Content Marketing – Is this the new form of Link building?

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If you have launched a product then there are hundreds of ways to market that product. In today’s online world, marketing a product does not only mean spreading word about it but it actually means to design a strategy and follow a plan. You must have heard about content marketing and thought how does it work? Well, this post is not only dedicated to content marketing and how it can help you market your product but also how this strategy can be used to create quality links for your website.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is not like other traditional ways of marketing your product in which you just want to close a sale. It is about sharing your knowledge with customers and providing them with quality information. It is all about give and take. If you will share quality information with your potential customers, they will definitely start believing you and once they will develop trust in your product or company, they will not hesitate to make a purchase as well. Internet is a great medium to share information with anyone. If you are running a business then you can share information your business on internet in different ways. In this post, we are going to discuss how content marketing can be used not only to spread word about your product/ services but also to create backlinks for your website/ blog.content-strategy

SMO role in Content Marketing

SMOSocial Media promotion is called new method to get quality links and natural links. Social Media Optimization involves Pinterest , Twitter, Youtube , Facebook , Stumbleupon , Tagza and many other websites. SMO means getting shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest pins , Stumbleupoon views and Tagza vote up. If you are getting shares on these networks then you can get a lot of natural links and people will love to link to you. This is the best method to get natural links.

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Share written information

content-marketingOne of the commonly used practices in content marketing is to produce written content about your industry. Let us assume that you are working in garments industry and your main business is to sell T-shirts and want to create an interesting blog post. In this case, you can create a blog and start writing about different tips that can benefit your customers.

Being a consumer, I always want to buy a T-shit with good quality because I want to use it for a long time. If I will search on the internet and find some great information about how to buy a T-shirt on your blog then I will definitely want to try your t-shirts as well.

You can write an impressive blog post, publish it on your blog and create different links towards your website. If a customer will find that post interesting, he will share it with his friends and not only the post will spread but the links in that post will also spread all over the internet.

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Share graphical information

If you have an image that portrays the value provided by your business then you should share it on your blog with your readers and also on social media as it is a great practice in content marketing. Make sure that you have company’s logo in the image somewhere and also a link to your website should also be added so people can get back to you. One of the best ways to share graphical information is to use Pinterest that is relatively new social platform but it has become the third most used social media website in just one year time.

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Infographics are becoming very good way to spread information. You can make a complete code for the infographics so that if anyone want to insert it in his/her blog then they only need to copy paste the code. As we mentioned Pinterest is becoming big media to get traffic via pictures, so you should know the exact way to drive traffic via Pinterest.


Finally I would like to say that if you are thinking for long term survival in blogging or in online media then you need to know exact method about content marketing and you will have to prepare yourself.

Now your Turn !!

I would like to hear from you that what you think about this and how you are going to adopt these methods?

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  1. Amit says

    Hi saif,
    Awesome tips, sharing Infographics and content marketing will last for ever and is always better than other link building work. If infographics hits viral than blog/website can get many quality backlinks.

  2. Gaurang Joshi says

    Content Marketing has always been a useful way of generating genuine traffic to blog.
    Also Infographic is becoming very popular these days. As people always prefer pictures and graphs than reading whole text. Thanks for the useful info.

  3. shubhkarman jatt says

    Content Marketing is good method for generating traffic and its better than commenting also and its always work for newbies.

  4. soniya says

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

    Thank you so much for share the great information…!!!!

  5. Magic Webs says

    Thanks for the great tips saif! Another tip is that whatever your reasons for publishing your work online, don’t forget to target conversions from among your readership. Successful content marketing may be the vehicle that delivers traffic to your site, but great conversion pages that offer immediate value are the hooks that keep people coming back for more.

  6. way2freshersnews says

    it is very useful post ,,,,,who looking Successful content marketing but i don’t know Content Marketing when i saw this article,,,,i am getting some idea of content marketing saif thanks it’s really great information…know i bookmarked u r website……thanks…..

  7. Jeniffer says

    Saif yup this is true that now all the old back links methods are now in Google red circle , We need to come up with some thing special to rank our websites. You have explained an awesome method for content Marketing to increase Link building of your website.
    Thank you

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