100+ PR1-PR8 Blogs Accepting Guest Posts


Hello! Bloggers, a good news for some bloggers and for others it’s bad news. Because a first Google Page Rank update for the new year 2013 has been scheduled between 30 January – 2 February. Scared! right? because recently a Google Panda update has been rolled out and most of the blogs are affected in some or the other way and now another update going to roll out!

So, start thinking about your blogs that what you have done for it in 3 months. I would it’s hardly 5-6 days remaining for the next Google Page Rank update but then also you can get ready your blogs by one of the best options known as “GUEST POST”.


As you want to get high PageRank one of the best option is to do Guest Blogging. What benefits do bloggers get for their blog by Guests Blogging ?

Main Benefits of Guest Blogging are :

  • Get Targeted Traffic
  • Do-follow backlinks
  • PageRank Update
  • New relationship with bloggers

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So, Stop getting Scared! Put your hands stuck on the keyboard and start doing Guest Posts, right now! Another question in mind where to find “BLOGS ACCEPTING GUEST POST”?. Don’t go anywhere, here only you will get the List of “High Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Post”. I have managed to make the list ordered by PageRank from low to high. So, first find out your PangRank and get to know that on which blog you have to submit the Guest Post. Below is the list of blogs who accepts your guest posts!

Blogs Accepting Guest Posts:


  •    PR: 1                       AmazingBloggers
  •    PR: 1                       DataReign
  •    PR: 1                       FreshTechFeed
  •    PR: 1                       GroveTimes
  •    PR: 1                       LinkoMetric
  •    PR: 1                       MakeMeNoise
  •    PR: 1                       MY Blogger Club
  •    PR: 1                       Mashable
  •    PR: 1                       TCLdaily
  •    PR: 1                       TechKilla
  •    PR: 1                       Technograte
  •    PR: 1                       TechFishy


  •    PR:2                       2StartBlog
  •    PR: 2                      BloggingCage
  •    PR: 2                      BlogSynthesis
  •    PR:2                       BlogoRida
  •    PR: 2                      BoxerTech
  •    PR: 2                      BoltonHiTech
  •    PR: 2                      ExceptNothing
  •    PR: 2                      NetRival
  •    PR: 2                      NetMediaBlog
  •    PR: 2                      TechBloggerZone
  •    PR: 2                      TechnoBol
  •    PR: 2                      TechnoMarket
  •    PR: 2                      TechPlugged
  •    PR: 2                      TechnoBlogger
  •    PR: 2                      TechJunoon
  •    PR: 2                      TechieSight
  •    PR: 2                      TodayOnTech
  •    PR: 2                      TheDroidClub
  •    PR: 2                      TrickVilla
  •    PR: 2                      TipsBlogger
  •    PR: 2                      TheGadgetsBlog
  •    PR: 2                       Screamable
  •    PR: 2                       XionTechinfo
  •    PR: 2                       SEOallRounder
  •    PR: 2                       RockPaki
  •    PR: 2                       TrickieZone
  •    PR:2                        InternetDreamz
  •    PR:2                        GeekBlogTips
  •    PR:2                        BlogPreneurs
  •    PR: 2                       Axleration



  •    PR: 3                      BlogSaays
  •    PR: 3                      BloggingJunction
  •    PR: 3                      BloggingPro
  •    PR: 3                      CallingAllGeeks
  •    PR: 3                      Chaetakadai
  •    PR: 3                      FreshTechWeb
  •    PR: 3                      GadgetCage
  •    PR: 3                      iTechCode
  •    PR: 3                      IdealTechBlog
  •    PR: 3                      MyNewMachine
  •    PR:3                       MonetizeBlogging
  •    PR: 3                      ProSEOexpert
  •    PR: 3                      ProBloggingSuccess
  •    PR: 3                      SmartBloggerz
  •    PR: 3                      TechGyo
  •    PR: 3                      TechnoValley
  •    PR: 3                      TechBreach
  •    PR: 3                      TechZoomIn
  •    PR: 3                      Tutkiun
  •    PR: 3                      TechatLast
  •    PR: 3                      TechieBlogger
  •    PR: 3                      Making Different


  •    PR: 4                     AllTechBuzz
  •    PR: 4                     Bloggodown
  •    PR: 4                     BlogEngage
  •    PR: 4                     BlogSolute
  •    PR: 4                     DailySEOtip
  •    PR: 4                     FamousBloggers
  •    PR: 4                     HellBoundBloggers
  •    PR: 4                     HowtoMakeMyBlog
  •    PR: 4                     HomeforGeeks
  •    PR: 4                     Nirmal
  •    PR: 4                     ShoutMeloud
  •    PR: 4                     Techpp
  •    PR: 4                     TipsOTricks
  •    PR: 4                     WeBlogBetter
  •    PR: 4                     WPHacks
  •    PR: 4                     SocialVani
  •    PR: 4                     ExeIdeas


  •    PR: 5                     BasicBlogTips
  •    PR: 5                     BlogCarnival
  •    PR: 5                     Blogussion
  •    PR: 5                     BloggingTips
  •    PR: 5                     Comptalks
  •    PR: 5                     JohnChow
  •    PR: 5                     Kikolani
  •    PR: 5                     ProBlogDesign
  •    PR: 5                     QuickOnlineTips
  •    PR: 5                     TechLineinfo
  •    PR: 5                     Techie-Buzz
  •    PR: 5                     SmartBlogs


  •    PR: 6                     BlogHer
  •    PR: 6                     ChrisBrogan
  •    PR: 6                     DailyBlogTips
  •    PR: 6                     Labnol
  •    PR: 6                     ProBlogger
  •    PR: 6                     SearchEngineJournal
  •    PR: 6                     SEOmoz



  •    PR: 8                     Mashable
  •    PR: 8                     Technorati


Now, its Your Turn:

Satisfied with the List ? If yes then Kindly Show Your Love by Sharing this Post. OR If you feel the list is incomplete then let me know the other Blogs Accepting Guest Post via Comments! I will surely like to include other blogs in my list so do comment and lets others have attention to your blogs also!

