BCIS 33: Interview With Luke Kling (Best Affiliate Manager at PeerFly)

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CPA is growing rapidly and people are trying various methods to make money with this.

Finding working methods to make money online and then scaling them to generate much bigger revenue are the two challenges in online marketing.

There are people who accepted the challenge and took this at a bigger level.

Today we have Luke Kling with us who won the best affiliate manager award for 2013. He is manager at PeerFly CPA network which won second position in TOP 20 CPA Networks 2014. He is Working there as a manager from last few years and has contributed a lot for the success of PeerFly.

He is sharing world-class case studies on his blog Luke Peerfly, so you can learn CPS tips at free of cost on his blog.


Let’s dig into the interview

1. Luke, tell us about your journey to enter into CPA. How the idea to pursue your career in CPA came in your mind and how did you start?

Affiliate marketing, affiliate management, and I all smashed into each other when I was about 15 years old. I was developing and selling websites on DigitalPoint Forums when I sold a site to Kevin De Vincenzi, the owner of affiliate network XY7.com. I worked for Kevin for a few years managing some of his web properties and eventually as an Affiliate Manager for XY7.

I grew as both an affiliate and an Affiliate Manager with XY7 and eventually left XY7 for a new network in the industry, PeerFly.com.

I’ve been extremely happy working at PeerFly for over 4 years now. Last year I was promoted to Director of Marketing and manage our affiliate management team and internal marketing campaigns.

2. Luke back in 2012 you were voted as the #1 affiliate manager, according to you which were the things which gave you such an awesome success? And what are the challenges which you are facing now?

Being voted the #1 Affiliate Manager was a very proud moment for me. I have worked hard to provide the best service possible to our publishers at PeerFly. At one point I managed our entire publisher base of over 30,000 active publishers.

I spent most of my college career answering emails and phone calls from publishers and it wasn’t always easy, but my hard work paid off and being voted the #1 Affiliate Manager was proof that my efforts were not being ignored :)

3. Getting into CPA is becoming little hard for newbies. What are the suggestions you would like to give which can help them to get easy approval?

I know the approval process can be a pain (especially for international publishers), but as long as you’re honest on your applications and you have a legitimate marketing strategy that you can give to networks there is no reason that you should not be able to get approved somewhere and then build a good relationship with that network so you can use them as a reference for future network applications.

DO NOT copy and paste information from the latest “INSTANT NETWORK APPROVAL” WSO or PDF you download. DO NOT beg and bother Affiliate Manager’s for approval.

DO be honest on your application and have an idea of how you plan to promote the networks offers in a way that they’ll find acceptable. DO feel free to send an email to the right person informing them of your application and a short summary of your marketing strategy.

I don’t want to sound mean, but 99% of the time if you are honest, provide accurate information, and have some sort of idea of what you want to do (that the network will be okay with) before you get started you will have no trouble getting approved. If you can’t do that then you are wasting your time and the network’s time.

4. CPA is such a filed which is completely in your hand how big money you want to make with it as compared to doing SEO for any business. According to you what are the good things in CPA which is attracting more and more people now.

There is a lot of money that can be made with CPA and that’s what draws in the interest. People posting about making hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a day on forums and blogs are a magnet to draw in new affiliates. This is fantastic because the bigger the industry gets the more money that will be available for everyone to scoop up!

If you owned a business and knew that each customer that entered your store would make you on average $20 and that there was a way you could draw in new customers for $10 you would spend as much money as possible to get those customers right?

Well, if you knew the owner of the business and he/she said they would pay you $10 to bring in new customers and you knew you could do it for $5 you would spend as much money as possible to bring in new customers to that store right?

As long as everyone involved is making money the affiliate marketing industry will continue to grow and as long as their are good products and affiliates out there then there will be no reason it won’t.

5. Please share some of the best tools which you are using to get more results in CPA.

The best tool you can use is money. It takes money to make money. You will need to spend money to earn experience. You can then use your experience to earn money. No tool can really provide you with everything you need to make money online, but using the right tools can help facilitate the process.

The tool you should buy really depends on what type of marketing you want to do. If you’re interested in developing websites and driving traffic to those sites while monetizing them using affiliate products I highly recommend the video course Screw95.

If you’re interested in driving traffic using Facebook Pages I own a product called FPTraffic. If you want to build an email list I recommend AWeber. I could give you affiliate links to different tools/resources all day. The best thing you can do is pick a strategy and try to learn everything about it.

Once you know you’re ready to move forward and make some money try to find a tool you can buy to make it easier.

6. Peerfly is my most loved platform. According to you what are the things which make this as awesome platform?

There are many things that set PeerFly apart from our competition, but one of the major big differences it that PeerFly is built on a custom platform whereas most of our competition use 3rd party platforms (like CAKE or LinkTrust).

Having a custom platform with an in-house development team means we can provide features and tools for our publishers that most other networks fail to provide. It also means that if there’s a feature or tool that our publishers request we can build it into our system without much hassle.

