

  17. says

    Hey Anil,
    Thank you for taking your time to write the secrets to turn an average blogger into an expert.

    I really enjoyed reading this article.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

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