4 Effective Ways to Enhance Traffic in Short Time

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Besides banner ads, PPC and SEO, one other effective way of enhancing blog traffic is simply blogging. However, many people get frustrated when the time and effort invested in blogging does not make much of a difference. The fact is that blogging will not increase traffic to your blog overnight.

Enhance Blog Traffic

Here are some tips which will help you successfully enhance traffic through blogging:

1. Consider your target market

Successful blogging is not just about writing excellent blog posts. Before creating any blog post, you need to consider who you are targeting. If you have no idea what your target market is, your best marketing tactics are likely to fail. Take time to carry out some research to find out the characteristic and needs of the audience you are targeting.

2. Avoid technical jargon

Don’t make the mistake of using technical language in your content. Don’t think that since you understand what SEM or SEO mean, your readers are also familiar with these terms, more so if they are newbies in the industry. It would be advisable to assume from the onset that your audience doesn’t know much concerning the industry.  However, this does not mean the content should be over-simplified. Just make sure it can be easily understood by readers.

3. Use interviews

Interviews can be very effective in generating traffic to your blog. Interviews are powerful tools for several reasons:

  • They offer a new perspective to issues
  • They create an environment which fosters interaction
  • You are likely to receive a back link from the expert’s site

So who should you interview? Of course, the first choice would be one of the leading authorities in your field. However, getting some of these experts to reply to your email inquiries is not easy. One of the best ways of getting their attention is to interact with them on their social profiles and blogs. Leave helpful comments on their posts is a great way of building a relationship. You could also buy their products or services and offer to write a review. Once you have established a rapport, it will be easier to ask for an interview.

4. Create viral content

Viral content refers to popular content which spreads very fast. The following are some examples of content which is likely to go viral.

  • Tutorials – Blog posts which offer people DIY tips are usually very popular. For instance, you could write a post on ‘How to Prepare an Unforgettable Christmas Turkey’. Use videos and screenshots to highlight your main points.
  • ‘Top’ lists – For many years, marketers have used ‘top’ lists to attract customers. For instance, if you offer hair design services, you could write a post on the ‘Top 50 hair styles of 2012’.
  • Stats – You can make your content more unique and interesting by including infographics or industry statistics
  • Contests – Running regular contests can be a very effective way of enhancing your traffic and readership. Instead of buying a prize, you could consider offering your services or time.

If you are ready to take challenges and want to enhance traffic of your blog up-to a good level then these steps can help you to attract huge traffic on your blog.

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  1. Anurag says

    Totally agree with you in all points and here is mine.
    Increasing the posting frequency of your blog can enhance the organic traffic of your blog as Google love those blogs which are updated frequently. Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. says

    Thank you charles for sharing valuable four points which can really help in getting traffic, I think creating viral content and using interviews are very important factors.

  3. Jeniffer says

    Excellent post. I think we should do SEO and Social Media Marketing to enhance the traffic on a website. If you have done the right SEO, you can get natural traffic on your website and you can get natural social sharing as well.
    Thanks for the excellent post.

    • charles says

      I couldn’t agree more Jennifer. Indeed, social media marketing and SEO are also crucial for generating traffic. Thanks for the contribution.

      • Jeniffer says

        Your welcome buddy. :)
        You have also explained a good post. I like the way you have explained every thing here !
        Thank you

  4. says

    Writing Viral Content, Designing Theme Properly and Interviewing Famous and successful bloggers is the best way to enhance traffic. Looking Forward to have a interview with Kulwant Nagi! 😀

  5. says

    Target market & vital content is the best and most important thing. charles really like your suggestion. I hope my traffic will also enhance through this.

  6. says

    Creating Viral content is one of the most effective way in my opinion.
    The best example that i can put forward of viral content is “Dirty Secret of your daughter’s pocketmoney” from HellBoundBlogger.
    Anyways, one method that i would like to say that really works is blog commenting.

  7. Anurag Sharma says

    Viral content is the best way to increase traffic as your traffic is not only get increased through search engine but also through Social Media sites.

  8. says

    actually i read this types of tips but can you tell me how may i start it, i mean to say what types of things i should mind to start blogging.

  9. says

    Its totally right creating viral content is really important. The best way to create viral content is to write in simple and understandable language and research about the niche you are writing about.

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