Happy Blogging :)



      • says

        You guys are right!

        To newbies out there or those who are still sitting on the fence, I have one word of advice…

        Don’t expect guest posting to be easy… I couldn’t imagine how guest blogging works, until I’ve personally started to research these blogs (it took a few days to find the right blogs – so I appreciate your compilation list here)

        Then, once you find the right blogs, you need to read the latest posts to get a feel of how the readers react to that particular content, and so on.

        Third step is to get to know the blogger, and their audience, so blog comment there, for a few days/multiple times…

        Only afterward you should step in and send a pitch or guest article proposal… doing so, you’ll increase your chance to get your idea approved, as the blogger knows you from your comments already.

        Hope it helps?

  1. says

    Excellent post. I think that it is easy to do a guest on PR 2 or pr 3 blogs and they can approve the guest post quickly, Most of the big blogs like John Chow and Chris brogan will never approve the guest post easily but once they approved the guest post, You will have a lot of link juice and traffic :)
    Thank you
    Herbal Incense recently posted..Spice Herbal Incense: Patchouli BlendMy Profile

  2. says

    Guest posting has always been a first choice for me when it comes to get more exposure for my new blogs. But, as this year is a final year of my graduation I’m not giving enough required time to blogging. I’m really stuck with a hectic schedule!

    But, I’m sure the next year will bring a new hope for me in terms of blogging and for a better life. Wish you all a very happy new Google Update. This will bring a new joy in your blogging live.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..Now You Can Hear Every Word You Type on iPhone with Speaking KeyboardMy Profile

  3. says

    Hey Sohil Memon,

    This is a great post. I am also going to write few guest post near future. This list will be helpful for me. But some bloggers don’t allow guest posts now like Problogger and DailyBlogTips.
    Raplus recently posted..Top 10 Benefits of BloggingMy Profile

    • Sohil Memon says

      Hey Avinash,
      Thanks for finding list useful :)
      And bro why not I will also include your blog :D
      Stay updated with us!

    • Sohil Memon says

      Hello Chitraparna Ma’am,
      Thanks for being here!
      Your blog is too famous and we are much happier to add your’s blogs :)
      Congrats that you are receiving traffic, Hope always you receive from here :D

  4. Edo says

    that such a great list, thanks for the sharing :)
    I am learning about SEO and your article is very useful for me to be able to raise my website, thanks anyway

  5. Misha says

    Fantastic List! I have been looking for some more websites for guest blog posting. ComLuv and Traffic Generation Cafe also offer this space. You can add them too.
    Misha recently posted..Lenovo Z580 ReviewMy Profile

  6. SB says

    Looks like someone stole some of your content here: “www.hostmansaving.com/guest-posting-for-2013/”. Report him to Google.

  7. says

    Great List, but almost all of them are technology related. You could add plethora more that cover a different niche. Nice work though.

  8. says

    Great list.. I was searching for such a list from days. Now I will guest post to my hearts content!!

  9. says

    Sohil, thanks for the wonderful job you have done in compiling these blog names. I know you have really put in much effort to get the job done.
    However, i wish to say that the name of my blog http://www.bizsuccessguide.com is missing. The blog is a PR3 blog accepting quality guest posts in the areas of bloggingtricks, SEO, business and social media. I would really appreciate it if it is included on the list.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..How To Improve Google PageRank of Your BlogMy Profile

  10. says

    Thanks for sharing the best list of blog sites individually with Pr rank thanks for article……..

    • says

      Hello Anirudh,

      When I was making the list at that time I also think that “Labnol” will not accept the guest post but bro here is the guest post submit link: labnol.org/write/
      See it and submit on the most popular blog and ENJOY!

      Thanks for commenting :D

  11. says

    Sohil, thnaks very much for the list. it’s great to give something away, but I imagine not many people thank you for it.

    Good luck in the future.

  12. Denise says

    Spice Up Your Blog is pr 5 and accepts guest posts i have had a few posts published there.

  13. says

    Looks like guest blogging is increasing in popularity day by day.
    So, how does Google and yahoo look at this aspect of SEO?
    Do they approve or frown upon guest blogging practices. Are there any
    disadvantages of having guest bloggers’ articles on one’s blog?

  14. says

    I like your post. I will utilize this list. Thanks for sharing such huge list of blog who accept guest blogging.

  15. says

    Thank you for the great share. Since I am a professional blogger, the suggested blogs will definitely be a great help for me. Here ‘s my own blog OnzineArticles.com. Please add it in the list of PR1 blogs; we are also accepting guest posts in various categories.

  16. says

    hi great post i think this post gonna help me great man sohail :D i had been looking for such sites so that i can generate backlinks aswell thanks once again miter sohail memon.

  17. says

    Nice information, There is obviously a lot. Your points are very valuable and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this great blog with us. Anyway thanks you very much for these blog list..

  18. says

    Some blogs are really nice like that way its fine..thanks for the post visit you once again
    I will surely like to include other blogs in my list so do comment and lets others have attention to your blogs also!

  19. says

    Can you suggest me some wordpress blogs that accept guest posts as author, so that we can directly write into their dashboard and leave our post for review.

  20. says

    I think no more guest blogging supports to get good backlinks with the coming changes in google algortihms so its better to create good and quality backlinks rather than guest blogging.

  21. says

    Great list! I was hoping you could add the LKR Social Media blog to it – we are also accepting guest posts!