Blogging Management: A must know approach for Blogging

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Writing a blog post and getting most out of it are two different things. Writing a article need a deep thinking and research on the article and on the other hand the promotion have its own strategies. Have you ever thought about it that how to get maximum exposure and how to get your post or blog stand out in the niche with proper blogging management.

As people get started with blogging, they think it’s as simple as clicking, “Add New Post,” typing up a few paragraphs, and clicking, “Publish.”

Then they hopelessly wait for views, comments, and tweets. No one comes. No one comments. No one tweets.

They do this three or four times and eventually they end up saying blogging didn’t worked for them.

For understanding blogging management you will have to study a lot of successful blogs and study how they are doing and which strategies they are following so that they are successful.

Blogging needs time and a good blogging management to get most out of it.

Here are some tips which can help you..

1. Keyword Research and Headlines

This is the most crucial part of blogging. why anyone would come at your blog and read your post where there are 100 thousands of blogs? why search engine will rank you when there are much better blog then yours?

These are the questions which you need to think before writing any post which your readers will love and then search engines will love. These two parts are vital parts of blogging management as without them you cannot run a blog. You must write for your readers first then for search engine because Google is changing its algorithms so frequently that you cannot predict that whether your blog is going to hit by the next update or not. You will have to built a circle of readers around you so that they will come again and again to read your article.

Do extensive keyword research to write killer headlines and do proper research for finding captivating headline.

2. SEO Management

SEO is the toughest part in blogging (if you are concerned). This task need time and experiments and you cannot do this task without reading and learning. Everyone is dying for traffic and money but are your doing something so that search engine should send traffic at your blog. For a good SEO practice you can join SEOMOZ or SEOProfiler. Both of these tool will offer you industry specific SEO standards and you will go in right direction.

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3. Link Management

Link Management ? what is this? I am talking about backlinks here. Backlinks are very much important from SEO point of view and you will get good Page Rank only if you have done good work for your backlinks.

So you must select the blogs very carefully to make backlinks and try to link with the blogs of your niche only.

4. Social Media Management

Bloggers knows the importance of social media. This platform have change the way people blog. No doubt this is one of the major factor of traffic for our blog. we get exposure, we get connections, we get sales and many more things on social media. But how to use them effectively is the major point. you can read follwing article for more depth knowledge.

So you need to be very selective and most importantly active on social platform for better management.

5. Project Management

There are various companies for project management which can make your online task much easier and effective. Sharetronix is such a Online Project Management company which will help you to do such tasks. You can have FREE Demo of this company and can access it at free of cost so you will be able to do good management.

Finally I would like to say that blogging is a job which cannot be done without well planned blogging management. Once we will be able to do this then the output from our work will start coming effectively.

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  1. Khaja moin says

    Adding keywords and making it a killer title is very very tough.
    Yes when you have only one choice keyword or killer title go for killer title.


  2. Cudjoe says

    Don’t write for computers but rather always write for humans first. This is indeed one of the golden rules in blogging.

  3. says

    Blogging management is a very important concept for bloggers. A blogger needs to do everything properly and regularly. A blogger has to not only write new blog posts but he also needs to build links by commenting and guest posting. Time management and other such skills are the important aspects of blogging management.. You can really help many bloggers by writing such type of more blog posts which help bloggers understand how they can properly make use of time in approaching towards their goal of becoming a better blogger.

    • says

      Management is vital part in every aspect of life as well as in business. Only a better management can give you output which you desired. So a well managed blogging can make you star in short time.

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