Blogging Cage Completed 2 Years.. :)

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Finally we completed two awesome years today.

It still feels that I started this blog yesterday.

These two years gave me awesome experience in this blogging battle-field and awesome friends all across the world.

I started blogging to make money online and my biggest motto was to generate online income. I kept on struggling for few starting months and made my fist dollar after 7 months. This was the biggest motivation for me because I knew the fact that making money on internet was possible.

I started reading more blogs and found that blogging not something which will generate money automatically. If you really want to make money online and influence people then you will have to find real problems which people are facing and solve them by giving your tips.

From to

On September 2011 I started my first blog with my name (I know we all start our first blog on our name itself ;)) and started writing stuff about multi-level marketing as the main motto behind this blog was to get more people who are looking opportunities to make money online.

I was doing one business which I started on 9th September 2010 and we were selling one video technology. I was associated with a company called My Video Talk where I was getting 2500 INR ($50) as commission on per signup.

This business gave me great insight about potential of internet and I started my first blog to dig more into it.

I started getting more interest in blogging and finally on 15th January, 2012 I booked

…everything changed that day.. :)

Here we are today..


Statistics of 2 years

  • Total posts – 434
  • Total Comments – 8876
  • Total Authors – 192

Which online methods I tried in these 2 years?

1. Site Flipping: I found that people were making good money by flipping their websites so this seems easy business to me also. I started spending some time om reading about flipping method and started my first blog with the intention to flip only.

The blog named TheDroidClub (Not live now)  started getting good traffic and we made around $1000 with this blog in 5 months. This money was enough for me because I was at mid-newbie level and was still in learning phase (I am still exploring many things).

So we decided to flip this blog and listed it on Flippa.

At last I was able to sell that blog in $855. Check listing here.

This was my first blog flipping and was more than enough to motivate me.

Later we sold 4-5 other small blogs and made some good money.

2. Building AdSense sites: I tried building one AdSense site. I did little research about keyword and started building one blog around that blog.

That niche site failed badly but it gave me great lessons.

3. Trying CPA: CPA is something which is becoming one of the most loved way to make money online and it is genuine too.

Because in SEO we are totally dependent on search engines and any big algorithm can ruin all our efforts, but this is not in the case of CPA. Here you have full control on your campaigns and you can expand them at any level.

I took training from Vipul Taneja and learnt the methods to make money with CPA by joining his course Facebook CPA Ninja.

What made Blogging Cage so special?

From the day one of my blogging I want to make my blog one of the special blogs in India. So Last year I decided to start interview series on my blog and interviewed some of the top gems from the world. This helped me to interact with world-class bloggers and it gave me a chance to know more about them.

My awesome readers helped me to make this interview series so successful and powerful day by day and kept on motivating me to interview great bloggers.

Lessons I learnt in last 2 years

  1. Blogging is really an awesome way to make money online as well as to make your online presence on world’s platform.
  2. Starting a blog and taking it to a big level are two very different things. Many people start their blog with too much enthusiasm and after sometime they start feeling bored, so if you are starting it and be courageous to take it to next level.
  3. Blogging is not just writing. It is a mixture of writing, marketing, SEO, social media and too many other things.
  4. If you want to make a great blog then start reading great blogs first. Established blogs will give you great tips to make your blog successful very easily.
  5. Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t do like everyone is doing.
  6. SEO is a temporary game so don’t be 100% dependent on SEO.
  7. Having atleast 2 blogs is always a great idea. If one is not making money then you can try other.
  8. Relations are very much important in blogging. Start making it today.
  9. Building E-Mail subscribers list is one of the best things which you must do in blogging.
  10. Keep exploring more things and don’t be dependent if one method is working great for you.
  11. If you are building any niche blog then keyword research is very very important.
  12. Don’t be afraid of spending money. This is your business so be courageous.

I read following books in 2 years

  1. The Greatness Guide 2 1st Edition
  2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  3. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
  4. The Greatest Salesman In The World
  5. Life Is What You Make It
  6. I Have A Dream
  7. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  8. Rahasya – The Secret
  9. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company
  10. The 24-Hour Turn-Around
  11. The Magic Of Believing 1st Edition
  12. MegaLiving From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: 30 Days To A Perfect Life 1st Edition
  13. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  14. Heal Yourself
  15. Chicken Soup For The Soul
  16. Corporate Chanakya
  17. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  18. Questions Are The Answers
  19. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
  20. Autobiography of A Yogi
  21. Biography of Steve Jobs

What are my future plans?

