Facts Behind Duplicate Content and How to Stop Them

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The issues surrounding duplicate content and search engine optimization have been discussed by SEO’s for a long time with none of them coming with conclusive analogies about it. Many people have different views about the issue, most of it, merely myths. The purpose of this article is to dispel the issues, factors, rumors and erroneous reports surrounding duplicate content.

In starting days of the search engines in the 90’s, duplicate content penalties were started around by Google to discourage spammers who are always looking of the methods to drive traffic on their blogs.

For some time, duplicating content all over was an effective way of getting traffic, but things have changed now. For the search engines, even in the absence of duplicate content, duplicating content on a site with intention to manipulate the search engine ranking should be done at your own risk.

This leads to the next question: when is duplicate content, duplicate content?


The truth of the matter is the presence of duplicate content on the web. Since there is no straight framework to take action against everyone who steals website content, because Google is not going to punish each and everyone.

Another factor that is making it hard to deal with duplicate content is lack of algorithm capacity to detect who really created content first. This makes most administration elements related to duplicate content hard to manage. All this has made it easy for black hat internet marketers, spammers and content scrapers to survive. In addition, many businesses are in a hurry to get online. With this craze, it’s becoming harder to police duplicate content online.

How to Check Duplicate Content?

However, not all is lost. Duplicate content can be monitored and detected using duplicate content checker PlagSpotter that can help you find it. Moreover, with the benefits unique content has on your websites search engine optimization, it’s becoming more and more important to watch out for it.

Once you get content scrapers to remove what they stole from your site, you should also worry about on page duplicates. On-page duplicate content exists in different forms, which hurt your performance and business.

How this is generating automatically in your blog?

The first kind of duplicate content you should worry about is duplicate content caused by multiple URLs that access the same content. The most common is the duplicate caused by poorly redirecting www and non-www versions of a website. These incidents also increase with different versions of the website such as those caused by mobile wap sites with the same content and tracking measuring parameters, which create a history of duplicates on the website.

Most duplicate content on a website can be fixed if you ensure that the content is unique before publishing. Redirections with the permanent redirects in the HT access files of the site can also help tweak such URLs to the correct ones. Rel=”canonical” tags have also been praised for the work they do on dynamic URLS.

Here is the Screenshot of one of my blog which was having duplicate content


I saw in SEOMOZ Dashboard that I was having too much duplicate content on my blog. Which is too bad from SEO point of view.

Duplicate content issue arise when your blog is having too much replytocom parameter and Google consider them as duplicate content on your blog.

Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud wrote about this issue on his blog and you can read that below.

How to Fix ReplytoCom Links Issue in WordPress

Once I took action against duplicate content, I was able to remove them all. I added following piece of code in my Robots.txt file and implemented what Harsh suggested in his article.


This code disallowed Google bot to crawl my replytocom parameter url and this little code saved me.

Final Words !!

If you haven’t checked your blog for duplicate content then do this task first if you want stay in safe side.

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  1. Narender Chopra says

    Commented just to notify about Grammar Mistake ” How this can is generating automatically in your blog?

    Or may be I am raking it wrong.

  2. ATUL KUMAR says

    Some Time This Happens That Some One Else Than You Copies Your Content…
    But Google Is Google It Index Only First Page Made As First Person.

  3. Narender Chopra@SEO Myth says

    Well Plagspotter is a new tool for me. But its including Facebook Fan page,Social Bookmarking pages and technorati profile in criteria. So is it harmful to make use of these sources ?
    BTW I think there is a problem with your Comluv Plugin ( I think so )

  4. says

    I was just speaking to someone today about the SEO effects of reblogging. Her blog got reblogged by someone, with credit and links. Any thoughts on this?

  5. says

    Legal Article.
    But in my opinion seekers will not resolve this issue of duplicate content soon.
    The right thing to do, and I already do on my blog is to take advantage of these scrapers articles, I put several affiliate links in every article I create. If it is duplicated someone somewhere will access my lik.
    Abaco! Acts Joshua Mota

  6. says

    It’s always difficult to keep your content solely for your blog. Sharing on article syndication platforms creates some duplication. However, I’m trying right away to deal with replytocom as you suggested.

    Thanks for the beautiful information

  7. sarika deshmukh@Executive Job Firm in India says

    Hello Dear

    nice post really i appreciate with your post this is fact and i think duplicate content is very dangerous for your site and according to me use only unique content for your site, really thanks for the sharing me

  8. Karan says

    Really very informative post. i want to know that, is there any solution for bloggers (blogspot domain) ? How to Fix it in blogspot ? please reply i m waiting .

    • SamanthaMillers says

      2Karan: to find that someone steals your content you may use duplicate content checker PlagSpotter.com.
      Then you should contact that person and ask to remove duplicates, if there is no answer fill the DMCA complaint.

  9. Khaja moin says

    I know only about Copyscape, thanks for letting me know another awesome site to check duplicate content.


  10. says

    Once I saw a blog translated in another language almost completely- it had even the same theme and colors- and I am sure that the original owner has no idea- imagine someone translating your blog in Chinese or Russian or whatever- the odds of finding that and being able to do something about it are pretty small. Anyway, it is frustrating to see some people taking advantage of your work!

  11. Herbal Incense says

    Excellent post. I did not know that we can use this trick too. I only know copyscape before and thank you for telling us one more useful website. :)
    Thank you

  12. says

    It really hurts when you create an original content and someone else steals it to increase his traffic or popularity. It once happened to me when after creating a blog post, I submitted it to ezinearticles.com (I am a platinum author) and I was told the content already existed somewhere on the web. My account was suspended immediately. I knew the content was mine. So I began to investigate until I found the content on a forum presented by someone else as his write-up. I contacted the forum admin immediately and got the content eventually credited to me as the rightful author.
    My ezinearticles account was then reopened because I was able to prove the content rightfully belonged to me. How about those who have suffered even when their content was stolen by somebody who went free?

  13. says

    besides replytocomm postId also generate duplicate contents. These are two type of wordpress installation mistake that most wordpress administrator forget. Google webmaster tool is a wonderful resource if you want to locate such errors.

  14. Steve says

    Very useful article and useful comments. Can somebody tell me then what is with Social Bookmarking sites?
    There is a lot of duplicate content because “Seo experts” submit one same posts on lot of SB websites.
    And usually every SB site have good PR and very good Alexa rank. Why SB sites are not in danger for SEO and Google?

    • says

      There is no issue to share on such bookmarking sites because there we are adding our article’s excerpts only. Like we share our article on Facebook and Twitter, same concept is applied there.

      This is called content syndication and there is no harm in this.

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