BCIS 30: Learn Blogging Strategies From Adam Connell

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208840_10152685355645035_678635157_nThis blogger’s interview series is approaching forward and I am getting chance to interact with great bloggers in the world.

This weekend we have Adam Connell with us who is a great blogger from England.

He is owner of Blogging Wizard; A blog where he writes about blogging tips and methods to do better in internet marketing.

He has contributed his awesome articles on some of the big blogs including ProBlogger, KissMetrics and Social Media Examiner.

I am very thankful to Adam who accepted my interview proposal and answered my questions.

Let’s dig into this interview.

Adam, who are you in your own words. Tell us how your blogging career started?

My love of building websites started at an early age, I used to mess around with HTML based sites when I was 12 but it really started after graduating university. I had to build a blog for my band and I had a degree in music marketing.

I spent about 6 months working on the dissertation that allowed me to get the degree and was inspired by my lecturer to take things further.

I soon realized that music wasn’t what I wanted to do and started off on my quest to become a blogger and marketer. A year later I launched a video game blog that has now grown to over 25 regular contributors and then landed a job managing a marketing agency.

In December 2012 I launched Bloggingwizard.com to help educate those that were looking to make a living through their blog, or just learn how to get better results.

What are you teaching on Blogging Wizard? How this blog is helping you to make your identity?

I guess you could say it’s a combination of everything that you would need to make a blog successful. This includes; planning, research, promotion, social media, productivity, WordPress and creating awesome blog content.

What techniques are you using to drive more traffic on your blog?

The biggest source of traffic for me is Google, sure a lot of bloggers have started to move away and I don’t disagree. After all, you shouldn’t come to rely on any single traffic source, especially one like Google.

That said, Google is a powerful way to get traffic and while most people will tell you to write for users not search engines, that’s only part of it. What you need to do is to write for both. Write content that users and search engines will love – you’ll get results.

The other main technique which actually impacts my search engine traffic (since Google uses social signals) is getting the right people to share my content – I’m talking about influencers.

By involving influencers in your content, in something like a group interview they are much more likely to share it.

This interview is a great example, I’ll be sharing it because the fact I’ve been interviewed shows that my opinions are valued by the community – I want my followers to see that type of thing.

After all, it’s all about who you know, not just what you know. I talk about the specifics more in this blog post.

What are the best way to use social media and how everyone should use it?

Figure out your target audience and go to where they are and don’t forget that communities and groups exist for a lot of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Share what’s valuable to your audience, but don’t overwhelm them. Be authentic and remember that promoting your content through social media doesn’t just mean press the tweet button once and that’s it.

You need a process for promoting your content – if you spend 5 minutes promoting your content, don’t expect it to get that much social engagement unless you’re publishing it on Social Media Examiner or Moz.com.

Articles on your blog are very awesome. How are you getting ideas to write so compelling content?

A lot of the ideas that I get come from the processes that I develop for the team at UK Linkology. Clients that come to us have particular goals, so what I do is plan a strategy that will get them results.

I look at topics my competitors are talking about and think about how I can add value. There’s also comments, feedback and questions I receive from my readers along with books that I read.

After how many days you made your first dollar online?

This was a long time ago now, but if memory serves was around a few weeks.

What technique you are using to make money online. Please share tips about the technique which is working best for you.

Affiliate marketing, pure and simple. I find a problem my audience has, then I find a product that solves that problem.

I don’t push affiliate products as much as I should, for example the most popular post I ever published had no affiliate links in it. The audience comes first which is why you should only recommend tools that you know will help your readers.

In this fast changing SEO trend can we still be dependent on Google?

That depends on how you look at SEO. If you focus on creating the right content and promote the content in the right ways then you will still get traffic.

That being said, ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’ – Always be on the lookout for ways to diversify your traffic referral sources.

Running 5 identity-less blogs VS running one big authority blog, which do you prefer and why?

I’d go for one big authority blog – the aim of what we do should always be to become an authority within our niche. Having authority means we can influence the decisions of others.

People know who you are, value your opinion and it opens opportunities that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Ultimately, it adds up to more engagement, more traffic and more money.

What are the best ways to approach a big internet marketing expert, and what are the things which we should keep in mind while contacting them?

Remember that these people don’t have much time, in fact we’re dealing with time poor people so if you don’t go about this right then you will ruin your chances of building up any sort of rapport with them.

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Address them by name
  • Personalize the email in some way
  • Highlight something you have done to benefit them
  • Include a call to action – what do you want them to do for you?
  • What’s in it for them? Despite how some people like to think the world works, you can’t just go up to an expert and expect them to give up their free time to help you out, on occasions sure, some of them will but you shouldn’t expect it.

Which methods are you using for effective link building? As SEO is changing, can we still believe on such link building methods?

Guest posting has taken a hit, but only low quality guest posting. Getting a link off a big authority blog will always help you out. What you need is links from sites that are built for users.

If you’re building links in a way that you wouldn’t want to explain to your mum or Matt Cutts then stop.

Broken link building can be very successful because you can build links on pages that already have authority.

Ultimately, the best way is to get your site to a position where you can earn them. And believe it or not you don’t need to be Mashable or Moz to do this but it does take work.

Please share few tips to get more subscribers on any blog.

Start off by creating multiple downloadable reports for each category of your blog and create individual landing pages for these. Then add calls to action underneath blog posts, the category should match with the relevant downloadable report.

You can use a plugin like WordPress Calls To Action to do this easily. By doing this you can segment your list and get hyper targeted users to subscribe and then make the other reports accessible through a VIP area.

This is similar to how Hubspot do things and when you look at my blog you will notice that I’m not doing this. Why? Time.

Time is the biggest battle that I face and I’m sure a lot of you do too. It’s on my to do list though.

As well as all the other tactics writing for authority blogs and including a call to action in your byline can be a good one, or if you have the budget for it do a solo ad to a landing page/squeeze page.

One thing to note is that over 75% of people who visit your website will never return, so in some cases using a popover may be the best course of action. There is a WordPress plugin called OptinMonster that uses something called ‘Exit Intent’ technology, where it waits to display the popover until it senses that a user is about to close the page. Perfect for a last attempt to grab a user that may never return to your blog.

Which tools do you use to boost your online business?

I’ve been described as a bit of a tool junkie, but some of the main tools I use:

  • Skype
  • Hootsuite
  • Inkybee
  • Long Tail Pro
  • SEM Rush
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Brandwatch
  • Moz

There are a lot more, but I could probably talk for hours about different tools.

Which are your favorite blogs?

I subscribe to a lot – it’s important to keep up to date with what’s going on, a few of the main ones include:

Can anyone survive in blogging with no back support? Means no help from family and friends?

Family and friends are important, but I’m a big believer that as human beings, we can do anything that we put our minds to.

So, I think anyone can survive but its sure good to have family and friends there just in case you need the help/support.

Your favorite quote?

There are a few quotes that I’m very fond of:

“Money follows passion – not the other way around.” – David Siteman Garland (host of the Rise To The Top)

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Message for my readers.

I’d like to thank you for reading and also thank Kulwant for inviting me to take part in this interview.

I’d also like to share something with you that I know will help you.

There are certain factors that can be attributed to my success, they’re not tools or tactics but more a mindset and approach that will help you break down the walls of failure and become a success.

Learn more here.

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