5 Things, I Couldn’t Learn By Doing Blogging From Home


Blogging; A way to connect with people by sitting at your home.

A way to help people, solve their problems and a way to enjoy stress-free life.

I started blogging just 2.5 years back. On 14th June, 2011 I decided to quit my job and launched my first blog on 9th September, 2011 to become full-time blogger.

These two years gave me a lot of experience and day by day I am becoming a better blogger.

In this journey I interviewed some of the best bloggers/internet marketers in the world and learnt a lot from them.

Lessons which cannot be learnt without making relations with people.

Such lessons helped me to do better in blogging and I generated good income online. I generated $7000+ with Google AdSense (I know this is very less amount, but as I never focus on AdSense so this was just an addon) in last 2 years, and made money by flipping sites and doing affiliate marketing.

In short, I was doing awesome by working from home.

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Things were going awesome as I was in my comfort zone and I was not spending my time to do some extra ordinary things.

So what forced me to leave my home and I shifted to Delhi?

And what were the things which forced me to take this crucial decision (as I used to say that I will never leave my home because I am making enough money by working from home)?

Here I am going to through light on some of the great benefits which I am getting after coming our of my comfort zone and how things are working at my end now.

1. Time/Task Management

This is something which you cannot learn by sitting at your home, because there is no-one to instruct you.

At your home you have full freedom.. you can get up at 11:00 o’clock.. you can eat anything any time.. you can go anywhere.. you can do whatever your want…

But still I was lacking somewhere.

Although I was making money by sitting at home but things were creating obstacles in path… things which seems to working perfectly were actually not perfect.

Information overload was obstructing my path.

2. Money Management

A penny saved is a penny earned. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Even I have read this quote too many times but the actual meaning I understood after coming to Delhi.

I was spending too much money on paid services like Magic Submitter, Long Tail Pro, Rank Tracker, too many content writers and other few services which were costing me 15,000-20,000 every month.

Obviously this was a huge SUM, but I never cared about it.

Once I joined ClicksBazaar (I am not doing any job here), Ravi Chopra instructed me to write down all the expenses on a piece of paper..

This was the time when I came to know my total expenditures of a month, because I never cared to write them down and see where my cash was flowing.

This little move helped me cut-down my expenses and utilize that money in right direction.

3. Working Environment

Working environment can be made at home but the number of interactions which you will do in a company cannot be done while working at home.

Here I am learning the tactics to work with team and learning many business tactics while working with Ravi.

4. Widen my reach

I have widen my reach where I am attending too many seminars while staying in Delhi.

Meeting too many people who are helping me to learn something new.

5. Mentality for Money

My mentality for money changed completely.

Where I was satisfied with $1000-$1500 by working from home, the same money is looking very less now.

I was completely satisfied with my work and money flow, as I was not comparing myself with someone, my expenditures were very less, my requirements were very less, and I was not paying attention for accumulating bigger money.

PS: I was working for long-term vision where small flow of money was very satisfactory for me.

Wrapping up

I was very happy while working from home (I am still happy) because things were going very awesome.

These are few of the things which I could learn in next 4-5 years while working from home.

But who would like to spend 5 precious years of his/her life when same thing can be done in 1-2 years.

This one mind-virus helped me to take the quick decision and I started working with ClicksBazaar. Along with doing blogging, we are working on some projects while will be available in the market in coming 1-2 months.

My own quote:

If I can save 4-5 years of my life by putting myself in non-comfort zone right now, I wouldn’t think twice for my decision.

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  1. says

    What intrigues me about this post is that you quit your job and THEN started blogging, you must have been VERY confident in your abilities to have decided to quit your job before you started making money blogging.

    I was blogging for a couple of years before I became confident enough to give up my job.

  2. says

    Nice and inspiring story, if I became a success full blogger like you then I will also shift to any office but near to my home not like you too far from home.

  3. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Hmmmmm, as a matter of fact, everybody want to be regarded to as “sire” no matter how small he/she may be. Working from home can be so interesting and at the same time bring comfort to the whole family life, build solid friendship, great love and solid understanding being the bases of love when entrusting true love to ones love. Am not a full-time blogger though, but with the little time being spend at the back of my laptop, I find it pleasurable and best thing I could ever lay my precious hand doing on earth.

    • says

      Well said, Adesanmi. Even I was completely satisfied at my home as I was seeing smiling faces of my family members. But still I was not getting what I always wanted.. For me it was very very hard decision to leave home and start a new life in another city..

      As per my thinking I will continue this for more 1-2 years and then go back to home. ;)

      Hope things will be in shape till the time.

  4. says

    This is what we call as perfect blog post for new bloggers… thank you so much for sharing this amazing posts… really liked the pay way you explained everything on this post…


  5. says

    Wonderful post Kulwant,

    You really made it worked dude, Well I mean most of the people fail to become a successful blogger or a fulltime blogger as it needs lot of dedication and time management. Being a degree student I know how hard it is.

    However I’m really happy that you achieved your goals.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. says

    Hi kulwant sir,

    This is really another great post from you,you are such an inspiration for new bloggers like us. Hope one day I could also achieve such a position like you and quit my daily job and make an office for myself.

  7. says

    It is really motivating post as how you have grown up a successful blogger. It is quite interesting to know that there are some pros of working from home. You made my mind to run and to involve in such a tremendous stuff of blogging. I will surely think about this. I just started my blog and trying to find something motivational and this post helped me out. Thanks for sharing. I hope to get such type of posts again.

    • says

      Ravi, everything is our life has two aspects, so it’s on us how we treat that situation and make ourself a better person.

      Glad to hear that my efforts in this post helped you.

  8. Sandeep Singh says

    Hey Nice and inspiring story, if I became a success full blogger like you then I will also shift to any office. your decision is too good.

  9. says


    Interesting Article and inspirational, I think you are a optimist and well writer :)
    thank you so much kulwat For Sharing a Inspirational article.

  10. says

    Hello Kulwant,

    Working from home is really something which is definitely in our comfort zone.

    You have mention that your crucial decision was to leave your home and shift to delhi. But I think your first crucial decision was to leave your job and shift for full time blogging. I don’t know about your cases but in most of the cases if one try to quit their job to start a blog, they have to face many negative response from their family members which no one can’t neglect.

  11. says

    Nice to read this amazing post while going through Blog sites where you clearly explained the pros and cons of working from home. Keep posting more of these inspiration articles to motivate lazy bloggers like me.

  12. says

    Hello Kulwant – Thanks for sharing inputs on advantages of working from a professional space.Working from professional Office space even if you are doing blogging as full time career helps you to establish your brand in the blogging space.

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