Top 7 Killer Tips to Decrease Bounce Rate of your Website

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If you don’t know what a bounce rate is then I’m considering you as someone who has recently entered in the field of online marketing or perhaps, you have been sleeping since last 10 years. Well, don’t be offended if you already know what a bounce rate is because this article is not actually about basics of bounce rate but it is about the five killer tips that can help any blogger or marketer to decrease bounce rate on their website. We all know that the lower the bounce rates the better. If you see the bounce rate of your website going higher, you should know that there is something wrong with your website that is causing people to arrive and leave immediately.


Anyways, let’s just get down to business without wasting any more time and discuss the top five killer tips that can help you decrease bounce rate of your blog.

1. Kick out distractions

If there is anything on your website that is causing a viewer to get distracted then kick it out right now. It can be anything like the new template design of your blog, the header style, the logo of your blog, the pop-ups that appear as soon as visitors enters your site or the advertisements that you have placed to earn revenue from your website. By taking a considerate look at your website, you will realize what is causing users to leave the website without showing any interest in your products or services.

2. Improve your Layout

Human eye is always looking for beauty and elegance. It doesn’t matter whether the person who has just arrived on your website is really interested in your products or services or not but if your website design is eye catching, he will not mind spending a little more time there. This is how you can keep untargeted visitors busy on your website so they don’t spoil the overall bounce rate of your site.

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3. Killer Content

Well, you already know that you need some killer content to keep visitors busy on your website but this is such a point that cannot be missed and let me reinforce it one more time here. My friend, if your site doesn’t contain unique content then you can forget about reducing the bounce rate because people have so many other things to do than to finding quality that doesn’t exist in your work.

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4. Make it to the point

Today, people don’t have a lot of time. If a person visits your website and can’t find what he is looking for, he will never mind leaving it as soon as possible. So, it is your responsibility to make sure that anyone can navigate through your website easily and find what they are looking for.

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5. Easy To Read

You must have a very good command over language but don’t assume all your visitors to be good at it. Most of the people will only be interested in reading your blog posts if they can understand what you have written. So, make it simple, easy and digestible for your readers.

6. Inner linking

To decrease bounce rate, you need to increase your Inner linking of your website. Inner linking means that linking your own content with other pages. For example, If you have Post A and Post B then Inter linking them with each other if both the posts have relative content in it. Inner linking will make the readers involve in your content. There is a chance that he can go to other posts and read them as well. It will increase his time on your website and it will help you to decrease bounce rate.

7. Clean Navigation

Navigation is one of the main thing which is required to engage your user in the content and website. If your content has quality then he should be given a chance to go through other pages and posts. This can only be done if you have some quality melt through your navigation. Your navigation should be good on website. I would suggest you to have breadcrumbs on your website.

Final Words

These were some of the tips which you can implement to have better bounce rate. You can attract more visitors and make more engagement with them by supplying interesting content and other tactics I shared here.

Share your methods also that what you do on your blog to decrease bounce rate.

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  1. shubhkarman jatt says

    good post but i like most is clean navigation i often browse Blogs which have clean navigation.

  2. Sandeep says

    I am Sure layout is the key of Love Bounce rate and in someway we call loyal subscribers and content quality matters.

  3. Akos Fintor says

    Hey Saif,

    Nice tips.
    Internal linking is nicely displayed in your post!
    Thank you for sharing you views on pump up some bounce rate!


  4. says

    I like this post. coz I am Agree your all points. I know Very Well Our Visitor looking Always good layout and unique consent. I have read it on other blog many time.

    Thanks saif. I like your article. its very informative for new and pro blogger. :)

  5. manoj says

    For me inner linking proved very helpful in reducing the bounce rate and i do agree with your other points

  6. says

    Hi Saif – this is very helpful, clear advice – thank you. Love the way the post’s written and laid out, too, giving a great example of what you’re actually talking about.

    I’ve heard another tip is to include a relevant video because this helps increase the amount of time people spend on your page. Also, to set external links to open in a new tab, to make it less likely your readers will wander off never to return.

    Thanks very much – I’ll definitely be bookmarking and sharing this,


  7. Sarvesh says

    Hi saif,

    Glad to see you with another awesome post, and yeah bounce rate is something which every bloggers need to focus it on and work hard to get in reduced. And to be honest i believe using of some widgets like popular posts, recent posts and random posts will be an awesome idea for that. But the fact is we should maintain a quality of the article, as you’ve mentioned clear navigation is also an important measure to reduce bounce rate.


  8. Rahul Chowdhury says

    Yes, having a good design really matters, as visitors won’t read an ugly blog, and where reading is post is a pain due to ant size text.

  9. Chirag says

    Impressive Good layout attracts the visitor.Avoid Irritating pop up and Improve the page loading speed to make the visitors to stick on site :) Everthing else you explain is very helpful to me.

    • says

      Yes Chirag, these popups make website loading speed very slow. There are many people who hate these popups. So the owner must do testing and see what is the response of the visitors.

      Good to see you here. :)

  10. Magic Webs says

    Design of any website plays an important role in keeping your visitor stay a long time on your blog or website. So, it is very important to design a website with proper blend of color, neatness, good layout and proper user interface. This helps visitors to stay for some time at least for the pleasant design. It is also helpful to write quality content that is easy to understand and try to connect with your visitors using the language they speak. This way they will be more inclined to stay on your blog and significantly help lower your bounce rate.

  11. Jeniffer says

    Excellent tips. I have my bounce rate a lot high and i think i have not done any kind of the above methods which you have explained. I will try these all methods and i hope now my bounce rate will decreased !
    Saif you have wrote an excellent post ! I just love the way you write :)

  12. sagar says

    Also use of a related post plugin or popular post widget helps in decreasing bounce rate of your blog.

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