These two years went completely awesome for me and I turned a person having business mindset.

Now I am going to start audio interview series on my blog where I will be interview top blogger in the world. I will be very active on my YouTube channel where I will teach some of the best tips and tutorials by showing you videos.

I have already ordered Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone which I will be using to record my podcast and video tutorials.

I will keep writing blogging tips as per my experience and I am going to experiment few new things on my blog which you will be able to access very soon.

Thanks a lot for becoming my loving readers. :)

Graphics designed byBishal Biswas

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  1. says

    Blogging Cage has been one of the main inspiration of Blogging. I am really thankful to Sir, Kulwant Nagi for inspiring us. And I also thanks to all the authors present here in Blogging Cage. And Congrats for the Glorious Year. Keep Inspiring.

  2. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Congratulations and celebrations! :)

    I am SO SO happy for you, and you have achieved success simply due to your hard work and efforts, which have been very visible to everyone. And as they says, hard work always pays, and it is seeing all that you have achieved in these two years.

    Yes, it doesn’t seem like two years, and not to mention the various authors, posts, and comments your blog has received. It was nice to read about your journey from your personal blog to the present one, something I’mm thinking of trying too, though the other way round. Similar is the case with making money from the blog, something that you’ve done wonderfully at, and something that I just might start doing now.

    I think if we keep trying new things and adapting to change, we do well – provided we are ready to take the positive aspects and learn from the negative ones too. Gosh! You do find to read books too – something that I need to make time for as well this year. Yes, I too have chalked out certain plans for my blog and hopefully with His grace, by taking small steps I hope to accomplish them.

    I wish you ALL the best from the bottom of my heart and I’m sure, starting your 3rd year tomorrow will take you to greater heights. My best wishes with you always.

    Thanks for sharing more about you and your blogging journey with us. Looking forward to the other new things you would be trying out too :)

    • says

      Thanks a lot, Harleena mam.

      Hard work always pays off and it worked for me too. :)

      How these two years passed I didn’t even realize. I kept putting more efforts to explore new things and represent them in my own style to help my readers.

      Awesome people like you around me helped me a lot to learn more.

      Thanks a lot for celebrating my blog’s anniversary and being here to motivate me.. :)

  3. says

    Hiii Kulwant,
    Congratulations Bro!
    I am very happy to know that Blogging Cage Completed 2 Years along with lot of successes. I am regularly following your articles and your informing, intelligent writing style. I wish you all the best for your bright Blogging future. I have already subscribed you on youtube :)

    • says

      Thanks for this encouraging comment, Amit. I will be working hard to make my awesome readers happy.

      Thanks for subscribing my channel. I am going to start video tutorials very soon.

  4. vijaykumar says

    hi kulwant once again congrats about your 2 years of blogging but u reveal ur 2 years of earnings becoz it will encourage beginners like me…….

  5. Saqib Razzaq says

    Hello Kulwant Nagi,

    I want to take a moment and congratulate you on the momentous achievement. May you have moire success.

  6. says

    Congratulations and keep it up. As a follower of bloggingcage from beginning I’m feeling very lucky to be a witness of the journey this successful blog.

    Arup Ghosh

  7. vikas yadav says

    Hello kulwant, congrats for completing of two years of bloggingcage. Through your hard work , dedication you achieve the success and take your blog to the next level..

  8. Vishnu says

    Hello Kulwant Bro,

    Glad to see your success.. Everything that we needed to know about your blog is well explained in this article. It will be an encouragement to newbie bloggers. Please write this type of articles in future. Anyway Congrats.once again..

  9. says

    Hi Kulwant,
    You have completed a milestone and Kudos to you for completing an awesome journey of 2 beautiful years. Your performance has always been inspiring to me. WIsh all the success to you in your blogging life. Thanks

  10. says

    Congratulation Kulwant Bro, you were always an inspiration for all of us. 😉
    keep providing quality articles to us. :)
    I just wanted to ask one thing, you should do at-least one Income report like Harsh from SML.

  11. says

    First of all I would like to congratulate four huge success and I have read some of your previous articles which have a very clear and unique content which helped me in improving my blogging. :)

  12. Umer Iftikhar says

    One lesson I learned from your blog is that, helping people around the world will help us too to get some bucks. A blog really needs visitors to generate income. But we can only generate visitors when we really want to reach them by having solutions of their problems. This statement is really very inspiring me now.

    Thanks man, Good work Kulwant

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