Content Plagiarism Checker: A Service to Combat Spammers

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Do you love to read boring articles?

No!! I don’t.

Because we all want unique and quality information so that we can add more value in our knowledge database and help other people by giving our valuable suggestions.

Content is king, and it will be always.

Reading fresh and informative content always gives us a great feeling and we feel very energetic, as we love to consume new information.

But still there are many internet marketers who are polluting this sea of internet with their copied or spun content. They just want few backlinks pointing to their websites to get some traffic on their blogs and then make money online.

I hate plagiarism, so I started using tynt few months back.

I was not happy so I stopped using it, because this was only securing my blog if anyone was trying to copy my content and the person who was trying to copy my content could remove my attribute also.

So I was still in the search to get some quality plagiarism checker which can help me to get quality articles on my blog as I have started guest blogging on my blog again.

After trying few services, I found


At first I was little skeptical to use them but then I decided to give it a shot.

So here is my review about the service.

Free for first time use

They are giving FREE service for first time user where you can check up to 275 words (1 page) for FREE and get a result.

You don’t even need to signup or create any trial account for using this service. Simply upload your file or paste your article having up to 275 words and click on check now button.


The quality of plagiarism checker is very good and the speed of calculation is also too good.

So I decided to go for paid account.

They are charging $5 for credit card verification and in return giving you 100 credit which can be used to check 275 words article each, means you can check such 100 articles very easily and make them plagiarism free.

Here is my user dashboard.


I have simply copy pasted my article in Content Plagiarism Checker and clicked on check now button.

Once it will complete the calculation (for me it took 2 seconds only), it will show you number of words and amount of credits which they will cost to check your article.


It will take few seconds to do complete calculation and check if your content already exists.

If any guest author on your blog has submitted any copied content then it will show you %age of copied content and time and date of checking.


You can click on search result and see the copied content as well as download complete report for future use.


All your reports will be saved in your account and you will be able to access them for suture use.

Final words

I know you are also thinking to give it a shot because we all want quality articles for our blogs and want to secure it from complex Google updates.

Making your blog completely free from plagiarism will be a great move to make it an authority and informative blog.

So take action and try your first checking at free of cost with this Content Plagiarism Checker.

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  1. says

    Great method to check content plagiarism, its really informative and helpful. We got some amazing ideas from your post, keep sharing such an amazing ideas.

  2. says

    Hello Kulwant – As you have correctly Said Content is King and we need to take steps to protect our content . I use Copy scape to check Plagiarism and since this tool is free up to certain words for smaller articles I can always use this tool . Thanks for sharing this tool with us.

    • says

      Jayashree, if want to get more credits in this tool then I can have talk with them and help you to get more credits for checking more articles.

      • says

        Thanks a lot Kulwant. I will use this tool first to get a feel for it and If I will use this continuously I will ping you back again to get more credits enabled. Thanks again

  3. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Great Review. It is a great tool, but there are many free tools also available for so this like copyscape etc. They are also great.
    Thank you for your review

    • says

      Yes Nikhil, there are tons of free tools available in the market but free cannot match the quality of paid ones.

      Try it once and see the difference.

      • says

        Yes, Kulwant you are right a free tool never get compared and match the quality with the paid ones. There for peoples prefer to use paid tools.
        Thank you…….. :)

  4. vikasyadavbtech says

    Hi Kulwant, it is really a very helpful tools to check the theft content for those blogger who worked hard to produce new and quality article. Frankly speaking I don’t have any idea about this amazing tools but after reading this article I will try it in a few days.Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us. Waiting to meet you on 25/3/2014…

  5. myrujukan says

    I agree with you. We need to have quality articles. With the good and quality at our blog, Google will surely love it. I don’t like plagiarism too. I have several “guest blogger” at my blog. Some of them use the “copy paste” for their artiles at my blog. And i need to check it always to avoid low quality content or copy paste. I’m ask them to rewrite that articles or I need to terminate their account at my blog

  6. says

    Hi, Nice article of duplicate content checker. Nice tool to check if our article is duplicate content. Bloggers should use that tool for their blog to check their content before publish on the site or blog. Thanks kulwant for bring to us this great tool.

  7. says

    Hi Kulwant,
    It really bores me to read the same thing which has been copied and rewritten by several people from the original one. Also having taken my time to write and after few days see someone has copied my content kills my morale. The idea of plagiarism checker is the best because copy and paste plus spinning guys will be dealt with. The internet sea must be kept clean and new always.

    Very nice post.
    Regards. Laura.

  8. says

    That’s great, but still there are free tools available on this net, then why we need to try them? i always try this free ways, any way let me test it for now, as bcz your the person who suggested it to me .:)

  9. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Copy content just ruined the blog sooner or later. Checking for plagiarism with a paid tools like you have mention is really a worth. :)

    But free tool like copyscape are more affordable for those who are not making any penny of dollar/rupee from their blog. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your experience for checking plagiarism.

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