For example, we have an early payment option at PeerFly called Cash Flow. Cash Flow allows you to request your affiliate earnings at any time. We send out tons of payments every single day so our publishers can keep pumping cash into their campaigns without running into serious cash flow issues :)

We also have custom browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox so you can get alerts and see your PeerFly balance/earnings without even having to be on our site. These are just a few of the many features that help set us apart.

7. Luke, according to you how important is landing page or tracking in CPA? What are the best resources which you would like to suggest for making landing pages and link tracking?

My friend and one of the few people in the industry I consider a true “Super Affiliate”, Charles Ngo, recently published an article on his blog where he stated, “How important is a good landing page? I use them on maybe 90% of my landing pages. I’ve had campaigns go from $0 to $10,000+ profit a day just because I created a killer landing page.”

You can read the entire article here: http://www.charlesngo.com/landingpagetools/

While not always 100% necessary, landing pages are usually the difference between a campaign that is profitable and a campaign that is not. Or, it’s the difference between a campaign that is making 25% ROI and 125% ROI.

So, how important is it to learn how to make landing pages? VERY. The same goes with tracking. I use Prosper202 most of the time, but BevoMedia has a nice setup and CPVLab is very popular with publishers actually earning some serious cash :)

8. Your blog LukePeerfly is one of the most transparent blog I have even seen in CPA niche. How you blog is helping you to grow your business?

I knew my blog had “taken off” when I attended Affiliate Summit a few years ago and had several people come up to me and say, “hey, you’re LukePeerFly! I read your blog!”. I still remember calling my wife and telling her about the experience.

It was amazing because when I first started my blog basically I just wanted to be able to reach my publishers on a larger scale and I hoped that other affiliate marketers (those not already working with me at PeerFly) would be able to find and apply the information as well.

Throughout the past 3+ years my articles have been read by more people than I ever imagined and I have basically been able to create my own brand around it. I love being able to leverage that brand to do what I had originally set out to do (share my experience/knowledge) with even more people.

I’m also now using my blog to help launch my own products in the affiliate marketing space to help provide affiliates with even more resources to make more money online. It’s been very exciting!

9. Recently I found that you own AffPosts too, which a great site to know everything happening in CPA niche. How the idea to start such network came in your mind and how did you convert it into reality?

AffPosts has been a fun project. I created it because although there were sites like it already that I visited often, they did not provide the best user experience. All the other sites like AffPosts had bad designs and limited features. So, I wrote down all the features I would like to see from an affiliate marketing news aggregate and then started designing and programming it to fit my needs.

Over the past year AffPosts has grown to 119 blogs with over 11,500 posts. Those posts have been read by AffPosts readers about 1,200,000 times!

10. Which are the best converting verticals in CPA if we are targeting Facebook PPC?

Our two best verticals over the past 6 months on Facebook have been gaming and dating. Unfortunately, Facebook is moving away from dating affiliates, but I’m sure new verticals will expand. Gaming and apps are very strong though.

11. What do you do if you are not online?

I’m online most of the time working on PeerFly stuff or my projects, but if I’m actually away from the computer I like to go to out to eat and to the movies with my wife, play fetch with my dog, and play basketball. I bought my first home last year and I live in Florida so I also now have constant yard work that needs done :)

12. What are your plans for 2014?

Last year was my biggest year yet and I’m expecting 2014 to be even bigger. I’m working hard with my team at PeerFly to grow our business in many areas including launching some new properties of our own.

I’m also planning to launch a few new properties of my own and continue to grow and improve my blog, FPTraffic, and AffPosts.

I have my first speaking experience in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West where I’ll be talking about growing and monetizing Facebook Pages. I’m hoping to do that a few more times too.

13. What is the future of CPA and Peerfly together?

PeerFly is going to continue to grow and expand. We are building PeerFly into one “MEGA Network” where we will provide affiliates with an all-in-one network experience. We’ve recently added an incentive “Peer” to PeerFly and we are working on improving incentive marketing tools like our content locker. We are also planning a Retail Peer for commission based sales and an Email Peer for mailers.

We will provide all the tools necessary to make everyone as much money as possible in all aspects of the industry :)

14. Please share your suggestions with my readers.

First off, thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers and thank you to the readers for taking the time to read what I have to say.

As I’ve grown over the past few years I’ve realized a few things.

1. The only difference between me and the goals I want to achieve is time and effort.
2. The money is not what is going to make me happy. The path to achieving it is.
3. There is absolutely no reason that I cannot achieve every single goal I set and have a great time doing it.

If you’re struggling to get started think about those things. The only difference between you and I is that more than likely I started before you. That’s it. You will never reach your goals without taking the first step and that step is the most important. Don’t wait or make an excuse, take it now.

Get in touch if there’s anything at all I can do to help. Let’s make some money!

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