10 Must Watch Entrepreneurship Videos For Bloggers

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Entrepreneurship is something which cannot be taught.

No school in this world is giving formal education of entrepreneurship.

But still new entrepreneurs are getting born every day…. they are creating miracles out of nothing… they are changing the world.. they are making our life much better..

If there is no school then how are they doing it?

This questions kept on disturbing me when I was in my college degree, I was seeing many entrepreneurs around me, either it was Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Steve Jobs. And I kept asking one question to myself – How are they doing it?

These great entrepreneurs of the history did something much valuable and at much greater level that we are living life in better way now.

For me coming into blogging was one of the best decision in my life as I got chance to read about such great people and I started emulating them.

Here I am going to share 10 videos which made a great impact on me and I was able to move further in my life to achieve my goals.

1. 46 seconds by Steve Jobs on Changing the World

If you haven’t already seen this video then I guarantee that this will be the top most suggestion you will have ever got in your life. These 46 seconds have the power to change anyone in true sense.

2. The Life Of A Young Entrepreneur – Documentary

People in this documentary are no more smarter than us, but still they did something at such a greater level that we all know them. How a 19 years old guy become world’s youngest entrepreneur, you can check in this documentary.


3. Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

We have become accustomed to hear, “Go to good school, get great marks, get good job and life will be simple.”

In this video Ken has challenged our schooling system and represented his awesome views.

4. Where Good Ideas Come From

What are the roots of ideas? How do they come and how can we execute them? Check this video to know the truth.

5. Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Best ever speech in the history.

6. Man on Wire

This man decided to something extra-ordinary. With continuous practice and dedication he was able to achieve his goals. Watch this documentary to know how did he do that.

7. The Unstoppable Entrepreneur – Jonathan Budd

This video gave complete turn in my life. I was lucky enough to get this video when I started my blogging career. I have watched this video atleast 50 times and it’s still in my mobile phone. Whenever I feel low, I just open it and start watching.

8. RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

9. Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

Failure is the part of success. Watch this awesome video to know more about success.

10. Nick Vujicic – Love Without Limits

Never ever think that you cannot do it. See this video and inspire yourself to do something big in your life.

Final Words

These are the 10 videos which have the power to ignite your soul and you will feel much better after going through them. I will suggest you to watch every single video mentioned in this article and start doing great things.

You might see failure but failure is the part of success.

Sandeep Maheshwari says, “Neither run fast nor stop, just keep moving.

So keep moving ahead in your life and see the miracles happening in front of your eyes.

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  1. Uday Ghulaxe says

    These all videos are too good and inspirational to watch espacially Steve Jobs speech at Stanford .You made a good compilation here of all inspirational interprenurs video at one place. nice post

  2. says

    Hi Kulwant,
    Its rally Motivational post & nice collection of Inspirational videos, I m truly inspired after watching all the videos. Thanks for sharing this post…

  3. says

    Hey Kulwant,

    There are some really awesome videos in the list. I have already watched both Steve Jobs videos and also the last one of Nick.. Rest is new to me and will definitely go through them one by one! :)

  4. says

    Hello Kulwant. Really impressed by your dedication for blogging. I left blogging long ago. Today I returned here to read what’s going in blogging world. I started blogging last year in the month of Feb but couldn’t maintain it for long. Anyways, these videos are inspirational. thanks.

  5. Ghulam Mustafa says

    Wonderful post “10 Must Watch Entrepreneurship Videos For Bloggers

    ” bro. Keep it up. Impressed me a lot.

    Thanks for sharing nice videos.

  6. says

    Wow! It’s incredible! I love the way “The Unstoppable Entrepreneur – Jonathan Budd”, It gives me lots of ideas to do something good. I ever watch a film from Thailand. He is a gamer and can be successful from playing a game, LOL.
    #Is it possible for me to be the same? :'(

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