7 Little Known Ways to Boost your Writing Skills

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There are two kinds of blog writers – those who blog because they think they are expected to and those who blog with purpose. If you are writing a blog because you think you are supposed to, you are likely to not getting the response you need for your desires. If you are writing a blog with purpose, then great!


Those who Blog because they think they are supposed to, Get very low chances of succeeding in Blogosphere. When you are writing a blog to promote your business, you need to take each post to its height. If your content is not getting the grip you want, you might think that you are not good enough at writing.

In this post I want to discuss with you 7 useful tips that you can apply directly away, to instantly enhance your writing skills.

Make a plan before you write a single word

If you begin with an empty page and put down whatever comes into your go, you are not giving any preference to yourself or your visitors.
Free-flow writing is excellent as a warm-up exercise, if you are having difficulties to get your fingertips going. It’s not an excellent strategy for designing a well-structured article.
Before you begin your publish, make an easy Plan. Jot down the subheadings you want to include.

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Start the Blog Post with a Quote

Quotations often take people right into the content because they can appreciate and connect with the quotation. However, you may not want to use this technique all the time.

Add Credibility with Examples and Data

Add attention and reliability by stating details and examples. You can reference research or quotation by any professional in your niche. Whenever you do use details, always be sure to reference the source and give credit to appropriate people.

Grammar and all that other stuff

Modifying as you create never performs out!  Take your some time edit your posts after you have completed writing them. We all skip one or two terms when editing – sometimes we don’t even observe when we press wrong key so spell-checking and changing each content afterwards is a must.

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Make more use of Pictures and videos

Carry your material to lifestyle with pictures, infographics and video clips. Instantly your visitors will become more attracted to your content. Infographics are in style at the moment; just making use of these information centered pictures brings new lifestyle to your blog and your visitors.

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Focus on quality instead of quantity

My guidance to you is; do not complete your blog post with material that you have been hurried to put together. If you cannot publish on a particular day, do not hurry, publish it the next day. Have a routine by all indicates and if you need to have a due date, give yourself a lot of time. Concentrate on offering quality more than quantity. In fact make it your objective to write every article from now on GREAT!

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Learn from your mistakes

After following the tips stated above, you will be nearer to a completely finished work of art. Learn from the mistakes you grabbed in the editing level. Evaluate what you’ve done incorrect and exercise to get to your way of editing. Whenever you create your next article, compose a list of your mistakes along with your improvements. This will help you keep in mind your errors and hopefully not do it again them.

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  1. Anurag says

    Good Post!!

    A person should also proofread all the articles/posts he write as the majority is not doing it.
    And Quality increases visitors from Social Media increases readership whereas Quantity increases traffic from Search Engines and decreases readership (I have seen many blogs getting high traffic only because of the quantity).

  2. Herbal Incense says

    Hey Salman,
    Excellent post. I think if you are looking to boost your skills in writing then you should keep on writing and writing. Only writing new ideas and new posts can increase your boost level.
    I must say that adding a quote in the content can change your readers attitude towards your content and reader will read it with more attention.
    Thank you

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Thanks Reading and commenting Here !
      Reading Have more importance than Writing.If you want to be successful than you have to read more than you write.

  3. Khaja moin says

    Starting a blog post with proverb or famous saying can be real boosting to the post. Including above tip we can also include much attractive images, with high quality.


  4. Hassaan Khan says

    Salman, Good Article. Writing is basically the real magic behind a blog. If you have a great writing skills and you put great ideas, you can make a difference.

  5. says

    Content plays big role in a blog’s success, especially if the blog is about technical stuff. Straight to the point articles will work gr8 than lengthy ones.

  6. says

    Really nice easy understandable and impressive post Salman, writing is a key of success for any blog,if your article is good and easy to understand with no spelling mistakes.your readers will be happy and will surely come back to your web.
    Keep it going man

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Thanks for Reading Article and comment on this article Ismail.I really commend you for that.Please do make time to come again !

  7. Anisley Annet says

    Great article, glad I stumbled upon this website. Thank you very much for sharing this very helpful information here. Sure this will be very useful for all blog writers.

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